Love to Know Review – Legit or Scam

Love to Know is a website that hires computer programmers, graphic designers, product managers, and technical professionals. Furthermore, they hire a freelance writer to write for their site. They need freelance writers to write on a variety of topics and update and merge the topics on their site.

How Does it Work?

  1. If you’re interested in writing for Love to Know, they have an internet application process for you to use.

What Do Freelance Writers Do?

  1. As a freelance writer for the company, you will be given assignments on various topics you can write on.
  2. Based on your credentials you’re assigned a certain topic area to write about.
  3. As a writer, you are only approved to write about and edit content in your approved area. You may be approved to write for more than one topic or area of expertise.
  4. You will work with the editors of the site to ensure your content meets the highest standards for the site.
  5. You will be given writing assignments that could entail revising existing content, creating new content, or verifying content for accuracy.

What Writing Skills Do You Need?

  1. You need impeccable grammar skills, good organization, excellent writing skills, and a logical flow to your article.
  2. They require that you have a minimum of one year experience as a professional writer.
  3. You must be familiar with several different types of website interfaces.
  4. Have excellent written communication skills.
  5. Have a keen eye for detail, excellent organization skills, and efficiency
  6. Home based computer with an internet connection.
  7. Can work at home independently with minimal directions.

Work Hours:

  1. This is a freelance position and has flexible hours.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. Freelance pay ranges from $25 to $60 depending on the individual article or assignment done.
  2. The company pays you through PayPal.


This is a legitimate company that hires a freelance writer to work at home. You are given assignments in your field of expertise. These assignments vary depending on what is needed. You could be required to write a new article, merge several articles together, or verify if the content is correct. This is an excellent opportunity to find steady work online and to gain a valuable client to work for. If you have the skill sets needed to apply for this company it is an excellent place to work.





1 thought on “Love to Know Review – Legit or Scam”

  1. This site looks resourceful and I like the web design too. Though I don’t think I am eligible to write any articles for the site as I am not a professional writer and my English is not good enough, I am happy to find many good resources from this site, especially information about homeschooling. I will bookmark this site and learn from those articles. Perhaps I can also learn how the writers write those great articles too. Thank you for sharing!


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