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Vicky Virtual Review – Legit or Scam

Vicky Virtual is a company who hires anyone who lives in the United States as a virtual assistant. Your basic job duties will be to answer phone calls for various small businesses, help the client, schedule appointments and perform other necessary job functions. You’ll be working at the home full time using your computer and a headset. The company offers you a full-time home-based position as a virtual assistant. This is an excellent job opportunity for anyone looking for work. The company was founded in 2014 and their corporate office is located in Chicago where they provide an answering and reception service for small businesses.

What Are the Requirements?

  1. You must live in the United States.
  2. A fast, reliable computer is a must. This job can’t be done on a cell phone or tablet. You’ll need a desktop or laptop to perform the job duties necessary for the company.
  3. A stable, high-speed internet connection is required to receive phone calls on your computer.
  4. The company requires that you have a quiet work environment that you can use when working during the day.
  5. Must be familiar with or can learn how to use multiple types of software, live chat, email, and different computer programs.
  6. You’ll need to be cheerful, caring, have a sense of humor and a customer-focused attitude.
  7. If you have any customer service or phone based experience this is a bonus for the company.
  8. If you have any of these qualifications, you can apply for the job online. Just fill in the application and the company will contact you if they have an opening.

The Application Process:

  1. The application will ask you about your basic contact information and if you’re a citizen of the United States.
  2. The company is interested in the date you can start work.
  3. You’ll need to supply the company with your work history and educational background. Your work history will include the name of the company, the start and end dates you worked there. Furthermore, you’ll be required to give the contact information if Vicky Virtual needs to verify your employment history.
  4. You’ll need to describe your skill sets and what qualification you have for the job.
  5. Vicky’s wants to know if you’re using a PC or MAC at home and what operating system you have installed. Basically, there are a few yes or no questions concerning your customer support background, computer skills, internet connect, and a quiet workspace for you during the day.
  6. Other question appearing on the application deal with your customer service experience, using a computer-based telephone software, typing skills, and a few questions about your personality and if you’re upbeat on the phone.
  7. Finally, you’ll need to supply three personal references, their email address, and phone number.
  8. At the end of the application, you’ll need to upload a cover letter and your resume. You’ll spend around 30 minutes completing the application process.

What Does Vicky’s Look For In a Virtual Receptionist?

  1. The first thing Vicky’s looks for is a person who loves to work from home.
  2. You must love computers and have a desire to learn new programs. This is very important to your success with the company.
  3. The major part of your job will be working on the phone and your computer. Therefore, you’ll need to be empathetic, helpful, pleasant, and a team member. This includes the calls you receive daily and talking with your fellow team members.
  4. The company needs people who have a desire to learn new things, and are able to easily accept changes. These are very important character traits that the company looks for in their employees.
  5. There will be more than one company you’ll work for during your shits. Therefore, it is important that you’ll be able to handle the needs of each client. Furthermore, you’ll be required to quickly finish your calls and go on to the next person waiting on the phone.
  6. Finally, you’ll be building a relationship with the client’s customers. Therefore, it is important that you have a good sense of humor and be highly organized in your working environment.

How Much Does Vicky Virtual Pay?

  1. When you first start working for the company, you’re paid $10 an hour.
  2. After you’ve worked for the company, you’ll receive a few pay raises if you perform your job duties. Some people are now making $15 an hour working for this company.

What is Your Work Schedule?

  1. You’ll be working 40 hours a week and the company normally has a standard work schedule for each employee.
  2. Furthermore, the company is flexible about requesting time off and understanding if you have an emergency to attend to.

How Does Virtual Pay You?

  1. The company processes your pay and will pay on the 1st and the 15th of each month.
  2. You have two options to choose from. The company will either send you a direct deposit to your bank account or you can receive your payment through PayPal.
  3. This is a contract position so the company sends you 1099 at the end of the year.
  4. If you’re hired as a full-time employee, the company will send you a W2 at the end of the year.


This is a legitimate company to work for and they have been in business since 2014. The company is located in Chicago and hires virtual assistance in the United States. This is a work at home position and you’ll be working on your own computer using the company’s telephone answering software and other programs necessary for your work. You’ll be paid twice a month and at the end of the year, the company will send you 1099 for filing your taxes. You’ll be responsible to pay your own taxes at the end of the year unless the company hires you on as a full-time employee. If this happens they will deduct the taxes from your pay every two weeks and send you a W2 at the end of the year.


Virtual Assistant

Assistance Match Review – Legit or Scam

Assistance Match is a company who trains and hires freelancers as a virtual assistant. They work mainly with the clients in the United States. The company has many work opportunities for people who’d like to become a virtual assistant. They are always looking for people to fill jobs as entry-level assistance, basic administrative assistance, and a verity of other jobs. The company will do a phone interview, check your background, and ask you to take a skills performance test to determine if you have the right skills set to work there.

How to Apply:

  1. You’ll need to go to the website and apply for the position.
  2. The company will review your application and send you an email.
  3. They normally do an interview over the phone to find out your qualifications.
  4. Furthermore, they do a criminal background check to make sure you don’t have a felony record.
  5. The company also check your professional references, as you take a skills test, and collect samples of your work.

What Do You Need:

  1. A high-speed internet connection in your home.
  2. A landline at home to make and receive calls on.
  3. A computer with a printer and scanner attached.

How Does It Work?

  1. After joining the site and being accepted, the company sends you jobs by email. They try to match your skill sets with the available jobs and employers.

What Type of Jobs do They Offer?

  • Entry Level Assistance: typing projects, data entry, cutting and pasting text, and basic phone calls.
  • Basic Administrative Assistance: simple research projects, format documents, send emails and newsletters,
  • Advanced Administrative Assistance: advanced research projects, schedule appointments, send out customer invoices, manage details of the business, and coordinate with the project and team members.
  • Specialized Administrative Assistance: website shopping carts, HTML coding, and WordPress blog management.
  • Writing Editing Assistance: write articles, website copy, blog posts, general copy, and updating existing content on a blog or website.
  • Light Bookkeeping Assistance: coding, data entry, invoicing, and researching special reports.
  • Online Marketing Assistance: create and take care of social media accounts, submit articles to blog and website, manage blogs and websites.
  • Design Assistance:  Blog and website design, graphic design, and marketing collateral collection.

How Much Are You Paid?

  1. The pay is based on your job duties and assignments. If you’re a data entry clerk or perform entry-level basic administrative duties the pay ranges from $12 to $15.
  2. However, if you have a higher skill set and performs upper-level administrative duties or creates websites your pay ranges from $20 to $25 an hour.


This is a legitimate company that hires virtual assistants to perform different job functions. The basic purpose of this company is to match your skill sets with a person looking for a virtual assistant. Most jobs are from the United States and considering you need a landline to answer calls, it stands to reason they will hire an assistant from the United States. This is an excellent job opportunity to find part-time or even full-time work at home. If you have what it takes to be a virtual assistant this is a good company to sign up with.