Evolution Travel Review 2019: Legit or Scam

Evolution Travel was founded in 2015 by David McCovy. The company is based in Las Vegas, Nevada and has a partnership with Archer Travel Service Inc. Archer Travel Service is a well-established agency and has been in business for over 60 years. Evolution Travel is a cloud-based travel agency that gives people the opportunity to become a home-based travel agent and earn money selling travel packages to people who are interested in booking a vacation The company has a great opportunity for you to travel, they offer you training, sales assistance and plenty of support to help you get started in a new home base travel business.

How Does This Work?

  1. First off, this is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company.
  2. Second, you will be asked to join the company by another member who will add you to their downline.
  3. The cost to join is $30.
  4. You will need to pay $69.95 each month to the company. This is the cost of your membership.
  5. The company doesn’t have any of their own products to sell.
  6. You will be selling travel discount, different travel packages, and coupons for another company.
  7. The products you will sell are for hotels, flight, car rentals, and different tickets to concerts, sports events, and even theme parks.
  8. The company has partnered with other vendors around the world and you can also offer Disney packages, Carnival Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruises, United Vacations, Southwest Vacations, Sandals, Beach resorts, or even Universal Orlando packages.
  9. The product you will be selling and pushing the most is the membership package. You will need to recruit more members to the site and add these to your own downline. This is how you will actually make money working for this company.
  10. When you first join the company and pay for your package, the company requires you to write down the names of people who might want to join this company. You will now need to contact these people one by one and ask them to join.

What Are The Benefits?

  1. If you are excellent at recruiting people and having them join the company. You can enjoy the benefits of free cruises, earn travel points that you can apply towards different travel packages, cash, and even merchandise rewards.
  2. You will be using these incentives to attract new members to join the company as an independent travel agent.

How Can You Make Money?

  1. You will make money by selling different travel packages, discounts, and coupons.
  2. You will need to recruit more members to join the company and they will become part of your downline.
  3. You will need to purchase the Professional Travel Agent Package in order to become a member.
  4. As a Professional Travel Agent the company offers you the following ways to earn money:
    1. You will receive a 90% commission on all the sales you make.
    2. You will need to create your own professional website which the company will give you to use. This means you need to pay website hosting each year and buy your domain name.
    3. You will receive training and support to help you grow your business.
    4. They will give you a discount directory that you can use for your personal travels. The directory is filled with travel discounts.
    5. You will receive a lot of tax benefits.

Customer Complaints:

  1. The company has an extreme number of unhappy clients who have purchased a travel package from one of their agents.
  2. The complaints range from extremely high priced breakfasts to paying for a complete accommodation package and not receiving the package.
  3. People are calling this company a complete scam and rip off.
  4. When they try to contact their travel agent, the agent has blocked their email and refuses to offer a refund or talk with the person again.
  5. The company has a very bad reputation and not a lot of people are happy with the travel package they have purchased.

Is This a Pyramid Scheme?

  1. This company focuses more on recruiting new members than it does on offering travel packages.
  2. The FTC says that a pyramid scheme is a company who focuses on recruiting members into their system and does not focus on selling an actual product.
  3. The company Evolution Travel main focus is on recruiting new travel agents and not customer satisfaction.
  4. So far they have flown under the radar of the FTC and this company has not been tagged as a pyramid scheme. However, the more reports and the more dissatisfied customers, the FTC will investigate this company, and more than likely tag it as a pyramid scheme.

My Thoughts About This Company:

  1. In order to open a home based travel business, you need a license. This will require you to take an online course to obtain this license.
  2. I cannot find anywhere the company offers you this course or supplies you with the license you need to open your own home based travel agency.
  3. The site will give you a generic pre-built website for you to use. You will need to obtain your website hosting and pay your domain name each year to keep this site online. This can be quite expensive depending on what company you choose to host your site.
  4. Each month you are required to pay the company $69.95. This is an extremely high price for what the company offers you. On top of this, the company makes you pay your own website hosting costs each year. This adds up to a very high investment unless you can recruit new members and add them to your downline.
  5. The company is set up as an MLM company but has the character traits of a pyramid scheme company. They only focus on recruiting new members and not actually selling a product.
  6. The company has none of its own products to sell.
  7. This company has many dissatisfied customers and a large number of complaints filed against them.


So far this is a legitimate company because the FTC has not yet declared them a pyramid scheme. However, this status can change at any time the longer the company operates and only focuses on recruiting new members. Furthermore, the monthly membership cost and the web hosting costs make this a very expensive business adventure. Just keep in mind if you want to have your own home based travel agency, you will need to have the license to do this. That means you will be required to take a course to obtain this license. So far the money the agents earn is through recruiting new members to the company. This is a very difficult way to earn money as a travel agent and not an easy task to perform. It is better to find a legitimate company to work for and open your own travel agency. Avoid joining this company and avoid paying the high monthly membership fees. I would not recommend that you join this company.


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