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OhmConnect Review – Legit or Scam

OhmConnect is a company that is working hard to save electricity and offset the effect of dirty power in Canada and the United States. There are always peak hours for electricity consumption and OhmConnect is trying hard to offset these hours by sending you a notification and telling you it’s time to save electricity. By saving electricity each month the company compensates you with cash and prizes.

Who Is Eligible For The Program:

  1. Anyone who lives across the United States can join OhmConnect.
  2. People who live in California and are serviced by PG&E, SDG&E, and SCE can join the program and connect their smart meters to earn cash and prizes.
  3. In Toronto Canada, if your electric service is Toronto Hydro-Electric System, it is easy to join the program and connect your electric meter.
  4. In Texas, if you are part of the Smart Meter Texas program, it is easy for you to join this service.
  5. All other people across Canada and the United States will need to manually report their energy saving to the company.

How Does it Work?

  1. Register and join OhmConnect. Fill in your information and supply the company with your utility company information.
  2. Depending on your zip code determines if you are eligible to earn cash or prizes.
  3. The zip code is important to the company because it helps them determine who your electrical provider is.
  4. If your electrical provider is one of the company’s listed, they will ask you to connect your meter. This allows the company to receive data from your meter using a live feed.
  5. If you live outside one of the areas listed above you can still join the program. However, it is a bit different. You’ll need to report to the company how you’re saving energy each month and you’ll be rewarded prizes for your energy savings.
  6. OhmConnect receives meter data from the areas listed above. They analyze this data and determines how much energy you’ve saved during the OhmHours. The company uses the meter data to determine how much energy you save each hour during their energy events.
  7. For anyone outside the area listed you automatically become a Bronze member and are entered into the Bronze program. You will be required to self-report back to the company what you are doing to save energy. Furthermore, if you participate in the OhmHours even you’ll need to report to the company what you did to save energy during this time. Afterward, you’ll be eligible for prizes from the company.
  8. The program is free and you can stop participating at any time. All you need to do is opt-out of the program that you can’t participate in.
  9. For candidates that live in one of the areas, the company needs you to supply them with your credentials. This allows them to access your smart meter and pull data from the meter.
  10. Anyone living in California must sign a CISR form. This authorizes OhmConnect to ask as your Demand Response Provider and gives them access to your meter data. The company submits this signed document to your electricity provider who verifies the status of your account. Once your electric company verifies the information the form is sent to California ISO which authorizes OhmConnect to use the energy in your gird that you’ve saved.
  11. The company has a referral program that pays you up to $75 for each referral. As your referrals gain status and save energy, you’re rewarded for their progress.


This is an excellent program to join to help clean up the environment, save electricity and earn cash and prizes. If you live in certain areas the company calculates your energy savings and pays you money to save energy. This is a legitimate program that pays people to save energy during peak hours so the power company’s don’t have to turn on older electrical plants that product dirty power and destroy the environment.





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