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ClearVoice Surveys Review: Legit or Scam

ClearVoice Survey is an online website that is owned and operated by the Clear Voice Research, LLC that is based in Denver, Colorado. Like all survey sites, you’ll need to fill out your personal information so you’ll be matched with surveys. This site has a few other ways to earn money online. Before the site only allowed you to earn money taking surveys. Now you can complete offers, do product testing, or refer a friend to earn more money from the site. The one nice thing, the site will compensate you if you’re disqualified for a survey. This is an international website and anyone can join. However, you may not have the same opportunity to complete surveys as the people living in tier 1 countries.

How Does It Work?

  1. You’ll need to go to the website and register for an account. You can sign up with your Facebook account or with your email address.
  2. Confirm your email address with the company. Just click on the link in the email you received.
  3. Once you’ve finished verifying your email address, it is necessary to go to your dashboard and fill in your personal profile information.
  4. Completing your profile information is important on survey sites. They will use the information that you supply to match you with qualifying surveys. Continue to keep this information updated at all times. This ensures you a better chance to be given a survey and qualify for the survey.

How Can You Earn Money?

  1. Surveys are one way to earn money on the site. There are times that you’ll be screened out of the survey. Therefore, it is mandatory that you continue to go to the site and update your profile. You can expect to earn $0.10 to $5 for each survey you take. Even if you’re disqualified from a survey the site will pay you $0.10 for your time.
  2. Offers: The offers that you can complete on the website are from a different site. The website will redirect you to to complete your offers. Most of the offers on this site will require you to pay $1 for the free trial offer. You’ll also need to supply your credit card information when signing up for the offer. In these types of cases, you’ll need to keep track of the offers you signed up for and make sure you cancel them a few days before they expire. Otherwise, your credit card will be charged. Just pay close attention to the offers. You don’t want to pay for an offer and not earn any extra money.
  3. Product Testing: This is a great opportunity if you are selected to test the product. It is very difficult to qualify and be selected to test different products. However, if you are selected, you’ll test the product and at the end of the testing period, you’ll need to submit a review of the product. The survey panel normally will select the most active members on the site to do the product testing.
  4. Referral Program: This one is not very attractive and you won’t earn a lot referring people to the site. Each person who signs up under your referral link, you’ll earn $0.50 for each survey they take. There is a limit of 10 surveys that you can earn on. When referring a friend to the site, you must use their website. The website will send out the invitation for you. These invitations are like spam and the site will continue to send emails to the address you’ve supplied.

Concerns About the Site:

  1. Many people don’t like the fact that the site doesn’t pay you through PayPal.
  2. The site has a very bad policy that will delete your earning or points after one year. Therefore, if you’ve worked on the site for a year and only have $9 in your account, the site will delete these earning if you haven’t cashed out. This is very discouraging if you can reach the $10 payout limit within this time frame or you are close to reaching a new payment from the site.
  3. The referral program isn’t the best. Many people don’t like the idea that you have to give the website an email address and that they are the ones to send out your invitation. The emails they send out are considered spam and they don’t just send out your invitation. The site will randomly send out more than one email to the person and ask them to join other offers.
  4. Once you’ve completed the survey the rewards are not entered into your account until the survey has closed.

How Are You Paid?

  1. You will need a minimum balance of $10 in your account to request payment from the site.
  2. The site only has three forms of payment.
    1. United States: If you live in the US you can request a Payoneer prepaid debit Master Card, an Amazon gift certificate, or a Dining Dough gift certificate.
    2. Canada: All Canadian members can request a Payoneer prepaid debit Master Card or an Amazon gift certificate.
    3. UK: You may cash out with a Payoneer prepaid debit Master Card or an Amazon gift certificate.
    4. International: All other countries are able to use the Payoneer prepaid debit Master Card.


This is a legitimate survey company that has been online for the last 9 years. The site will offer you $0.10 if you’re disqualified from taking a survey. There are a few other ways to earn money from the site. However, if you want to be a product tester for the site, you’ll need to be an active member. The survey panel normally selects the active members to test the products. The referral program isn’t wonderful and it will require you to give the website the email address of the people you’d like to invite. When doing so, the company sends out the emails for you. The emails that people receive are basically spam emails and the company will randomly send out other emails to these people from time to time. Just keep in mind this is a passive income site and you might be able to earn $10 a month from this site unless you are selected as a product tester.




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