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Spare5 Review: Legit or Scam

Spare5 is a company that you can complete tasks on your mobile device or online. Different companies send Spare5 data sets that they create mobile-friendly tasks for people to complete. A few of the tasks can include editing, tagging, rating and classifying different objects. However, before you can start working for the company and having tasks assigned to you, you’ll need to complete a few training sessions. Each training session you successfully complete will give you more opportunities for paid tasks.

How Does it Work?

  1. You’ll need to register online with your email address or one of your social media account. It is easy to register with your Facebook account.
  2. The company has an app for you to download and install on your iOS device. This app isn’t available for Android devices. You can find the app on the App Store. Download and install this on your phone.
  3. Once you’re registered the site will redirect you to task page. These are the current tasks that are available to you.
  4. On the page, you’ll find information on how you can qualify to be selected to complete tasks.
  5. One of the qualifiers is the training tasks you must complete.
  6. It is recommended that you take all training qualifiers displayed on your page.
  7. The training qualifiers will give you your XP score. Each test has a number of XP points you’ll earn when you passed this session.
  8. Each of the site’s training tasks will teach you how to complete one of the skills. Each training tasks that are successfully completed will now allow the site to send you qualifiers and paid tasks.
  9. If you pass the training task the first time, you’re done and there is no need to take it again. However, if you don’t pass, you’ll have a second chance to take it again.
  10. If you’ve failed the test the first time, you’ll need to carefully read the instructions and question. If you can’t pass the test it’s impossible for the company to send you qualifiers and paid tasks.
  11. Some of the training qualifier tests are paid. If you’ve passed the test and been paid, you’ll not be paid a second time if you decide to take the test again.
  12. If you qualify for a paid test and fail to complete the test correctly, you’ll receive less paid tests.

Completing Tasks:

  1. There are some tasks that require you to segment draw and label images. If you’re having an issue with this task it is recommended that you take the Segmentation Training test again.
  2. When outlining an image, you’re not going to use your mouse to outline the image. However, you’ll need to add points on the line of the image.
  3. You must always select an outline in order to edit or label the object.
  4. At times the site doesn’t screen all the images. If you run across an offensive image, you’ll need to skip the image and label the image as offensive.

What Are XP Points?

  1. Each time you successfully complete tasks on the site, you’ll earn XP points. The points measure your skills and experience when working for Spare5.
  2. After completing a task it is reviewed by the site. If you fail to complete the task successfully the site will not credit you XP points for this task. However, you won’t lose any of the XP; you’ve already accumulated on the site.
  3. There are 6 different XP skill levels on the site:
    1. Annotation – this includes segmentation, tagging, keywording, and bounding box drawing.
    2. Categorization – here you’ll find matching and mismatching captions and images.
    3. Phone Survey – this skill requires you to make phone call around the world. You’ll be looking for important information.
    4. Rating – this lets the site know how good something is.
    5. Research – you’ll need to search online for information.
    6. Writing – here you’ll be required to write different descriptions and captions.

Referral Program:

  1. You’ll need to work on the site for a while, you’ll receive a referral code you can use.
  2. Invite your friends to the site. When a friend joins the site under your referral code, you’ll earn $2 bonus only after your friend earns their first $10.
  3. At this time your friend will also earn $1 bonus for signing up under your account.
  4. This is only valid for the friend’s first $100 dollars they earn or the first 180 days on the site.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. The company pays every Friday for any job that was completed on or before 12:00am Pacific Time.
  2. If a task was completed after this time it is paid the following Friday.
  3. The amount that will be paid on Friday will appear on your account or app as pending payment.
  4. You must have $1 in your account in order to be paid. If you don’t have the money in your account it is held over until the next pay period.


Spare5 is a legitimate company to work for. The site pays everyone on Friday’s as long as you’ve earned $1 or more during the week. All task completed after 12:00 am on Thursday are held over to the following week. The site isn’t difficult to work for if you read and follow the directions on each task. The company has many training videos and test you can take to help you understand each task and what needs to be done. The higher your overall XP and XP Skill scores are, the more likely you’ll be invited to complete more tasks on the site. If you are looking for a fun and interesting job to do online, then check out Spare5. This is a fantastic company to work for.




3 thoughts on “Spare5 Review: Legit or Scam”

  1. Site is great, tutorials e.t.c, but it’s look there is no so many offers. I’m a member of this site for 1 month and I have earned from offers only 0.12$, 0.01$ for each task so it’s not to many.


    1. Sites like this are considered a passive income site where you can earn a little each month from the site. I know it is a legitimate site and they do have some great information. This will all depend on you if you stay on to earn and wait for the larger paying jobs that do come now and then.


  2. I have always read others writing about Spare5, but I haven’t personally go and check out this program yet. I am glad you have reviewed this and it helps me to understand this program better and know that it’s legit. I like the automatic payment system which pays weekly and the minimum payout of $1 seems achievable. I would like to try it out and see if it works well for me. Thanks again for sharing your opinions.


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