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Ellis Mystery Shopper Review – Legit or Scam

Ellis is a company who hires mystery shoppers that will secretly shop, evaluate products, the company services, or even pretend to be looking for an apartment. The company will provide you with tutorials that will help you complete your assignments and help you ensure your success as a mystery shopper for the company. The company is looking for high school or college students, stay-at-home moms or dads, or anyone who needs some cash on a part-time basis. You gain work experience and earn money for each job you successfully complete.

How To Apply:

  1. Fill out the online application and the independent contractor agreement. Submit both forms to the company.
  2. After successfully filling out your application, you’ll need to complete the online tutorial. This gives you a better understanding of how the company works and what you’ll be required to make as a mystery shopper. The tutorial is located in your account under the My Account tab at the top of the page. The tutorial must be completed in one sitting and takes around 45 minutes to complete. Make sure you have enough time to complete the tutorial.
  3. There is also an online certification test that you must complete.
  4. The company will review your application and it normally takes a few hours to a few days to be approved.

How To Find Shop Contracts:

  1. On the first of each month, Ellis will release the shop contracts. It is good to check back on the site often because during the month the site will update or add new contracts to the list.
  2. As a new mystery shopper, you’re allowed to take 4 shop contracts at a time. This number can be increased o decreased based on your performance, timeliness, and the accuracy of your reports.
  3. The work for the company is part-time and there is no guarantee that the company will have contracts available for you to work on.
  4. If you are at your limit and see a contract that you’d be interested in, you can send an email to the company. They will make the final decision if you can take on the 5th contract or not.
  5. You are free to self-schedule your own contracts on the site. Just log into your account and go to your shopper’s account. Check the available contracts and select the ones that you’d like to complete.
  6. The site also has an audio video on site recorded contracts that you can select from. You’ll need to send an email to the company if you’re interested in completing these types of contracts. Afterward, you’ll need to contact the Ellis partners website to inquire about renting and receiving the equipment to do these types of contracts. You must complete the separate tutorial for video shoppers contractors.
  7. If a contract has been taken by another shopper, you can sign up as a backup shopper. If the first shopper cancels the assignment, it will go to you as the backup shopper. The company will send you a notification to your email account if you are now the primary shopper for the account.
  8. If you’ve successfully completed a contract at any location within the last 18 to 24 months, then you won’t be able to view the new contracts.
  9. If you’ve completed other contracts for the same client the company won’t allow you to view the new contracts for this client.
  10. If you can’t view a contract it is because it has already been assigned to another shopper and a backup shopper has also been assigned.
  11. You can view the contract in the radius of any valid zip code. If you live n an area that has several zip codes that are close to your location, just change the zip code on the search to find their contracts in your area. Do not change the zip code in your profile. Use the drop-down menu to change the zip code on the contract search menu.

Information About Current Shop Contracts:

  1. A shop contract can be reassigned if the company can’t reach you or you don’t respond back within 24 hours. You have one chance to contact the company. There is an envelope next to the assignment. Just click on the envelope and answer the company. If you fail to do this the company will take this assignment away from you and assign it to another person.
  2. If there is a problem with your report the company will place a shop or missing information status on your report. You’ll need to contact the company to fix these problems.
  3. If the assignment has been rejected, you’ll have the opportunity to see the report and fix the problems. You’ll need to handle this as quickly as possible.
  4. All the shops that you’ve been assigned will appear on your mystery shopper account. If you see a B beside one account this indicated that you’re the backup shopper.
  5. If you need an extension on your contract it is up to you to contact the company immediately. Use the envelope next to your assignment to contact the company.

How Are You Paid?

  1. Before accepting any shop contracts, you’ll be able to see how much each contract pays. This depends on the specification of the contract.
  2. In order to avoid your pay being deducted, you must comply with all the specifications of the shop contract. That means completing the contract on time. The contract must successfully be completed and turned in to avoid any deductions from your pay.
  3. The company pays by direct deposit to your bank account.
  4. All payments for the month must be in and approved by the 7th of the month.
  5. The company sends out the payments on the 22nd of each month. If the date of the deposit lands on a weekend or holiday, your payment will be received on the next business day. If the payment doesn’t arrive in your account, you’ll need to contact the company.


This is a legitimate company to work for. You’ll be able to pick and choose your assignment each month. You will be an apartment shopper for the company. This is only part-time work and there are times that no work is available for you in your area. The company works hard to stop all people from posing as this company by only paying their mystery shoppers through direct deposits to their account. If you’re looking for extra money then this is a good company to join. You’ll have the opportunity to work for this company in your spare time and earn an extra income.

Just remember there are many people out there that post as a mystery shopper company. You could be sent a check in the mail and asked to deposit this in your account. Elli never sends any mystery shopper a check and asks them to deposit the check and send them back the money. The company will only pay you through a direct deposit to your bank account. Don’t be fooled by people posing as Ellis. If a company contacts you by mail with a check, immediately disregard this check and contact the company. Never follow the instructions on the check and try to deposit this to your bank account. These types of checks don’t have a complete account number and there is no way the check will ever clear your account.




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