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Cash4Minutes Review – Legit or Scam

Cash4Minutes is a website that you can join to earn money by calling phone numbers that are listed on the site. The site offers you to turn your unused calling minutes into cash each month by joining the site. The site has you listen to internet radio broadcasts in the background of your phone call. Each time you are on the phone a radio channel is playing in the background. Furthermore, it is recommended that if you want to sign up for this site that you should have a phone carrier that offers you free calling minutes to 0870 and 0845 numbers. You can earn money by using your landline or your mobile phone.

How Does It Work?

  1. If you have a landline, mobile phone, VOIP phone or even Skype you can register with this company.
  2. Simply go to the site and register. You’ll need to give the site your phone number and some other information.
  3. Once you’re registered it is easy to find phone numbers that you can call and earn money from.
  4. The company allows you to add up to 10 phone numbers on your account.

How Do You Earn?

  1. The company has access numbers that you’ll call. Each number will connect you to a radio station to listen to the station.
  2. For every 5000 minutes, you listen to the radio station using this site, you’ll earn $10. If you calculate the minutes it is 83 hours of listening to a radio station to receive the $10 payment from the company.
  3. The pay per hour is broken down to $0.0013 to $0.06 pounds per minute. For a few countries, you can earn $0.08 per minute.
  4. The company currently has numbers that you can call in 8 different countries. They are looking to expand their services to more countries.
  5. The phone numbers listed on the site do cost money to call them. However, with this service, you are using your unused calling minutes and not ask to pay for these calls.
  6. Keep in mind that your phone service could charge you for making these calls. You’ll be responsible for all charges that are incurred when calling the numbers listed on the site.
  7. According to the company, once you’ve connected to the phone number, it isn’t necessary that you stay on the line and listen to the call. You can leave your phone line open and allow the music or radio station to play in the background.
  8. Each phone number listed on the site has a reward associated with the number.
  9. Phone numbers listed in the UK offer higher rewards.

What Are The Available Countries?

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Cyprus
  3. Finland
  4. Poland
  5. Turkey

You don’t need to live in one of these countries to earn money from the site. The site is opened worldwide and you can access these countries through the site.

Does The Company Have A Referral Program?

  1. The company offers a referral program. For each person that signs up to the site using your referral code, you’ll earn 10% of everything they earn on the site.
  2. Furthermore, you’ll also earn another 2% from each person your referral introduces to the site.

How Does the Compay Pay You?

  1. You have the choice to be paid by:
    1. Amazon gift cards
    2. Bitcoin
    3. Bitcoin Wallet
    4. Donate your earnings to a charity
    5. Litecoins
    6. Litecoin Wallet
    7. PayPal

My Thoughts About the Site:

  1. The signup page of the site has a warning on the home page. It states that you need to disregard any emails that are sent to you asking you to change your password.
  2. The owner of the site hides his identity and refuses to allow anyone to know who he is.
  3. You’ll need to spend 83 hours on the phone in order to earn $10.
  4. You can use the service worldwide, however there I a limited number of countries that you can call.
  5. There are other services like this available online, however, they are scams and have had issues paying people for using these services.
  6. There are many red flags on this site that indicate that the site has problems and the owner of the site doesn’t want to be identified.
  7. The site doesn’t explain to you in full details why you are calling these numbers they have listed on the site.
  8. The owner of the site is earning money from you calling the radio stations and allowing them to play on your phone.
  9. You will be teeing up your landline or your mobile device to listen to the radio stations.
  10. The amount of money you’ll earn for each minute you leave your phone connected to the radio station is very small and it will take you a few months to earn the $10.
  11. The home page of the site reminds me of a landing page. There is no information about the site, how it works, what is expected from you, and an FAQ section that you can check.


This might be a legitimate site and pay people for using their services. However, the amount of time and unused calling minutes will take you several months to earn $10 from the site. There are too many personal details that you must supply to the company in order to join the site. Furthermore, the warning message on the home page doesn’t give the site too much credibility and entice you to join the site.

You can try this site and they do pay you to make the phone calls to the numbers listed on the site. However, I really wouldn’t recommend that you try this site. There are too many red flags on the sie and if the site was actually a great site, the owner of the site wouldn’t mind having his name associated with the site. The owner of this site hides his identity and doesn’t want anyone to know who he is. It is best to avoid sites like this and find another site to earn from.


Paid to Call

Blue Zebra Review – Legit or Scam

Blue Zebra is a company that has been around since 1989. The company uses freelancers to work at home calling potential clients and setting up appointments. The job is the same as a virtual assistant; however, you will have a variety of phone duties to do. One of the aspects of the job is cold calling companies to try and try to convince them to meet with a service representative to discuss their business needs.

How to Apply for a Job at Blue Zebra:

  1. You’ll need to visit the site and download the job application.
  2. The application comes with instruction for you to follow and use when filling out your application.
  3. Once you’ve completed the application, you need to insert this as an email attachment and email your job application to the company.
  4. You’ll also need to email the company your resume.

What Do You Need to Qualify For a Job?

