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MicroHero App Review – Legit or Scam

Updated September 2019 – The app is no longer available

MicroHero is an app that is available on the App Store for iOS devices. This is a survey app that you can earn money taking surveys, The company that created this app is a bit different than other companies. They want to help non-profit organizations around the world. Each survey you participate in will earn you cash rewards that are donated to your favorite non-profit organization. You won’t be paid personally for the time you spend taking surveys, however, you’ll be helping others around the world. The company has hundreds of non-profit organizations that you can choose from to donate your earnings to. Each company that creates a survey with the app is required to donate your earnings to the non-profit organization of your choice. This is an excellent way to help others in your spare time.

How Does it Work?

  1. The app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.
  2. Download and install the app on your mobile device.
  3. Register with the app by supplying them your email address and other information.
  4. Choose from the list of non-profit organizations after you’re registered.
  5. The company will be adding a different organization and soon it will be possible to donate to the non-profit organization right in your own hometown. They want to set this up where you’ll be able to donate to your local animal shelter or other organization that you support in your hometown.

How Can You Create A Survey?

  1. Any company can create a survey using their mobile device.
  2. The app allows the company to have up to 100 responses for each survey or question they ask.
  3. The company can choose to send the surveys out to a listing they’ve created or post this for anyone to take the survey.
  4. Each survey is created cost money. The money is sent to the company before the survey is posted.
  5. A company can create a beautiful survey with stunning pictures, test a new logo, or even get instant answers to a marketing research question.

How Does The Company Pay?

  1. When a company creates a new survey using the app, the company pays for the survey.
  2. If the company is looking for 150 responses, pays $50 for the market research, the money is distributed between the surveys. This would mean that each survey is worth $0.30.
  3. When a person views the survey and takes the survey, they’ve earned $0.30 for their local charity.
  4. The money the company has collected for the survey is paid out to the local charities each time a person completes a survey.
  5. As soon as all 150 surveys have been completed, the company donates the money paid to the local charity.


This is an excellent app to help others. Taking the survey, answering quick questions, or testing a local will help support a charity of your choice. This is one way to give back a little when working online. You might not earn the money in your PayPal account, however, the money you are earning with this app is really doing some good. This is a legitimate way to help others in your free time. No need to do hundreds of surveys with the app each day, just do a few in your spare time and feel good about giving a little to a charity that needs your help. If you love to donate your earnings to a charity when working online, check out this app and start helping today.



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