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Clickworker Review – Legit or Scam

Clickworker is a website that hires people worldwide to complete different micro-tasks. You’ll have the opportunity to create text documents about product descriptions, write articles, or write descriptions about cities, hotels, software or even fashion. The jobs change daily depending on the work that is available on the site. There are many different types of work that you can do on this site. You’ll need to register as a micro worker, complete an assessment test, and decide on what jobs you’d like to work on.

How Does it Work?

  1. To become a Clickworker, you’ll need to register on the site. Fill in the necessary information and submit the form to the company.
  2. After the registration is completed and your account is verified, you’ll need to complete your profile. This requires you to fill in your basic information that relates to your language skills, hobbies, and work experience. This helps the company offer you work that you’re suited for.
  3. The next step is to take the assessment tests that are available for the different types of work the site offers. You’ll need to complete these test in order to qualify for the work on the site. Each test is given a score and the score determines if you’re qualified or not to work on the different micro-tasks.

How To Qualify As a Text Writer:

  1. You must be a registered user of the site before you can take the test to work as a text writer.
  2. You’ll need to complete an author assessment test.
  3. You can only take this test once and it can’t be taken a second time.
  4. If you decide to take the test, make sure you have enough time to complete the test and address the test topics.
  5. Afterward, the company will evaluate your assessment teat and give you a grade. The site will grade you on a star scale from 2 to 5. The higher your star score, the higher your rate of pay will be.
  6. The score that you’ve received on the test will determine how much you’re paid per word for each assignment.
  7. If you continue to improve and submit excellent quality work to the site, you can raise your assessment grade score.

What are Data Categorization and How Does it Work?

  1. Your basic job function will be to analyze data files, videos, photos or even documents.
  2. The job requires you to place these files into the appropriate classification. The files are classified according to the different terms for each item.
  3. Some jobs require you to look at two different search results and determine which landing page supplies the user with the best information.
  4. Other times you’ll need to check websites to determine if there is adult content on any of the web pages.
  5. There is no test to take in order to perform this job function.
  6. The pay rate for these jobs varies and each job has the pay rate listed under the task.
  7. As long as there is task available, you are free to work the jobs as much or as little as you like.

How To Qualify For Copy Editing:

  1. A copy editor will edit short text on any given topic. The text you’ll edit can be about different cities or products. Furthermore, this can include a variety of different subjects and topics.
  2. You must have a good knowledge of your native language, enjoy editing, and an eye for details.
  3. The text that you’ll be editing will have already passed through another editor who has corrected the spelling, grammar, content, and style.
  4. You will be verifying that the author and first proofreader have fulfilled their job duties correctly and corrected the document and text quality.
  5. You’ll be responsible for offering criticism to the author and proofreader. This helps them improve their quality of work and mistakes on each document.
  6. In order to become a copy editor, you must first work as an author and proofreader on the site.
  7. This helps you to learn how Clickworker’s works and will also provide you with the necessary experience that you’ll need to be a copy editor.
  8. After completing the necessary author and proofreader assessments in your native language and working in both areas on the site will give you access or a chance to become a copy editor.
  9. You’ll pick and choose the assignments that you want to work on. When you select an assignment, you’ll make all the necessary corrections to the text on the site’s platform.

How To Become a Proofreader:

  1. A proofreader needs to have the passion to read different documents and correct comma or grammar mistakes in the documents.
  2. You will be responsible to supply feedback and comments to the author that will help them improve their writing skills on the site.
  3. Furthermore, you’ll need to check and correct all the spelling, grammar, style, and expressions in the document.
  4. In order to qualify for a proofreader, you must take the assessments tests on the platform.
  5. You’ll also need to be an author on the site in order to gain valuable knowledge of how the site works and what a proofreader job is. By reading your feedback and improving on your own text, will help you to qualify for the position of a proofreader on the site.
  6. By always submitting high-quality work will increase your quality level on the site. This is needed in order to unlock a higher paying position and to become a proofreader.

Complete Tasks for Web Research:

  1. As a web researcher, you’ll be looking up and collecting information on the internet.
  2. You could also be required to update existing data such as addresses or other important information.
  3. As a Clickworker, you can check the job listed on the site to see if there are any available jobs or projects you’d like to do.
  4. Your eligibility will be determined based on the training you’ve had on the site and the score you received on your eligibility test.
  5. You can work as long as you want on each project, or until the project tends.

Complete Surveys:

  1. Each survey on the site is directed to a specific group of people based on the client’s criteria and their objective.
  2. This is an easy task to complete. Just look for suitable surveys on the site, and complete the ones that interest you.

Become a Mystery Photographer:

  1. As a mystery photographer, you’ll need a smartphone in order to complete the assignments.
  2. Your assignments will be to check store displays in supermarkets or verify if a restaurant is still in the same location.
  3. The site only offers two tasks to mystery shoppers.
  4. You’ll need to check the site for jobs in your area.
  5. Reserve the job on the site and go take your photo.
  6. Upload the photo to the site and be paid for your work.
  7. There is only one restriction on this work. It is your location.
  8. You’ll need to reserve the job quickly because these jobs are very popular and go quickly.

Working with UHRS:

  1. UHRS, the Universal Human Relevance System works closely with Clickworkers and offers jobs for you to complete on the site.
  2. You can get access to UHRS through Clickworkers, however, the job opening varies for each country, and it might take time to get accepted at UHRS. If you work outside the US, these positions can open and close depending on the amount of work available for your country.
  3. Like with Clickworkers, you’ll need to take a qualification test to access certain work on the site.
  4. UHRS has plenty of jobs available and you can work as much or as little as you like.
  5. The UHRS site runs on a separate platform and you’ll need to register and create an account.
  6. When joining the site, you’ll have additional training and tests to complete before gaining access to the paid jobs.

How Are You Paid?

  1. The company pays out on a weekly basis. Each Wednesday, they will send the money you’ve earned the previous week.
  2. Before the site had a minimum that you’d had to earn before being paid. This has changed and the site now pays everyone once a week.
  3. If you live in the United States, you’ll be asked to supply your SSN and possibly a W-9 to the company.
  4. At times the site can require you send them other documents to prove your identity.
  5. You have two choices to be paid, PayPal or a bank transfer. You’ll need to see if your bank qualifies for the wire transfer to your account.

Concerns About the Site:

  1. Over the years there have been many complaints about the site.
  2. The site was opened in 2005 and had a few problems. However, in 2014 the issues started to arise and people weren’t happy working for this site.
  3. Some of the major issues are dealing with a locked account, documents they request to determine your identity, payments from UHRS, and account being suspended.
  4. At times the system has bugs and you can’t access the platform.
  5. There aren’t always a lot of jobs on the site.


This is a legitimate company and has been in business since 2005. The company hires micro workers worldwide to perform simple micro tasks online. You’ll have the opportunity to increase your earning with the site if you work for Clickworkers and UHRS. There are plenty of jobs available at UHRS that will make it work your time to earn a part-time or full-time income. This will depend on how often you wish to work and what jobs you’re qualified to perform.

Like any company, it is recommended to proceed with caution and follow the rules the company has set in place. If you violate these rules, your account will be suspended and the money you’ve earned will not be paid. The company is very strict about your location and IP address. If you are using the site, it is recommended to sign into the site from the same location so your account won’t be suspended.




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