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Altcoin Fantasy Review: Legit or Scam

ALT Coin Fantasy is a cryptocurrency trading game that will teach you how to trade cryptocurrency in the real world. This is a unique concept and a benefit to anyone who has never traded cryptocurrency but would love to start. In the game, you’ll have the chance to use currency and learn how to trade. If you start trading earning a return, you can earn points that can be applied to redeeming Bitcoins and other forms of cryptocurrency.

How Does it Work?

  1. Visit the website to register for your free account.
  2. In order to create your account, you must go to the Login tab at the top of the page.
  3. Locate the new sign-up tab. You have two choices to create an account on this site. You can use your Facebook ID or enter your email address.
  4. There is no need to verify your account. You will be redirected to your dashboard.
  5. You can instantly earn 500 ACF points for taking their introduction tour and learning how the game work.
  6. The game will start you off with $10,000 in your account. You will use this money to invest and make your trades in the game.
  7. If you run out of money to invest during the game, you can easily buy some more. They have a marketplace where you can buy different currencies to use during your trading adventure in the game.
  8. In order to understand how this game work it is necessary that you take the tour before starting.

How Can You Earn ACF Points?

  1. On your dashboard and find the tab marked Earn ACF Points.
  2. If you refer a friend to the site, you can earn 1100 ACF points.
  3. Share the bounty on Twitter and earn 250 ACF points.
  4. Follow the bounty on Facebook and earn 250 ACF points.
  5. Create a blog article and earn 5000 ACF points.
  6. When you enable the web notifications you’ll earn 250 ACF points.
  7. Follow the site on Instagram and earn 250 ACF points.
  8. Subscribe to the bounty on YouTube and earn 250 ACF points.
  9. Share the bounty on Facebook and earn 250 ACF points.
  10. When you update your profile, you’ll receive 250 ACF points.
  11. The site has a mobile app, install this app and earn 500 ACF points.
  12. Install the Brave browser and you’ll receive 250 ACF points.
  13. Create a YouTube review to earn 5000 ACF points.
  14. Follow the bounty on Twitter to earn 250 ACF points.
  15. Discard channel bounty to earn 250 ACF points.
  16. Jin BitcoinPub to receive 250 ACF coins.
  17. Answer the site’s short survey and earn 400 ACF points.
  18. Subscribe to Gilbert Index to receive 250 ACF points.
  19. Take a 15-minute user interview to earn 2000 ACF points.
  20. Subscribe to X² Newsletter to earn 800 ACF points.
  21. Download and install Metal Pay to earn 1000 ACF points.
  22. When you follow Metal on Twitter, you’ll earn 500 ACF points.
  23. Share Metal on Instagram to earn 1000 ACF points.
  24. Share Metal on Facebook to earn 1000 ACF points.
  25. Follow Blockchain Cuties on Facebook to earn 500 ACF points.
  26. Join Telegram to earn 250 ACF points.
  27. Follow Blockchain Cuties on YouTube to earn 5010 ACF coins.
  28. You will earn a chance to spin the wheel twice a day for logging in or trading using the game. Each day you can earn 2 spins on the wheel.
  29. Each week there is a contest for trading. The person who earns the most during the game is awarded a prize.
  30. They run a contest on the site where you can win money. The current contest is about guessing the exact amount of Ethereum and what it will be in 3 days. The person who guesses correctly will walk away with just under $200. Each time you make a guess, you’ll be charged 100 ACF points.

How Are You Paid?

  1. You will be able to redeem the ACF points in your account for money r different prizes.
  2. Each reward you want to redeem has a different ACF point value.
  3. You can choose between:
    1. co money
    2. Coinbase money
    3. Oculus Go
    4. Altcoin Fantasy Fan
    5. BRD Wallet token
    6. An Annual Pro Trading View Subscription
    7. ETH currency
    8. An Etherbots Robot Part
    9. Binance currency
    10. CryptoKitties currency


This is a legitimate site that offers you a trading game that you can play to learn how to trade in cryptocurrency. The site has an offer wall to help you earn more points to exchange for cryptocurrency or other great prizes. This is a great game for beginners or a newbie to learn how to trade cryptocurrency. You should take the tour when you first sign up to the site. This will give you a first-hand look at how the site work and on top of this you’ll earn 500 ACF points. Once you get a handle on the game it is rather fun to play and trade cryptocurrency. Furthermore, this game is unique and it will teach you how to trade in the real world. I do recommend this game if you’ve never traded cryptocurrency before and you want to learn how.



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