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BeFrugal Review – Legit or Scam

BeFrugal is a cashback website that allows you to earn rebates or cash back when shopping online. The website has many different resources and tools to help you save money each day. You can save money with the weekly ads, the company’s mobile app, an add-on that can be placed on your website browser, earn money by referring a friend, use the fly or drive calculator, calculate to see how much money you should spend on a car, or use the electricity calculator. This is an excellent way to earn money back and to help save money around your home.

How Does it Work?

  1. You’ll first need to create an account with the company.
  2. After you’ve created your account, you’ll need to log into your account so that you can start earning cashback.
  3. Search for retailers in your area or online that are offering cashback and how much you can earn if you purchase this item or shop through BeFrugal.
  4. If you are eligible for a cash back coupon or deal that you’re interested in, all you need to do is hit the shop now button on the site.
  5. Once you’ve completed the purchase the cash back will appear in your account within 7 days.
  6. Once you click on any links through the website a tracking cookie is added to your browser. The cookie will indicate that the site you visited was through BeFrugal. This is how the stores know what site that you shopped through and can credit the company with the rebate. The company in return will add the cash back refund to your account.

How Is Cash Back Credited?

  1. When you first join the site they will give you a $10 credit in your account.
  2. If you are eligible for cash back it will always have a click number associated with your click.
  3. If you are missing any cash back from purchases you’ve made through the site, you’ll need to use this number when inquiring about your cash back purchase.
  4. Most stores will report the purchases to the company within 24 to 48 hours. However, some stores take up to 7 days to report your purchases.
  5. If you can’t find your cash back credit in your account after 7 days, it is necessary to submit an inquiry to the company.
  6. You’ll have 60 days after a purchase to submit an inquiry to the company.
  7. Some travel cash back won’t be credited to your account immediately. Some of these companies will take up to 60 days to send the cash back notification to the company. Other companies won’t send the notification for 60 days after the reservation has been completed.
  8. Occasionally a store will not track your order. It is best when using the website to shop online that you use Chrome, Firefox or the Edge browser.
  9. Make sure that all AdBlockers and Shopping add-ons are disabled when using the site. This includes coupons, cash back from another company, price comparison, and donations extensions.
  10. If you’re using your phone to shop online, make sure that Safari doesn’t activate or launch retailers’ apps on your phone. If this happens your cash back tracking cookie will be lost and you won’t receive your credit.
  11. Always verify that your browser is set up to accept third-party cookies.
  12. Once you’ve clicked through on the website it is necessary that you make your purchase in a timely manner and not browse other pages.
  13. If you are applying coupon codes to your purchase, it is necessary that you use the coupon codes from BeFrugal.
  14. If you contact a merchant to modify your order, it is best to cancel your order and start over. In such cases, your order will not receive your cash back credit.
  15. Use the BeFrugal Shopping Add-on in your browser to make sure that you don’t miss any coupons, deals or cash back rewards when shopping online.

Referral Program:

  1. The company has a referral program that you can use.
  2. Each time you invite a friend to join the website, you’ll earn $10.
  3. Furthermore, the person who joins the website earns $10.

How To Request Your Cash Back Payment?

  1. Once the credit in your account is verified for payment all you need to do is visit the payment page on the site.
  2. You’ll see how much money is needed on this page in order to request your payment.
  3. Once you’ve requested your payment they are processed and sent out within 10 business days.
  4. The company will pay you through a check, a direct deposit to any US bank account, PayPal or an eGift Card.


This is a legitimate website to use for shopping online. You have many opportunities to earn a cash back refund on the purchases you make through the site. The site has many other valuable tools that are available to its members that you are free to use. Furthermore, you can add the BeFrugal Shopping Add-On to your browser and shop online to earn cash back on your purchases. The site uses third-party tracking cookies to track your online purchases. This is an excellent way to earn money while shopping for the necessary items that you need for your family and household. The site is free to join and easy o use.




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