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Survey Retail App Review – Legit or Scam

Survey Retail App is available at the App Store for iOS devices or at the Google Play Store for Android devices. Survey.com own the Survey Retail app and will pay you to go to retail stores to complete different projects. The average project takes around 30-minutes and you’ll earn $25 for successfully completed the project. The app requires you to go to local shops in your area and use the app to complete the assigned projects. Once you’ve successfully completed the tasks listed on the project, you’ll submit your completed project to the site for payment. The app is only available in the United States.

How Does it Work?

  1. You’ll need to go to the App Store or the Google Play store to download and install the app on your mobile device. The app can be installed on your phone or tablet.
  2. Once installed, you’re required to register with the company.
  3. You can pick and choose the different projects in your area.
  4. The company adds new projects to the site daily.
  5. The team will assign you the different projects in your area.
  6. Once you’ve completed the project, the team will review your work.
  7. When working on the projects, you’ll need to have your GPS running on your phone. This validates that you were at this location and have worked on this job.
  8. You’ll need to activate and use your GPS for the app. This can cause your battery to drain when your GPS is running in the background of your phone.

What Are the Projects?

  1. You can be required to enter inventory, pricing, and product presence information from a store. You’ll need to count the inventory, record the price of the items, and maybe take a photo of the product on the store’s shelf.
  2. Other times, you’ll need to take photos of promotional displays found in a store.
  3. At times the company will require you to place stickers on different products. This will require that you get the store manager’s approval before starting the job.
  4. Some projects require you to go to a store and stock the shelves. You’ll need the store manager’s approval before starting this project.
  5. Other projects can require you to go to a store and build a display. This will need the store’s manager approval to complete this project.
  6. At times the project will require you to purchase a set number of items. You’ll be reimbursed for your purchase, plus paid for the job. You’ll need to supply proof of purchase to the company so that you can be reimbursed.

What People Are Saying About this App:

  1. At first, I had no idea if this app was legitimate or not. However, I tried the app and was reimbursed for my purchase and paid for the work.
  2. The company pays you after each job is completed.
  3. Some of the jobs are a bit time consuming and the rate of pay is a bit low for what they expect of you.
  4. At first, it was taking almost 2 weeks to be paid and reimbursed for the items that I purchased. However, after contacting the company this has changed. I am not reimbursed and paid within a few business days.
  5. The company will pay you for your work, however, they don’t pay for your travel time.
  6. There are a lot of jobs available to choose from on the app.
  7. The company doesn’t offer too many merchandising jobs that would take several hours to complete. Therefore, it makes it harder to earn money on the app because of the travel time and how much money you are spending on gas to complete the jobs.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. The company pays out 3-times a month.
  2. The jobs that are completed during the pay period will be calculated and processed.
  3. The money is sent to your PayPal account.
  4. If you’ve made any purchased for a project, you must take a photo of your receipt and submit the receipt to the company so they can reimburse you.


This is a legitimate company that pays you to perform different projects at stores. You could be required to take photos, place stickers on displays, build a display, count the inventory, or even purchase a set number of items. You’ll be reimbursed for any items that you were required to purchase to complete the project. The company will reimburse you and pay you for your time. At times this is a great opportunity to receive free merchandise from the app. This is an easy app to use and earn money from the app. Each project that you accept, comes with a set of instructions, how long it will take to complete, and how much you’ll earn for completing this project.





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