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Runister – GPS Running Tracker App Review – Legit or Scam

The Website Was Removed in June 2018

Runister App is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. The app is for worldwide users and the company will pay you $0.07 per mile or kilometer in your own currency when you use the app. Each time you go out for a run take your smartphone with you. Set the app to track your course using the GPS tracker. During your run, the app tracks your distance, your pace and how many calories you’ve burned. The app was designed for worldwide uses and allows you to choose to record your runs using Metric or imperial measurements.

How Does it Work?

  1. You can only download and install this on an iOS device. The app is only compatible with an iPhone 5s or higher.
  2. Register with the app and fill in your personal profile.
  3. Each time you go out for a run set the app to track your course, distance, calories, and pace.
  4. The app is only valid for running or walking. It won’t record your data if you’re riding a bicycle.
  5. The app is completely free to use.
  6. When you take surveys on the app, this helps the app developers gain the funds necessary to pay you for using their app.
  7. The owners of the app have publicly stated that they are selling your survey answers to help pay people on the app. Your personal data is protected and isn’t sold; only the responses you give to the survey questions.
  8. The app does credit you 1 reward run point for every 3 survey question you answer.
  9. Answering the survey question keeps the app free for you to use. However, if you don’t want to answer the survey questions and still want to use the app, you’ll need to pay a monthly subscription. This way you can continue to use the app to earn money.
  10. You have two options to choose from inside the app. You can select to run based purely on feel or run by distance. If you run based purely on the feel you are not tied down to the app and can run when you feel like running. The other option is similar to a contract and you’ll be entered into a type of contract where you’ll run so many miles per day using the app.
  11. When you start running the app is set up for a 3-second countdown. You can easily turn this off if you don’t want to hear this all the time.
  12. During your run, the app will give you audio alerts during your run. It will alert you to each kilometer you’ve run, your time, the calories you’ve burned, and the amount of money you’ve earned.
  13. You can change the audio and language preference in the app.
  14. The app keeps track of the runs you do and it is easy to sort them out each month. This helps you to keep track of how many miles you’ve run each month.

How Does the App Pay You?

  1. You need at least $5 in your account in order to request a payout from the app. If you’re being paid in another currency the money must be equal to or greater than the $5 to be paid.
  2. You’ll need to supply the company with your PayPal email address when requesting payment.
  3. It will take 3 to 7 days to process your request and send money to your PayPal account.

What Are People Saying About the App?

  1. This is only available for iOS devices and not Android devices.
  2. You can’t link other running apps to this one. Many people want to link their other running apps to this one. The company is looking for a solution to add this feature to the app.
  3. You need to take your phone with you each time you go on a run. This really drains your phone battery and if you’re running a marathon it isn’t possible to take your phone and use this app.
  4. The app had a few minor problems in paying people for running.
  5. Some people don’t like the fact that they must take a survey to use this app for free.
  6. People are happy that this app is available worldwide and it pays in your own currency. Furthermore, the app has different languages that you can use.

Conclusion: Updated June 19, 2018

It appears that the site has closed down and is no longer paying people for their work. This is no longer a legitimate app to work for and it is advised to not upgrade your app and pay the company money. The company is not honoring their payments to people who live in the United States and has taken the app and their website offline.

Update June 6, 2018:

According to one comment on the review, Runister is no longer available in the United States and has stopped paying people for using this app. I have checked on the App Store and on the website for the company. There are no indications that the company has stopped offering this app in the US.

You’ll need to use this app with caution and be advised that if you are using the app in the US, the company may no longer pay you for using their app. As for worldwide members, it appears that the company is still paying you for using their app.

Update June 19, 2018:

The website is no longer available online and it appears that this site has scammed several other people out of their investment. I no longer recommend anyone using this app and expecting to receive any payment from this company.





8 thoughts on “Runister – GPS Running Tracker App Review – Legit or Scam”

  1. I was able to get paid a few times which was great, then all of a sudden the app didn’t work properly and I tried to contact them but their website is not working. Now I see they shut down. Too bad becuase I loved getting money for my runs.


  2. This App is a complete SCAM. They stole over $50 from me, and literally shut their site down in America. I have found nearly a dozen other people in the same boat as me. We will be filing a class action lawsuit against these crooks. Shame on them.


    1. Thank you so much for the update. I will revise the review to reflect the changes in the app. I’m sorry they have closed the app down for people living in the US and didn’t honor the payments that were owed to you for using this app. I wish you luck on your lawsuit and I will be updating my review to reflect these changes.


    2. Well I gladly join you and the dozen others in the lawsuit. Never seen a penny. After a trial period i was sort of tricked into subsribing to a ‘better’ account so I payed a monthly fee to get a higher reward. It seemed logical. But after like two months they stopped giving me this higher reward, still taking my money though. I tried complaining about it but I got only vague answers basically telling my to shut up and then they didn’t reply to me at all anymore. So I filed a complaint at Apple which resulted in a refund of the last month (worth €2,00). At that time I also left a negative review in the app store, hoping it would urge the developer to solve the issues I had but in return I got a very whiney (public) reply stating that ‘I only emphasize on the negative and I didn’t give a review when everything went well’… – as if it ever went well…
      Realizing that I still had some money left invested in the app I figured to go on with it and hopefully wash away the negitive experience by earning my money back and some more. So I tried to withdraw almost €30,00 in March 2018, but I never reveived a cent, and now the app completely dissappeared from the app store and the website is completely vanished from the internet.

      Long story short: biggest scam I ever encountered in the app-world and it’s a shame that you can’t trace it back anymore just to worn others for the people who are behind it.


      1. This is a shame that the app has done this. You are not the only person who has reported this issue. I’m am not changing the review on this app and moving it to the scam section of the website. I hope that you’ll be able to bring a lawsuit against this company and try to recover your money. Please keep us updated as to what is happening.l


  3. I use it now for 8 months and I’m dissapointed. They don’t pay out and I lost alteady 12 EUR. Their support team doesn’t answer…. Very bad use experience.


  4. Finally I have seen one running tracker app that’s available worldwide. I always go jogging in the morning and bring my kids to the park for a walk in the evening too. It would be really nice if I can earn a little but while going outside, anyway, I am always bringing my phone with me, so it’s fine to use the app. I hope they will release Android version soon, as I am using an Android phone.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this.


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