Play Games Review – Legit or Scam is a brand new virtual online mining game. The game has many different caves that you can choose from to start your virtual mining in. This is a multi-level game that helps you mine virtual currency that you can exchange for money in your PayPal account, transfer to your BTC FaucetHub, or directly to your BTC wallet.  In the first level of the game, you’ll have a few caves that you can select from to start your virtual mining in. As you gain clicks and points in the game it is possible to unlock new caves that have higher value resources for you to mine. In the different caves that you mine in, you’ll find stone, coal, bronze, iron, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds. Each one of the resources that you mine has a set amount of virtual coins you’ll earn. This game is for players worldwide and you’ll need to be 18 years or older to join the site.

How Does it Work:

  1. Go to the website and register with the company. You must be 18 years of age or older to register with this site and play the game.
  2. Registration is simple. You’ll just need to choose your username, add your email address and password.
  3. When you finish your registration and entered the site, you’ll need to stop your ad blocker in order to continue on.
  4. Your dashboard will open up after you’ve registered. However, you can’t start your virtual mining until you confirm your email address. The company sends you an email. Be sure to look in your SPAM folder if you can’t find the email.
  5. Once you’ve confirmed your email, your dashboard will be displayed.
  6. You’ll see how many virtual coins that you have in your account.
  7. If you use the registration codes for another person, you’ll automatically have 20 to 100 virtual coins to start your mining efforts with.
  8. The level of the game that you’re in will be displayed on your dashboard. Each person starts off at level 1.
  9. On your dashboard, you’ll see your converted balance. This tells you how much money you have in your account in US dollars.
  10. You’ll see your XP level for the game. This is your level of expertise and the more you play the game the higher your level of expertise becomes.
  11. You’ll find your energy level on your dashboard. You’ll need energy in order to mine in the caves.
  12. In the support section on your menu, you’ll find answers to all the frequently asked questions on the site. This helps you to get started in the game and understand how it actually works.
  13. If you have any problems on the site, use the contact form to speak with someone. They are very helpful and will answer you back within a few hours.
  14. In your profile, you’ll find your referral link, earning from referrals, how many referrals have signed up under you and your payments and setting. You’ll need to select your payment method and enter your BTC wallet or PayPal ID.

What Do You Need To Start Playing the Game?

  1. You need either a desktop or laptop computer that is attached to the Internet.
  2. You should have the latest Flash Player installed on your computer.
  3. You can’t play this game on your smartphone or tablet. Current the game is only online and you must use a computer to mine your resources.
  4. Currently, this game isn’t available on the App Store or on the Google Play Store.

How To Earn Money Playing the Game:

  1. Each day when you log into the site, you’ll find your daily freeroll. Just click on the link and click the roll button. You’ll find your roll results and how many MCC coins you’ve won. The MCC coins are your virtual mining currency. You’ll have the possibility of winning 1 to 10,000 MCC coins each time you roll.
  2. In order to earn more money or MCC coins on the site go to the menu bar and select “Earn Money”.
  3. Here you can start mining your resources. There are also options to mine offline, use your CPU for mining, select your freeroll for the day, or enter promo codes to earn more money in your converted balance account.
  4. The site has ads that will pop-up and display on your page. These ads help you earn higher MCC coins during your mining efforts.
  5. Once you gained MCC coins, they can be used to purchase or upgrade your caves to earn more MCC coins. You can also purchase options to upgrade your drop rates, and energy recharges. This will cut down on the time it takes for your energy to be recharged.
  6. Each week the player in the game who has gained the most MCC coins will earn a bonus.
  7. If you don’t upgrade your energy level it will take 24-hours to fully recharge. Otherwise select a plan to recharge your energy in 12, 6, or 3 hours. Furthermore, you can make a higher investment and recharge your energy level in 90 minutes.

How To Start Mining?

  1. Select the Earn Money tab at the top of the page. This will open a menu for you to select a cave to mine in.
  2. As a new player, you’ll only have one option to choose from. You will need to start mining stones or coal.
  3. Considering you haven’t earned any MCC coins, you don’t have the option to upgrade at this time. All you can do is Start Mining.
  4. The screen opens up so you can start mining. On the screen you’ll see what cave you’re mining in, what resources are available for you to mine, your level in the game, your XP level, and how much energy you have left for mining.
  5. Each time you click on “Mine”, your energy level will decrease and your XP level will increase.
  6. You can continue to click on “Mine” until you’ve depleted all your energy. Once your energy has been depleted, you’ll need to wait until it is recharged again and you can start mining. This normally takes 24 hours to recharge unless you upgrade your energy level.
  7. At the end of your mining, you’ll find out how many stones you’ve uncovered and how many MCC points, you’ve earned.
  8. You can click on the Mine button 15 times before the site will close out the mining screen and display a page. You must prove you’re not a bot and watch an advertisement before you can start mining again.
  9. Once your energy has been depleted, you’ll need to wait a few 24 hours to start mining again. However, if you’ve earned enough MCC coins, you can always go to the Store and purchase some energy to start mining again.

