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DollarTrue Review – Legit or Scam

Updated January 2019 – the website has been closed.

DollarTrue is a website that will pay you to complete simple tasks online. You’ll have a chance to gain extra income by sharing your referral link on Facebook and other social media account. For each person who uses your referral link and joins the site, you’ll earn $10. As a bonus for signing up with the site, they deposit $25 in your account to start with. The site offers other ways to earn money by completing tasks and offers.

How Does It Work?

  1. You’ll need to create an account on the site and supply them with your email address.
  2. When signing up you’ll create a username and password.
  3. Furthermore, the company is asking for your home address
  4. You’ll also be asked to give your full name so they can pay you by check.
  5. Once you’ve finished your registration, you’ll be able to view your dashboard.
  6. You’ll find the company has credited your account with a $25 sign up bonus.
  7. You can now visit the task page and start earning $10 for each task you complete.
  8. One of the tasks on the page is to share your referral link on social media. Each time a person clicks on your link, you’ll earn $10. The money is automatically credited to your account and can be seen on your dashboard.

How Does It Pay?

  1. The company pays you $10 for each task you successfully complete.
  2. You can request your money once your account has $300.
  3. The company will send your payment by bank transfer, Western Union, or PayPal.

What You Should Know About This Company:

  1. The very first suspicious activity I found on the site was during the sign-up process. It clearly stated at the top of the screen they would pay you through a bank transfer, Western Union, or PayPal. Then why is the company asking for my full name to send me a check? They aren’t offering payment by check so there is no need to supply this information.
  2. You can’t find any details about the website, the owner, or where the company is located and operating from.
  3. The details supplied on the WHOIS website lookup is the same details supplied for several other sites that have the same format and earning potentials.
  4. One of the tasks you’ll perform is adding your referral link to Facebook. The site is offering you $10 for each click you receive on your link. This is an extremely high amount of money considering most companies will only pay you $1 for 25 to 50 clicks.
  5. Once your account earns $300 and you want to redeem your money, the site will ask you to upgrade your account.
  6. They won’t deduct the money for the upgrade out of your earnings. Instead, you must send them the money to upgrade your account.
  7. Once you’ve upgraded your account and are ready to cash out, the site now asks you to complete an offer. However, this offer isn’t free to complete and you must pay for the offer. You can’t use your earning to pay for the offer and must send the money directly to the company to complete this offer.
  8. Even after you upgrade your account, pay to complete an offer, the site still won’t pay you for the work you’ve done. Instead, they will tell you that you must complete another offer to be paid. Again you’ll end up sending money to the site to pay for the offer so you can complete it and be paid.
  9. No legal site will ask you to send them money to complete an offer. On any earning site, the offers are free to join.
  10. Why would you need to upgrade your account and pay for the upgrade when you’ve earned money on the site? No legitimate site will force you to upgrade your account to receive your money.
  11. The site is collecting your personal information to sell to third-party companies who pay for this information.
  12. The site is asking for your personal bank information, claiming they will transfer your funds to your bank account. This type of information is valuable to hackers and is very dangerous to you.
  13. The payment process is over a month. If you start complaining about how long it takes the company to pay, they offer you a quick solution. They want you to upgrade your account to speed up the payment process.
  14. None of the links on the website work, except for the registration link. You can’t read the FAQ to find out more information about the site.


The website is a complete SCAM and offers people a simple way to earn money online. The glamour this site has to offer people is an easy way to earn money. Many people are looking for a way to earn a large sum of cash each day. This site has the beauty and glamour people are searching for. Many people enjoy watching their earning increase daily so they continue to work on the site. Unfortunately, by the time people realize that this is a scam; many people have already clicked on their link and joined the site.

The owner of the website is only interested in collecting as many email addresses and account information as possible. He will gather this information and sell it to third-party sites that are willing to pay top dollar for what he has to offer. The owner of the website is only interested in your email address, password, and banking information. He doesn’t care about anything else. Many people ask themselves how this could have happened, how was my account hacked? It is easy because they were a victim of a scam and now their account is hacked and someone has stolen their identity.



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