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BlogHer Publishing Network Review – Legit or Scam

The BlogHer Publishing Network was created for bloggers that create engaging content with other women or the woman in mind. The premium ad network gives you an opportunity to work with other blog-based sponsored programs. Once you join this network, you’ll earn a revenue share from the company each month to display ad campaigns on your blog site.

What Types Of Blogs Are Accepted?

  1. The blog should be written by a woman or have a large female following.
  2. You’ll need to have an engaging community of readers and excellent content.
  3. The blog must be updated weekly. They prefer that you add 2 new posts each week to your blog. They will settle for one, but they do recommend 2 posts per week.
  4. Your blog must be more than 90 days old.
  5. You can’t password lock your blog and it must be open so everyone can read it.
  6. There can’t be any profanity in your titles and you can’t link to adult content sites.
  7. They don’t want you to have another ad network on your blog.
  8. Your blog must be hosted by a service that will allow you to add advertising to your blog site. If your site is hosted by it won’t allow you to add the ads to your account. However, if you use a  WordPress website or blog builder and have hosted your site with another hosting company, this shouldn’t be a problem.

How To Get Started?

  1. You’ll need to join the BlogHer Publishing Network.
  2. Once you’ve joined, you’ll need to go to your dashboard and add your blog on My Social Account. This is located in your profile section of your dashboard.
  3. Once you’ve joined the Blog Influencers and been accepted, you can now apply to the BlogHer Publishing Network.
  4. However, if your blog is already part of the Blog Influencers on the site, you can apply for the BlogHer Publishing Network.
  5. The site gives preference to women bloggers; however male bloggers are accepted into the network under certain circumstances.

How Do They Pay?

  1. BlogHer Publishing Network offers CPM (Cost Per Mile Ads) ads for your site.
  2. Each ad pays a set fee for one-thousand site views.
  3. The site also has sponsored content that you can add to your site. The money adds up in a few months.

What Bloggers Say About BlogHer:

  1. The network wants its ads placed above the fold. This means the ads must be displayed at the top of your blog site. If a reader has to scroll down the page to see the ad, this isn’t acceptable.
  2. The site takes up the prime real estate on your blog site.
  3. You can’t use any other ad network if you sign up with this company. They want exclusive rights to your blog site.
  4. The website offers you many sponsored content for your site through emails. However, most of the content docs you read don’t apply to your blog, now and then you’ll find one that does. But when you do, it is difficult to work with the company; they don’t start the campaigns on time. And they expect you to drop everything when they’re ready to start.
  5. The company constantly updates their contact with you. Most of the changes deal with the percentage of revenue the company takes from the ads on your page.
  6. The company doesn’t have the bloggers best interests in mind.
  7. The company doesn’t have any personal contact with you. There is basically no one to help you out when you have an issue. You’re forced to use emails with the company and this doesn’t help out.
  8. The site won’t follow its members on any of their social media accounts. It would show the site supported its bloggers by following them on social media. They want us to follow them, why not follow us?
  9. The BlogHer site will limit how you can use your own content on your blog site.
  10. The personal images you use on your blog site can’t be used or reproduced anywhere online or on another site.
  11. You can’t allow charities or nonprofit agencies to use your content on their site for free.
  12. The site wants to control the layout of your blog.
  13. You can no longer backfill your ads through AdSense. The company now uses pubmatic to backfill their ads.
  14. The company earns you far less than any other advertising company online. Even when your site has over 1 million page view per month; the site only pays you less than $100 for the month.


Yes, BlogHer Publishing Network is legitimate and it does pay bloggers to post ads on their blog site. However, this company pays a low advertising fee to you monthly. Many bloggers find it hard to work with this company because of the control they have over your blog.  Therefore, I’d really consider how important it is for you to join this network. It is a large network and many blog owners want to join. Unfortunately, many are turned down and not accepted, so they join other networks and make higher revenues on their site each month.

What I Think About BlogHer:

  1. When I first started to review the site, I entered one of the blogs I’d created to their Blog Influencers program. The blog was accepted to the program; however, it wasn’t accepted by the Publishing Network.
  2. After finding out from others who had a contract with the Publishing Network, I was happy that my blog site was rejected.
  3. The company wants too much control over your blog site. Many blog owners are forced to follow their rules, are limited to the design change, content, and using other advertising on their blog site to make money.
  4. The company offers a very low pay for 1,000 page views compared to a few other advertising networks.
  5. The contract is very hard to break and leave the company.
  6. The company refuses to pay top dollar for prime placement of their ads on your blog site.
  7. If you are new to blogging, want to get started advertising and earning money from your blog, this is an alright company to join. However, there are better opportunities out there than this.
  8. I’d really think twice before joining this network. It’s not the best way to go if you want to earn money for your work.




6 thoughts on “BlogHer Publishing Network Review – Legit or Scam”

  1. Sweet blog! I found it while browsing on Yahoo News. Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Appreciate it


  2. This seems like a great site to join. I just don’t like the idea that they are asking that their ads be placed above the fold. It seems like they want prime advertising space on your website and are not willing to pay you a decent price to get what they want.


    1. I tried this site a few years back, I submitted a cooking website and blog I had done. They did reject me from the site. My site was accepted immediately by a few other advertising sites. It was better for me that I was rejected.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. So, this comment (on my response to your post) came through, but there are no notifications of any responses on any of mine. Only likes.

        It sounds that you got the better of the deal, most definitely!!


      2. Yes, it was good the site rejected me. I had other advertising companies I signed up with that paid rather well when I owned the site. I ended up selling this site about 5 years ago.

        BTW – I tried to comment on your blog today and it won’t allow me to comment on it at all. So strange. Sent you an email.


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