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Pay-Wao Review – Legit or Scam

Pay-Wao is a paid to click (PTC) website where you can earn money by clicking on ads and inviting your friends to join. Furthermore, the site has a platform for businesses to help place their ads on a website, video channels and social media account. The site was designed with a fantastic platform and referral network to help freelancers earn a monthly income with the 6×5 level referral program.

How to Join the Site?

  1. Anyone can join the website. Just go to the site and register.
  2. You’ll need to confirm your email address before you can log into the site.
  3. In order to activate your account, you must log in and select your payment method. The site is asking you to pay them $2 to join.
  4. Afterward, your account is instantly approved and activated. You can now work on the site and earn money through their referral program.
  5. You’ll need to create a 4 digit PIN code for your account.
  6. Select your withdrawal method for the money you earn from the site.

How Can You Earn From the Site?

  1. According to what I can find out, you’re paid to click on ads and video. The company claims they’ll pay you $0.04 for each time you click on a video to watch it.
  2. Before you can even work on the site, you must purchase 2000 credits for $2. They claim this is good for the lifetime of your account.
  3. The next step is to find referrals for you. In stage 1, you should try and have 5 referrals on the site.
  4. Once you have 5 referrals on the site, the next step is to invest in Stage 2 of the programs. This is called the Auto Pool. The upgrade cost $10.
  5. You’ll need to upgrade again to Stage 3 and ask all your referrals to follow you to the next stage. The 3rd stage upgrade is $50.
  6. The site allows you to make multiple accounts using 1 IP address.
  7. Each stage generates your income and adds spillover support from the lower levels to add to your endless income on the site.
  8. Each time you add 3 new referrals to your account, your account is generated and a new ID is given to you. At this time they’ll deduct $2 from your account.
  9. They say that the more IDs you generate, the higher your earning will be.

How to Earn with a $2 Investment:

  1. A $2 investment opens your account in level 1.
  2. Level 1 has 5 levels in the program.
  3. Therefore, your referrals are at Level 1, the referrals for level 1 are now at level 2; all referrals that level 2 has are now placed on level 3. This continues until level 4 referrals are placed on level 5. You should now have a total of 3905 referrals in your level 1.
  4. Once you’ve filled up your 5 levels, it’s time to move to the next stage of the game. This is Stage 2.
  5. The system is based on each person having 5 referrals.


This is a high-risk investment adventure and there’s no guarantee that you’ll ever earn any money off this system. The system is based around a pyramid and also a bait and trap method. They show you a grand scheme and a spreadsheet that lists all your earning potentials from the site. The plan sounds good and looks good on paper. However, the only time you can actually earn anything is when you’re on top. As long as you join this network under another person, it takes you forever to reach the higher paying levels. You’ll always be stuck under another person ahead of you. Your earning will always be based on the new member joining the site and attracting others to join under them.

This is a SCAM site that baits and traps you into joining the site. Even to join the site you’re forced to donate $2 to the company with the hopes of attracting other people to join the site using your referral link. If nobody joins the site under you, you’ll never earn from this system. Once the chain is broken and a new member can’t sign up other members, your earning potential is stopped and there’s no way to earn from the site.


  1. This is an untrustworthy site to join if you’re expecting to earn money.
  2. The site traps you into investing in the higher levels of their program.
  3. They make it sound like you’d be a fool to not jump on this opportunity to earn $300 a day or more.
  4. Once you start paying the site, you’ll end up paying again and hoping that you’ll recover the money you’ve already invested.
  5. I’d stay completely away from this site. There are too many videos on YouTube in Arabic and Hindu talking about the fantastic earning potential of this site.
  6. However, if you look closely at each video they offer you payment proof. The payment proof offered is the same on each video made.
  7. This is a scam site that is trying to bait and trap you into investing your money.




5 thoughts on “Pay-Wao Review – Legit or Scam”

  1. Thank you for sharing about this site. I just came across this site and wondered if it is a good site to join. Though $2 investment is still affordable to me, I would not like to take this risk as it doesn’t seem to be a good program I like to join. I am glad you shared this, so now I can confirm I will just stay away from it.


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