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Squad UP App Review – Legit or Scam

No Longer Available

Squad Up is a virtual game that lets you play virtual sports games. You can choose between the MLB, MLS, EPL, NBA, NFL, NHL, CFL, AND PGA. There are no ash deposits for this game and you can play against another person or against another team.

How it Works:

  1. In the app, you need to draft quickly. The app only allows one entry for each contest. This gives more people a chance to win.
  2. If you use a 5 player squad, it is easy to draft your entry.
  3. You can easily add your friends, through Facebook, email and text messages.
  4. In the app, you can keep track of your friends’ performances and see how much they’ve won.
  5. Check out the 1 on 1 contests and compare your records.
  6. You can always view your results and leaderboard in real-time.
  7. You can only win the contest when the active sports season is on.

How do They Pay:

  1. Your winnings are sent to your PayPal account.

What do People Think About this App:

  1. So many people love this app and play fantasy sports games. Furthermore, the app is easy to use and to cash out your earnings.
  2. People love the idea of having so many sports teams to choose from.
  3. They like the idea of playing 1 on 1 and also playing in groups.
  4. The app is easy to use and makes it simple to draft your team.


This is a legitimate paying app for anyone who loves fantasy sports games. You will love the way you can easily draft your entries for the game. People have recommended these games to other sports buffs and everyone who downloads and uses this app are extremely satisfied.


1 thought on “Squad UP App Review – Legit or Scam”

  1. This sounds like a lot of un and very interesting. I think my husband would love this app. he is such a sports buff it isn’t even funny.


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