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Sweatcoin – Sweat for Coins App Review – Legit or Scam

Sweatcoin is available on the App Store for iOS devices or on the Google Play Store for Android devices. Once you download the app and active it, you’ll start earning points for every step you take. This is a fantastic way to get fit and earn at the same time. The app uses your GPS tracker to log the steps you take each day. Once you’ve accumulated enough points in your account, you can exchange them for different fitness items the app has to offer. So start walking today to get in shape, lose weight, and earn fantastic fitness products for your efforts.

How Does it Work:

  1. Currently, the app is only available in the United States, UK, and Ireland.
  2. Go to the App Store or the Google Play store to download and install this app on your mobile device.
  3. Register with the company and fill in your profile information.
  4. You’ll need to allow the app to track you through your mobile device GPS tracker.
  5. The app records the steps you take each day. Once you reach 1000 steps, you’ll earn 0.95 points in your account.
  6. The company has a referral program that you can earn a $5 Amazon gift card when 5 people join the app under your referral code. This is an instant redemption and the company will send your redemption code directly to your email account.
  7. The app must run in the background at all times on your phone. Otherwise, it can’t count the steps you take in a day. Fortunately, the app has a battery saving mode so you won’t see much of a drain on your battery. The app only transmits to the site when it’s opened. Otherwise, it will just count and store your steps on the app.
  8. The app will even record your steps when riding a bicycle.

How does the Company Pay You?

  1. You’ll need to earn sweatcoins in order to exchange them for discounts or products on the app.
  2. The average products cost 30 to 300 sweatcoins.
  3. You can exchange your sweatcoins for discount products such as Nike shoes, fitness devices, health-related products, Fitbit’s and other health-related products.
  4. The company now offers a group rewards option. You can team up with a group of your friends and transfer all your sweatcoins into one account. The person who receives all the coins can now use them to obtain a gift card, products, or gift card through PayPal. This is ideal if you want to purchase a larger item that cost a lot of sweatcoins for a friend. You can team up your efforts to purchase this item as a gift for another person.
  5. You can now receive $50 in your PayPal account once you’ve accumulated 3,650 sweatcoins. They also have $50 gift cards for Amazon or Forever 21 for the same amount of sweatcoins.
  6. The company has no means of converting your points to real cash that they can send you to your PayPal account. However, from time to time the company will offer you a PayPal gift card which you can buy with your points. The gift card is sent to your PayPal account where you can convert this to money.

What Do People Say?

  1. It is good that the company is cracking down on the cheaters. A few people have tried to cheat the company by using unconventional ways to record their steps.
  2. The app does an excellent job of recording your steps each day.
  3. A few people have had an issue with recording steps take outdoors versus indoors.
  4. This could be an issue with the GPS tracking system on the app recording the steps taken outside.
  5. More and more people are installing this app on their phone each day. It is a great way to keep you motivated to walk and exercise.
  6. Some people think the company should pay the shipping cost and tax of the items they’ve exchanged their points for.


This is a legitimate app that will give you sweatcoins for walking or riding a bike each day. You can easily earn points to exchange for great gifts from the app. Furthermore, the app has a referral program that will send you a $5 Amazon gift card for every 5 people who join the app under your referral code. From time to time the app does offer a PayPal gift card that you can redeem to your PayPal account. The company won’t pay you in cash or send money directly to your PayPal account. However, if you earn enough sweatcoins you can exchange the coins for gift cards from Amazon or even PayPal.





1 thought on “Sweatcoin – Sweat for Coins App Review – Legit or Scam”

  1. Sweatcoin App is available in South Africa as well now; signed up yesterday and it’s quite a motivator – knowing what I could potentially earn/use my points for.


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