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BriskSelling – Earn Money Shopping and Sharing App Review – Legit or Scam

BriskSelling is a free marketplace where you can list items to sell or you can help sellers sell their items and earn a commission. This company has two different types of markets. One is the free marketplace and the second is a wholesale market where BrickSale buys good from China to list on their wholesaler’s site. The company operates in the United States and offers customers the best prices possible for goods they have imported from China. The company decided that the small businessman needed a free marketplace to sell their goods that were powerful enough to compete with the larger companies.

How Does it Work?

  1. The site is absolutely free for sellers.
  2. As a seller on the site, you can display your products in a secure marketplace environment.
  3. It is easy to build a large network of affiliates that will help promote and sell your items in the marketplace.
  4. As an affiliate, the different sellers in the marketplace will pay you a commission for selling their items.
  5. When your affiliate link is used to purchase an item in the marketplace, the seller for this item pays you a commission.
  6. In this type of an environment, an affiliate isn’t limited to working with only one seller.
  7. The affiliate has a larger network of sellers in one place.
  8. As an affiliate, you can work with the large network of sellers and offers a larger variety of items that fit in your niche.
  9. It is possible to create referral links to the site and refer others who want to become an affiliate to earn a commission selling items for the large network of sellers on the site.
  10. As an affiliate for the site, you can scroll through the large network of buyers to find items you can sell.
  11. You are free to use any method you’d like to sell these items online or offline.
  12. Each item has a stated commission you’ll earn for selling the items.
  13. You are free to offer a discount to your customers for these items.
  14. The discounts you offer will come out of your stated commission.

Why is BrickSellers So Unique?

  1. You can make a decent amount of money as a seller or affiliate on the site.
  2. There are no enrollment fees to join this network of sellers or buyers.
  3. The site doesn’t promise to make you a millionaire. The site is what you make it. It is up to you to work hard, promote the affiliate links, and earn your commission.
  4. You can make a decent amount of money posting links on your social media accounts, your blog or even your website.
  5. This is a legitimate business adventure that helps sellers sell items in the online marketplace. Furthermore, it helps the sellers to easily find affiliates to help promote and sell their items.
  6. The site offers you customized seller stores where you can display and sell your items. You don’t need a large inventory and you can list and sell only one item. There isn’t a fee to pay to use the customized seller stores to sell your items.
  7. Bricksellers has a fantastic customer service base that is handled in-house by the employees of BrickSale.
  8. The site has a large range of security features to keep the site safe and all transactions secure.

How to Join:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store or the App Store to download and install this on your mobile device.
  2. \Join the site for free. You can become a seller or an affiliate.
  3. As an affiliate, find the items that you wish to sell. There is a large network of sellers on the site and many items to choose from.
  4. Start sharing and promoting the links on your social media account, blogs, or website.
  5. When an item sells from one of your affiliate links, you’ll earn a commission on the sale.


This is a legitimate marketplace for sellers and also a great opportunity for affiliates. You can advertise any of the items in the marketplace to earn a commission. This is a free marketplace and anyone can join. The site has customized seller stores where you can display your products to sell. With the large network of affiliates, it’s easy to sell your items. Furthermore, as an affiliate for the site, you’ll have thousands of items to pick and choose from. You’re not limited to one seller on the site. You can promote as many items from the different sellers to earn a commission for each item that is sold. This is an excellent opportunity to find items in your niche that are easy for you to sell and earn a commission on.





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