Wanderlust Travel Magazine Review – Legit or Scam

The Wanderlust Travel Magazine is based in the UK and only publishes 10 magazines a year. The company runs a website and a magazine and will consider interesting blog posts, inspirational roundups, guides and advice pieces. The site won’t accept any guest posts, so please do not submit one for consideration. The company will consider your article for the magazine if you follow their guideline. This is an excellent opportunity for freelance writers to be published in a travel magazine.

How To Submit a Proposal To The Company:

            Story Proposal For Trips Taken:

  1. You’ll need to write a one-paragraph proposal that outlines your story.
  2. Write the first paragraph of the story.
  3. Describe in details how you undertook your journey and include any tour operators that you used. Keep this brief.
  4. If you have photos you’d like to include, the company will accept 5 low-resolution images. If you’re emailing the images they can’t exceed 2MB.
  5. You will need to include any relevant experiences you had. Make sure you use links to other previously published stories if at all possible,.
  6. When submitting your proposal your email subject line should sum up the theme and destination of your proposal.

Story Proposals For Trips Not Taken Yet:

  1. Write a one-paragraph proposal that outlines the story.
  2. Tell us the dates that your travels will be in your proposal.
  3. Give a brief description of what your journey will be and include any proposed tour operators.
  4. If you have any relevant experience this needs to be included in your proposal and links to any stories that have been previously published. This only applies if the stories have been published before.

How The Company Answers Proposals:

  1. Once your proposal has been submitted it can take several weeks for the company to read your proposal and answer you.
  2. If the company is interested in your proposal they will send you an email.
  3. At times it is not always possible for the company to answer you back if they aren’t interested in your proposal.
  4. You can send the company a second email after a month.
  5. If you are looking for a replay by a specific date, please include this in your email.
  6. If the company doesn’t answer you back, they’re not interested in your proposal.
  7. Do not call the company to inquire about your proposal or to follow up on your submissions.
  8. If the company doesn’t answer you back within a few weeks, they aren’t interested in your proposal.

What Other Types of Proposals Does the Company Accept?

  1. If you don’t have a full featured article it is possible to try and target one of the other shorter regular slots available.
  2. You can propose a news story, a pocket guide or even a consumer feature.

What Type of Articles Does The Company Want?

  1. The company is looking for articles from great writers, superb photographs, and the most authoritative facts.
  2. The site covers all aspects of special-interest, semi-independent, and independent travel.
  3. If you have an article about places off the beaten track, secret corners of the world or even an unusual angle on a well-known place are always a particular interest of the company and their readers.
  4. Articles about local culture is a great feature for the magazine. They are looking for people to write these types of articles that have an in-depth knowledge of the topic or the destination.
  5. They are looking for articles that haven’t been covered in the past year and also have a special style, tone, and content.

What Type of Feature Articles Does the Magazine Publish?

  1. Destination features – this includes a specific country or region. Topics like horseback riding in Chile or even walking in Morocco. These types of articles should be informative and written in the first person and not in past tense. Each article should be 1,800 to 2,200 words long.
  2. Dispatches – these are shorter articles that are 700 to 1,00 words long and describe a recent development in a country of interest to the readers.
  3. Special-interest features – they are looking for articles with special knowledge on a travel relevant subject. This could include family adventure trips, safaris, cycling holidays or even walks.
  4. Consumer articles – a guide that is of particular interest to a traveler. You should be able to explain how they can save money, make their travel adventure better, and it should be easy to read and understand.

How Much Does the Company Pay?

  1. If your article has been approved and published the company pays £220 for every 1000 words published.
  2. Your fee is based on the printed words published and not the words that you’ve submitted.
  3. A fact page earns £90 per page. You’ll need 750 words which are pro-rated.
  4. Other articles published are based on an agreed amount or on commissioning an article.


This is an excellent travel magazine to write for. The company doesn’t have much space for freelance writer and they do commission a lot of their articles out. However, they are always looking for new ideas, angles, and travel experiences to publish in their magazine. If you have any great travel experiences, guides or other points of interest to help the traveler, then drop them a proposal. When your articles are published the company pays you for your work.




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