Escapees Magazine Review – Legit or Scam

Escapees Magazine is about sharing your experiences about the RV lifestyle. The magazine is looking for stories about people who are full-time or part-time RVers. The magazine is looking for all different types of articles about different life on the road and living in an RV. This can be articles about families traveling, mechanical problems, technical issues, working on the road, or even traveling as a retiree. The company wants different types of article that you can’t find in another magazine. So if you’ve any experience with RVs, traveling, lifestyle issues, or special tips this is the perfect opportunity to earn money sharing your experiences.

What Do the Editors Want?

  1. Do not send in a query to the company, it won’t be accepted.
  2. The magazine decides on the articles they will publish based n the completed article.
  3. You’ll need to send in different photos, graphics or illustrations.
  4. Only completed articles will be considered and read.
  5. The articles that you submit to the magazine must be RV-related.
  6. They must engage other RV readers and have interest to everyone who read the magazine.
  7. The company has an approximate four-month lead time so any articles that you submit that are time-sensitive must be marked on the article. These types of articles need to be submitted six months in advance.
  8. There is no deadline for most articles. However, if you are writing an article about the club or park related subject they must be received before the 10th of each odd-numbered months.
  9. The company can hold an article for 6 months to one year before they add it to their magazine.

What The Magazine Wants:

  1. When writing your article the company looks for an engaging conversational tone.
  2. Don’t use verbosity or colloquialisms in your articles.
  3. Write the lead and the summary of your article and make it a work of art.
  4. If you are an Escapees member, you’ll need to include your membership number at the top of the article.
  5. Make sure you include the phone numbers of all the persons or companies that you mentioned in your article.
  6. If you’ve mentioned a company, you’ll need to supply their postal mailing address and website if possible.
  7. The company will reject any article that was written for the sole purpose of advertising.
  8. The company doesn’t publish poetry, articles for a travel blog, foreign travel stories or even fiction stories.
  9. You must submit clear, sharp illustrations and photos with your manuscript.
  10. The photos must be high-resolution and not edited.

How To Submit Your Articles:

  1. The company prefers that you submit your article by email.
  2. If you don’t have access to email, you can send your stories into the company at their mailing address. If you mail in your articles, you’ll need to include your full name, mailing address, your membership number, and a phone number.
  3. A full-length story needs to be 1,500 words long.
  4. A short filler-type article that is 100 to 500 words long will be considered.
  5. When sending in your article, you’ll need to write it in a Word document and attach it to the email.
  6. You can submit your manuscripts by email if you don’t have access to the Internet. Don’t send the company a CD instead of a hard copy. They will only accept hard copies of your manuscripts.
  7. Each article or manuscript needs to be typed in upper and lower case letters. Don’t submit an article that is typed in all uppercase letters. Furthermore, after a period there should only be one space before the next sentence starts.
  8. When writing your manuscript in a Word document using a Times font. There is no need to format your document. Furthermore, there is no need to use a variety of fonts in your manuscript.
  9. When you submit your manuscript, you must include a completed Limited Copyright License Agreement with your submission.
  10. If you’ve submitted your manuscript to another magazine it is necessary to list this on your LCLA agreement.
  11. If the article was previously published it is necessary to add this information to your LCLA agreement.
  12. If you plan on submitting more than one article to the company, you’ll need to check the box on the agreement for multiple submissions. The agreement will cover all our submissions for a year.


  1. You’ll need to submit a short paragraph biography about yourself.
  2. Include some information about your background, what inspired you to write this article and your qualifications.
  3. You’ll need to let people know what makes you an expert.
  4. The company needs a high-resolution photo of you that is taken in a natural setting.
  5. A headshot photo works best for your biography.


  1. The company will only pay you when your article is published.
  2. Depending on the quality of the article and the images will determine how much you’re paid.
  3. A feature article that is 1500 words long will earn $100 to $200.
  4. If you write a short filler article that is 100 to 500 words long, the pay is $50 to $100.


This is a legitimate magazine that will pay you for your manuscripts, images, illustrations, or filler stories. They are looking for any type of article about the RV lifestyle. No matter if you’re a snowbird, retired, or just living in an RV because of your work the company is looking for true life experiences and stories. There are a few rules for submitting an article to the company to consider. The company won’t accept any queries or CDs. You must submit your article or manuscript by email or by mail. It can take up to a year to see your article published in their magazine. They only publish 6 magazines a year.




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