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LinkWorth Review – Legit or Scam

LinkWorth is a marketplace for businesses and bloggers. The platform is designed for the advertisers to advertise their products and services through text links. The blogger has the opportunity to use these text links on their site and be paid for each page view or click on the link. The text links help advertiser generate higher quality back-links to their website and blog. This in return helps the company with their online stats through Google and their advertising on the site.

How Does The Site Work?

The site is for advertisers and publishers. There are 11 different products the company offers that can be used to earn money on your blog or website.

  1. LinkAds: This is a normal text link ad that can be placed anywhere on your website. Most people place these types of ads in their sidebar on the blog.
  2. LinkPost: If you’d like to host sponsored reviews on your blog, this is the section you’ll need to use. An advertiser will submit a sponsored review, if you accept this it is placed on your blog site and earns you revenue for the number of visits your site receives.
  3. LinkArt: Advertisers can use this method to send website owners and bloggers their articles.
  4. LinkDir: This is for advertisers only. When they use this service through the company, the company submits their website details to hundreds of top-class directories. The directories in return supply high-quality back-links to each website.
  5. LinkWords: Advertisers will use this for pay to click ads. They’ll need to select the websites and blogs they want their ads displayed on. Afterward, they must define the words in their campaign so their ads will be displayed.
  6. LinkInTxt: The advertisers can buy in-text links ads from the site. Each in-text link selected will be defined by the blog or website to use for displaying their ads.
  7. LinkBB: As a publisher, you’ll host advertisers content on your blog or website that contains links. The advertiser writes the content that is displayed on your site and produces the links you’ll use. You must first approve the content before it goes live on your website or blog.
  8. LinkSura: This method displays SURA ads on your website. As a publisher, you have the option of displaying these ads on your homepage, throughout your website, or on selected pages only.
  9. LinkMura: Advertisers are able to promote multiple URL that rotates their ads on publishers websites. On the website, it displays multiple URLs with different keywords.
  10. LinkPack: If a publisher has different websites or blog he may select this option. Here the publisher can display multiple links ads on his different sites.
  11. LinkPress: This is excellent if you write a variety of press releases. By using this option your press releases will be displayed on all the major news websites. This increases your search engine ranking on Bing, Google, and Yahoo.

Becoming an Affiliate or Partner with LinkWorth:

  1. To start with LinkWorty, you must first create a partner’s account with the company.
  2. The site will need to approve your website or blog before you can start making money.
  3. You have the opportunity to select any or all of the 11 programs the company offers.
  4. It is easy to monetize your site using this service.
  5. The site has many different services that give you plenty of opportunities to make money by selling ads on your site using the different formats.
  6. The site has plenty of advertisers on the site. Therefore, you can still make money from the site, even if you have a small niche blog.
  7. When your blog site increases in ranking, along with your content, you have a better chance of making more money through this company.
  8. The best part is that you’ll have full control over what link text is displayed on your site.

How to Become an Affiliate:

Any blog site or website the company approves is eligible to enter into the affiliate program with LinkWorth. Here are the benefits of becoming an affiliate:

  1. You’re paid $50 for each new advertiser or publisher that joins the site under your account.
  2. Each advertiser or publisher must earn or spend $100 in order for you to earn the commission.
  3. You’ll also receive a 5% lifetime commission from your users earning or what the advertiser spend on the site.

How Are You Paid?

  1. Each of the different programs pays you a commission from the company.
  2. You’ll receive 50% of the revenue earned from your blog site or website.
  3. As a publisher, you set your own rates for displaying the ads on your site.
  4. The site pays out on the 10th of each month.
  5. You have a choice to be paid by PayPal, a check. Money Brokers, direct deposit, and bank transfer. You’ll need $100 in your account to be paid each month.
  6. However, if you chose PayPal or Money Brokers, you’ll need $25 in your account to be paid.


This is a legitimate site that pays you to post links on your blog site or website. You have the opportunity to select from 11 different programs the company offers. Furthermore, the company has an affiliate program that can earn you extra income each month. As an affiliate, you’ll receive a 5% commission on all your advertiser and publishers for the life of their account. I would recommend using this website for paid advertising on your blog. You have the freedom to pick and choose which ad links or text you’d like to display on your site. Furthermore, you can accept a paid sponsored post from the advertiser to display on your site. This is an excellent opportunity and has the potential to grow as time goes on. As your website gains popularity online, so do the revenues you earn each month.




2 thoughts on “LinkWorth Review – Legit or Scam”

  1. They used to work fine, but since 2014 they just don’t pay! They owe me over 500$ and they don’t reply to my complaints either through their ticketing system (useless) or by direct email to their customer support address.


  2. First time i dont believe many friends say linkworth scam.
    But after experiencing myself I just believe.Linkworth is SCAM.They dont pay me as partner.
    Do not deal with them.


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