  1. You’ll need two or more years experience in outbound, cold calling, and business-to-business calling.
  2. This requires you to have appointment setting skills and can use the appropriate software to enter your appointments.
  3. The company requires that you have at least 2 to 5 years of working in the business-to-business marketplace.
  4. Proficient in CRM (Customer Relationship Management), ACT,, SalesLogix, and any other sales software. The company prefers people with experience using ACT.
  5. You’ll need to work 20 to 40 hours a week between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. The hours are based on EST and you’ll need to work 5 days a week.
  6. The company only hires people living in the United States and Canada.
  7. If the company requires references, you’ll need to supply them.
  8. You must have a home office with a computer, MS Word and Excel installed, a printer, a way to send faxes, and an internet connection.

What Are the Job Benefits and Pay?

  1. Depending on your level of experience, you’ll earn $15 to $25 an hour.
  2. Your base pay will increase 10 to 14 percent within the first 30 to 60 days.
  3. After you’ve worked for 200 plus hours, you’ll eligible for the Client Renewal Bonuses.
  4. The first year the company pays you a 3% client renewal bonus. The second year, you’ll earn 6%, the third year 9% and after the 4th year you’ll earn 12%.
  5. The company offers plenty of bonuses and above market hourly rates.
  6. Each week the company pays you for your work.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. The company offers to deposit your money directly into your account.


This is a legitimate company that hires freelancers to work at home cold calling and setting appointments. Please keep in mind this type of work isn’t for everyone. You must like to spend hours a day calling companies and trying to set up an appointment with their service representative. There are many rejections and obstacles to overcome working for a company like this. The company hires you as a contract worker; therefore, they don’t withhold any taxes from your pay. Furthermore, the pay rate is excellent and there are plenty of opportunities to advance and earn more each week.


Paid to Call

CoinByCall Review – Legit or Scam

CoinByCall is a company that pays you to call Finland, Germany, Hungry, Poland, Russia, South Africa, and the USA. You are paid for each minute you call these countries. The company pays you in Bitcoins and Litecoin (LTC).

How Does the Company Work?

  1. The company allows you to earn BTC or LTC currency for calling landline numbers in several countries on their list.
  2. If you have an unlimited or free landline minutes calling plan, you can earn money by transferring your calls to CoinByCall.
  3. The company pays you for using its services. For each minute you call a landline in one of the courtiers listed, you’ll earn money. This will pay your monthly phone bill for using this service.
  4. Unlimited minutes mean unlimited cash back in your pocket. For example, if your phone bill is 5 Euros a month, and you called more than 4600 minutes (76 hours) to any landline in your country this would earn you back your 5 Euros. Each additional minute over the 4600 minutes would be the extra money back to you.
  5. Each country, calling plan and phone bill varies so this would depend on the location and how many minutes you need to call, in order to pay for your phone service and earn extra money.
  6. In the background of each call, the company plays music from a radio station. The company lives streams on your call. For each minute you stay connected to your phone, you’ll earn money from the live stream the company uses.
  7. You can call as often as you like, but the calls are limited from 60 to 120 minutes each.

Pay Per Minute:


  • BTC – 0.00000040 = 0.00666000 USD
  • LTC – 0.00001240 = 0.00377964 USD


  • BTC – 0.00000004 = 0.00058275 USD
  • LTC – 0.00000108 = 0.00033072 USD


  • BTC – 0.00000016 = 0.00266400 USD
  • LTC – 0.00000496 = 0.00151186 USD


  • BTC – 0.00000010 = 0.00166500 USD
  • LTC – 0.00000310 = 0.00094491 USD


  • BTC – 0.00000006 = 0.00099900 USD
  • LTC – 0.00000186 = 0.00056695 USD

South Africa

  • BTC – 0.00000020 = 0.00333000 USD
  • LTC – 0.00000620 = 0.00188982 USD


  • BTC – 0.00000004 = 0.00071595 USD
  • LTC – 0.00000133 = 0.00040631 USD

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. When registering with the company you’ll need a BTC or LTC account in order to be paid. On your dashboard, set your threshold for payment. When your account reaches this threshold the company automatically transfers the money to your BTC or LTC account.

About the Site:

  1. The website only has a 10% trust rating. They say the site is registered in the United States, when in fact the reallocation is hidden.
  2. It is advised that you don’t use this site to make calls.
  3. The website has been active for the last 4 years, but the owner of the site hides his true identity.
  4. The site is registered to Contact Privacy Inc, in Toronto, but the website is registered in the United States.
  5. A person found the true owner of the site that lives in San Jose and his name is Garry Walker.

Complaints About the Company:

  1. Many people tried this service only to find out it was a scam. The company canceled the accounts before they reached payout and never paid the people for the calls they made using the service.
  2. A person confronted the owner of the business and was told to go “kill himself” when he demanded his money.
  3. The website is down more than it is up. It is hard to make calls and be credited for your call minutes.
  4. Each time that you use the service you’re required to enter your pin number.
  5. After using the service for several months and finally reaching the threshold for payout the accounts were canceled without warning.
  6. The only person who makes money off this service is the owner of the company.


This is defiantly a scam site and not to be trusted. People have posted a fake review on the site and posted fake payouts. Furthermore, the site is located in multiple countries and the owner hides his identity using shady methods. For a site that has been operating for the last 4 years, they only have 9531 users. In most of the countries listed on the site, a person would need to make over 76 hours of phone calls a month to earn any money off the site. Furthermore, this is such a low pay per minute it isn’t worth signing up for this plan.