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Swagbucks Watch TV App Review – Legit or Scam

Swagbucks is a well-known site for surveys. But did you know they had an app just for watching TV and getting paid? This mobile app is the same Swagbucks TV that is on the website under the watch tab. This is a great app to have on your mobile device and can help to increase your earnings with Swagbucks. The app makes it easier to access the TV feature of the site and earn a few bucks from the company.

How Does it Work?

  1. The mobile app is available on the Google Play Store for Android devices or on the App Store for iOS devices. You’ll need to download and install the app on our mobile device.
  2. If you already have an account with Swagbucks you can go ahead and log into the app.
  3. Otherwise, you’ll need to create a new account for you to use.
  4. Once you’ve registered or signed into your account, now all you have to do is start watching the videos.
  5. Each video runs for 30 seconds to 2 minutes on your phone.
  6. Select the first video to play on your mobile device.
  7. Once the first video has finished playing the app will suggest another video for you to watch. Normally this video will start playing immediately after the first video has finished.
  8. Every now and then the app will display a 15 to a 30-second ad in between the videos. When this happens, you’ll have to close the ad and start another video.
  9. You’ll need to watch 5 videos to earn 2 Swagbucks. This is equal to $0.02 for the five videos you’ve watched.
  10. The app has a limit of 10 Swagbucks you can earn each day on the app. Therefore, you can only earn $0.10 on this app each day.
  11. The app links you to your other account information on the website. You can see your total earnings with the company and where you’ve earned money.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. Swagbucks Watch TV App pays the same as Swagbucks.
  2. If you’d like to cash out your earning to your PayPal account, you’ll need to have a $25 balance in your account.
  3. Otherwise, you can cash out your earning for a gift card and you’ll just need a $5 balance in your account to receive many of the gift cards.

What Do People Say About this App?

  1. Nobody like the limit the app has on watching videos from your mobile device.
  2. The company should allow the mobile device user to have unlimited video views each day.
  3. Just earning $0.10 each day from your mobile device isn’t worth the time or effort.
  4. You can still earn money by watching the video, you’ll just need to log onto the website and continue watching them from the site and not your mobile device.
  5. In order to earn 2 Swagbucks, you must watch 5 videos first. This is a lot of videos to watch for such a small reward.
  6. Many iOS device owners have an issue using the app from the App Store. They claim that the videos won’t play on this app.
  7. Nobody likes the limitations on the app. They feel that the app should be limitless and you should be able to watch as many videos or download what you want from the app.
  8. The app seems to work fine on Android devices and people aren’t experiencing the problems that iOS user have been experiencing.


The Swagbucks Watch TV app is a legitimate app and will pay you to watch 30 seconds to 2-minute videos on your mobile device. However, the app has a limit and you can only watch a certain number of videos each day using this app. The company will only allow you to earn 10 Swagbucks each day on the app which is equal to $0.10. This isn’t really worth your time considering you’ll need to watch 2 videos before you can earn 2 Swagbucks. Furthermore, the app has an annoying feature of displaying video ads in the middle of watching the other videos on the app. You have to exit these ads and start the videos again.

What Are My Thought On this App?

  1. This is a legitimate app and the company does pay you for watching videos using the app.
  2. If you have an account with Swagbucks this can add to your earnings on the site.
  3. The app is practical if you are away from your computer and have nothing else to do. It is easy to access and watch a few videos to earn money on your Swagbucks account.
  4. I personally don’t like the idea that you have a limit to the number of videos you can watch from the app each day. On the website, they don’t limit you to the number of videos you can watch to earn money.
  5. The most money you can earn from this app each day is $0.10. I don’t think this is worth the time and effort you spend using this app. It is just as easy to use their website as it is to download and install this app on your mobile device.
  6. This app still restricts people outside of certain countries from downloading and using the app to earn money.



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