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Quotas Postal Service Surveys Reviews – Legit or Scam

Quotas Documented Quality is an independent quality and market research institute that engages participants from around the world to participate in their postal service surveys. The company tests the quality and service of the post offices around the world. Post office worldwide hires the company to check the quality of services, express delivery, logistic fields, and the courier. In order to complete the surveys and test the service, they look for individuals that would like to participate and help them out. As a panelist, you’ll be required to accept letters and report back to the company when they arrive. You’re paid for your services and this job is rather simple. A company sends out a mass mailing, the letter arrives in your mailbox, you log into the site and record the information about the letter for the company.

How Does it Work?

  1. You’ll need to register on the website.
  2. They require your full name, address, phone number, email address, and your
  3. Submit the registration form to the company.
  4. The company will retain your information and contact you when they have a survey for you to participate in.
  5. You might not be asked to join a survey for a few months. They can only engage people in a certain area when they need participations or panelists to perform their surveys.
  6. The company looks for panelists that will either receive mail or who will be sending out mail. This all depends on the survey and what is needed at the time.

What Will You Do?

  1. In most surveys, you’ll receive a certain amount of letter in a specific time frame.
  2. In some cases, you might be asked to send out a letter to the company.
  3. They will send you the complete details and instruction on how to do this.
  4. As a panelist, your job will be to confirm the receipt of each letter that was sent to you.
  5. You’ll need to record the postal date sent, and the date you received the letter.
  6. The company requires you to enter the dates as soon as possible. They’d like you to do this at least once a week. However, it is best if you try to do this a few times a week.

Company Notifications:

  1. The company hs a blog site that they post on regularly.
  2. You can find out what countries they are looking for panelist from for a particular survey.
  3. In September they posted on their blog site and listed the following countries:
    1. Brazil
    2. Panevezys, Siauliai Lithuania
    3. Bergen, Stavanger, Norway
    4. Sollentuna Upplands Vasby, Sweeden
    5. Al-Manamah- Bahrain
    6. Doha – Qatar
    7. Da Nang – Vietnam
    8. Maseru – Lesotho
    9. Gabon – Libreville
    10. Yokohama, Nagoya, Kobe – Japan
      Ubon Ratchathani – Thailand
    11. Muscat – Oman
    12. Adana – Turkey
    13. Beirut – Lebanon
    14. Makkah, Al Ahsa / Hofuf, Ad Damman – Saudi Arabia
    15. Russia
    16. Shymkent, Astana, Aqtobe – Kazakhstan
    17. China
    18. George Town – Cayman Islands
  4. Every few weeks the company posts on their blog site looking for new panelists that are interested in participating in the survey.
  5. It is a good idea to check their blog site from time to time to find out if your country is listed.
  6. If you live in one of these countries the company will contact you to participate in their mail survey.

How Much Are You Paid?

  1. This will depend on the number of surveys that you participate in during the month.
  2. Each time you receive a letter in the mail, you’ll earn points for entering the information on the website.
  3. Most surveys pay between £10 to £15 for your work.

How Are You Paid?

  1. The company pays you by PayPal or Skrill.
  2. However, you can also choose to be paid by online shopping vouchers.
  3. You can also donate your earning to a charity of your choice.


This is a legitimate company and they have been working with panelist around the world for many years. Many of the postal services they test are Deutsche Post, La Poste, UIC, Royal Mail, and Umwelt Bundesamt. However, other postal services contact the company from time to time to have their postal services in certain countries tested. This is a fun and easy job to perform. It doesn’t require much of your time. You basically just receive a letter in your mailbox and record the date on the website. You’re paid for your time to do receive the letter and record the date on the website. Just keep in mind this type of work isn’t a full-time or even a part-time job. You’ll only be paid when a survey in your country needs to be done. Many people love working with this company and collecting the stamps from the letters they receive. Some have even started posting pictures of the stamps online.




2 thoughts on “Quotas Postal Service Surveys Reviews – Legit or Scam”

  1. It’s a scam. They only pay out a few people, in my country they are well known for stringing people along for months and months and never paying.


    1. A scam is a site that never pays anyone for the work they have done. Like you said this site is paying people to do the work. They choose a certain number of people to mail out the flyers and they are paid for the work they did. I know it takes time to be paid for your work, but if you read the site they indicate the time frame and how long it will take to get paid.


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