Radio Loyalty Review – Legit or Scam

Radio Loyalty is an Internet and mobile radio station that rewards people for using their “UniversalPlayer” to listen to music. As you listen to the music online you’ll earn points for listening and reviewing to the music. Furthermore, you can also earn points for listening and watching videos through the platform. The site offers many other paid points opportunities that can help to increase your points each day. The points you earn on the platform will go towards redeeming merchandise or gift cards. The program is available worldwide, There are a few countries that won’t allow you to participate in these types of programs.

How To Join:

  1. Just go to the site and register.
  2. It is free to create an account.
  3. The program is open worldwide except for a few countries that have blocked the site because they don’t allow people to listen to music online.
  4. If you want to use this program on your mobile device, you’ll need to download and install the app.
  5. In order to earn points for listening to music, you must log into their music player.
  6. The music player is on your site’s dashboard once you create an account.
  7. Once you create your account, make sure you visit your dashboard and update your information.
  8. You can change your password, or request the site to change your password if you’ve forgotten it.
  9. If you want to download and install the app on your mobile device, visit the FAQ section of the site. You’ll find a section on there that will give you the links to the downloads.

How To Earn Points:

  1. In order to earn points, you must be logged into your account.
  2. You have the change to listen or watch your favorite broadcasts to earn points.
  3. You’ll earn points for every 10 minutes you listen to the radio or watch a broadcast.
  4. There are 12 shares you can do each day to earn extra points. Just share your favorite song with your friends on social media.
  5. The platform offers different apps you can use. The platform pays you for using 10 apps each day.
  6. Rate 24 songs a day to earn even more points. There is no need to rate more than this because you’ll only earn points for the first 24 songs you rate.
  7. There are social offers, you can respond to and earn extra points in your account.
  8. The platform offers different surveys you can take to earn points. The points are different for each survey.
  9. The site has a referral program. If you invite a friend to join the site, you’ll earn 10% of the points the person has earned.
  10. You can use your iPhone, tablet or Android device to earn points listening to the music on the platform.
  11. Your points aren’t credited to your account immediately. Once you log out of the player it will take 20 minutes for the site to credit your points to your account.
  12. The points in your account will expire in 365 days. However, if you don’t log in and use the platform for 180 days, you’ll lose your points.

What Is the Point value?

  1. The Radio Loyalty points don’t have a monetary value.
  2. You can’t sell, trade or even purchase these points.
  3. The site doesn’t sell Radio Loyalty points if you need a few extra points to redeem a gift card or other merchandise.

How To Redeem Your Points?

  1. Check the site to see how many points you’ll need to redeem a gift card or other merchandise.
  2. Once you have enough points in your account, you’ll be instructed to call a phone number to redeem your points.
  3. When redeeming your points, the oldest points in your account will be used first.
  4. The fastest way to redeem your points is with the pre-paid gift card. The cards are available in $25 or $50 denominations.


This is a legitimate site that pays you points for listening to music online or on your mobile device. You’ll earn points for every 10 minutes you use the app and listen to music using their platform. This is a very slow earning site and it will normally take you several months to earn enough points to request a $25 gift card. However, if you have more referrals in your account it is easier to earn the points quicker. This site won’t make you rich and it is basically a passive income site. During the day just log into your account and start to stream music to your computer or mobile device. You’ll earn credit for keeping the app running while you do other things during the day.


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