Controlling Popup Ads on the Site:

  1. When you are mining on the site, different ads will be displayed on your screen. When you first start the games, you’ll find a lot of annoying popup ads.
  2. Unfortunately, a few ad companies have unprofessional tactics they use. They will try to trick you into downloading and installing some software on your computer or they can display adult ads on your screen. If this happens to you, please contact the website owner and he’ll have these companies removed.
  3. To correct this problem go to your “Profile”. You can change your ad setting. However, once the ad settings have been changed, you’ll need to wait 2 hours before you can changes these setting again.
  4. The default setting on the site will be set to the higher ad setting for annoying and very annoying. Furthermore, the settings for the Captcha are set to Solve Media.
  5. You have the choice to set the ads to:
    1. Normal: this earns you x1 resources during your mining.
    2. Annoying: earns you x2 resources during your mining.
    3. Very Annoying: earns you x4 resources during your mining.
    4. Captcha Service: ReCaptcha or Solve Media.

Promotion Codes:

  1. The website is new and wants to give all new members plenty of incentivizes to sign up and use the site to participate in virtual mining. Therefore, from time to time online, you’ll find different promo codes you can use to earn extra MCC coins or add money to your converted balance. Keep checking on 9 to 5 Work Online for new promo codes you can redeem to help you earn money online.
  2. When you first register with the website, make sure you sign up for a person who is already working on the site. This will add extra points to your account and make it easier to get started in the game.
  3. The money that you receive for your promo code will be added to your converted balance. This balance can’t be used to upgrade your account. The money you receive from your promo code will only help you cash out on the site a little bit faster.
  4. Depending on the promo codes that you redeem, you can earn $0.05 to $0.30 in your converted balance account. Keep the codes and enter them when the time is right.
  5. Here are a few promo codes you can use right now to earn extra money in your account. Each code can only be used once on the site. Just go to the earning tab on the site and click on Promo Code, and enter the code that applies to you:
    1. FREE5 – You’ll earn an extra $0.05 in your account. This helps you reach your cash out threshold on the site a little bit quicker. You can use this code now.
    2. FRESH – Free $0.10 added to your converted balance. You can only redeem this code if you didn’t use any other promo code when you signed up for the site.
    3. 7DAYS – Free $0.05 added to your converted balance. You can use this code once your account is 7 days old.
    4. 30DAYS – Free $0.10 added to your converted balance. You can use this code when your account is 30 days old.

Upgrading Your Account:

  1. You can upgrade your account once you have accumulated enough MCC coins. You can’t use the money in your converted balance to upgrade your account.
  2. To earn more MCC coins in your account you have the possibility of upgrading:
    1. Energy
    2. CPU Miner
    3. Level Upgrades
    4. Increase Drop Rates
    5. Increase Resources Prices
    6. Offline Miners
    7. Timeout Upgrade
    8. Referral Upgrades
    9. Technical Upgrades

Referral Program:

  1. The company has a referral program that benefits both you and the person who signs up under your referral code.
  2. You are given your own referral code to use.
  3. When a person uses this code, they’ll earn a $0.10 converted balance in their account.
  4. You’ll receive a 10% referral commission based on the person’s earning.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. 1 MCC converts to $0.000001/1 000 000 MCC = $1.
  2. The company has three different ways they can pay you.
  3. You’ll need to earn $1 in your converted balance account to cash out with PayPal.
  4. If you have $0.50 in your converted balance account, you can request the money transferred to your BTC FaucetHub account.
  5. You’ll need a $10 balance in your converted balance account to transfer your funds to your BTC wallet.


Even though this company is new and just now making their online presence, the company can be trusted and is legitimate to use. So far the company has paid out several top earners on the site. The site was designed as a progressive earnings game, you’ll start off with very little money and the more you play and invest, your earning will increase. This game is not possible to achieve an extreme amount of money in the beginning. You’ll need to invest your time, use your earnings to upgrade, and increase your levels on the site. Once you do this there is a possibility to earn $1 for every diamond you mine on the site. This game isn’t for everyone and you need to like clicking on the mining button to earn money from the site. The longer you play the game the better your chances are of earning a great income from this site.

Has anyone ever heard of this game before? I just started to mine on the site and have earned a decent amount of money. I’m interested in how many people are using this. Please let me know in the comments below. Plus don’t forget to register with 9 to 5 Work Online. You’ll start off with 100 MCC coins and $0.20 in your converted balance account.

Keep commenting and coming back here to find a new promo code to add money to your converted balance. I’m looking forward to reading your comments about this site.




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  1. I have been absent for some time, but now I remember why I used to love this site.
    Thanks, I will try and check back more often. How frequently you update your
    web site?


    1. Thank you so much. I try and write around 5 to 7 reviews each week. At times I am busy with my job and it is harder to research and post the reviews. Please keep checking back, because new reviews are posted all the time.


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