Acusis Medical Transcription Review – Legit or Scam

Acusis is a medical transcriber company that is located in the United States, India, and the Philippines. The company hires people to transcribe medical documents for hospitals and doctors. The company has two different positions you can apply for. You can either join the company as a Medical Transcriber or as a Medical Coder. The majority of positions available with the company are home-based, however, they do have a few medical coding positions available in certain states or offices.

How Does it Work?

  1. The company hires full-time or part-time people to work at home transcribing medical tapes.
  2. You’ll find the steps necessary to apply for the position with the company. Review the steps and at the end of the page click on the link marked “Apply”.
  3. After applying for the position the recruiter from Acusis will send you instruction within 24 hours to your email address.
  4. You’ll be taking a test that lasts 150 to 180 minutes.
  5. They require that you complete the test within 5 business days after receiving the email.
  6. Click on the link provided in the email and start the test.
  7. The test will test your ability to transcribe two to three multispecialty reports.
  8. You must receive an accuracy score of 96% or greater on each test you take in order to be qualified and hired by the company.
  9. During the test the company allows you to use any reference material you need to complete the test.
  10. After the test is completed the company will send you your results within 3 days. You’ll receive an email concerning your test scores.
  11. If you’ve passed the test the email will give you directions and access details about selecting your Acusis presentations.
  12. At this time you can select the account/shift training and convey your preference online.
  13. At this point, you’ll move on to the interview stage.
  14. You’ll be contacted by Acusis HR department to set up your interview and preliminary screening.
  15. Once you’ve passed the interview a job offer will be discussed with you.
  16. The paperwork will be sent to you and HR can guide you through the new hire paperwork if you have any problems filling it out.
  17. Once the paperwork has been submitted the company will send you their proprietary software, updated spell checker, and internal communication tools.
  18. The final step is to go through the training with the help of your trainer.

What Are the Qualifications?

  1. The company is looking for people who have 3 years experience working in the medical field and transcribing medical tapes from various dictators.
  2. You must be proficient in MS-Word.
  3. Must have internet research skills and excellent grammar skills.
  4. Have experience using various dictators to transcribe various documents.
  5. You’ll need your own PC with 1GB or more of RAM, Microsoft Office version 2003 or newer, and an up to date virus scanner installed on your computer.
  6. The software won’t support satellite user, therefore, you’ll need a cable or DSL internet connection.
  7. The company requires that you have a USB foot pedal of your own to use when working on the different jobs.
  8. Each person who is hired by Acusis will receive a word expander. The company gives you “As You Type”  free of charge.

What Type of Training Do You Receive?

  1. Your training will involve the Acusis policy overview of the company.
  2. You’ll be introduced to the Acusis transcription platform.
  3. How to utilize Acusis resources.
  4. They provide account training.
  5. You’ll learn about the Acusis websites.
  6. The training includes communication tools and HIPAA compliance rules.

Does the Company Offer Benefits?

  1. The company offers everyone a competitive benefits package when hired.
  2. Full-time employees have the options to select health, vision, dental, STD, LTD and life insurance benefits.
  3. Every full-time and part-time employee are eligible for the company’s 401K and PTO benefits.

How Much Are You Paid?

  1. The company doesn’t post the pay rate online but instead will discuss this with you once you’re hired.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. Each person is paid through a direct deposit to their bank account.
  2. It doesn’t state if the company pays once or twice a month.


This is a legitimate company to work for. The company opened their offices in India in 2001 and later expanded to the United States and the Philippines The company offers full-time and part-time work as a medical transcriber. Each person that is hired by the company will work from home transcribing different types of medical documents. The company has a wonderful benefits package for full-time employees and offers a few benefits if you chose to work part-time. This is a great work-at-home opportunity if you are looking for a company that offers work at home programs.





1 thought on “Acusis Medical Transcription Review – Legit or Scam”

  1. This is a horrible company to work for and I would not recommend it to anyone. They treat people badly and the pay is very low.


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