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Razer Review: Legit or Scam

Razer is a website that pays you to play games using Razer Cortex PC. The site is open for people who live in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. Just click on the flag at the top of the screen and verify if your country is supported. The website has many different games you can download and play to earn Razer Silver. You can check the site from time to time to see all the new offers and games they have available to play. You’ll play different games using your computer to earn points that can be redeemed for other Razer products or even gift cards. The site has many new products they have added to their rewards program.

How Does This Work?

  1. You’ll need to create an account with Razer and receive a Razer Id that you’ll use to play the games with.
  2. This site is opened worldwide and anyone can join and create an account to receive the Razer ID that you’ll use to play games and earn Razer Silver points from the site.
  3. After creating your account, you’ll download Razer Cortex PC onto your desktop or laptop. This program won’t work on mobile devices, therefore, you’ll need a computer in order to earn points and play the games.
  4. Once you’ve downloaded and installed Razer Cortex PC on your computer, you’ll need to launch the program.
  5. Sign in with your Razer ID and go to the rewards screen.
  6. Take a look at all the supported games on the reward screen and choose one of the games you’d like to play.
  7. You’ll need to play the game for more than a minute in order to start earning Razer Silver.
  8. The longer you play the game, the more Razer silver you’ll earn.
  9. Each day there is a cap on how much Razer Silver you can earn.
  10. When you are playing the game a popup screen will appear to show you how much Razer Silver you’ve currently earned while playing the game.
  11. Currently, the site supports PUBG PC, CrossFire and soon will add a few more games to the list that you can play to earn Razer Silver points. Just keep watching the site and following along to see if new games are added to the list.

How Do You Earn?

  1. When you play one of the games using the Razer Cortex PC, you’ll earn 50 Razer Silver points after you’ve played the game for 10 minutes.
  2. You’ll earn 50 Razer Silver points when you sync your Steam account with the wish list on the site.
  3. When you upgrade and create a Razer Gold account, you’ll earn 1000 bonus silver points in your account.
  4. If you use your Razer Gold account to purchase different epins, games or even in-game items, you’ll earn more Razer Silver points in your account. This will all depend on what you purchase.
  5. The site offers you more Razer Silver points when you launch Razer Cortex Mobile Paid to Play.
  6. On the Mogual Arena, you can earn Razer Silver when you match the voting or even participate in the team tournaments.
  7. You’ll earn Razer Silver points when you launch the game using a high-performance PC or laptop to play the games on.
  8. The site gives you 12 months to redeem your points. Starting from the date you’ve earned the Razer Silver points, you’ll have exactly 12-months to redeem or claim your rewards. The site encourages you to redeem your points, or use them to play games, buy games, or even receive discount vouchers that you can use to buy other games with.
  9. If you have any of the supported games already downloaded and installed on your desktop or laptop, you can earn points from these games if you make sure that you launch Razer Cortex PC to play the games.

How Are You Paid?

  1. Once you’ve accumulated enough Razer Silver points, you’ll need to visit the Razer Silver Catalog to spend your points.
  2. There are plenty of different ways to spend your points on the site.
  3. You can receive a discount voucher for buy other games, get discounts to buy your stream keys, or even buy accessories for your desktop computers such as Abyssus Essential, Tartarus V2, Huntsman Elite and much more. Just collect the points and visit the online catalog to see how you want to spend your points.


This is a legitimate site that will give you points for playing games on your desktop or laptop computers. The site had a rewards program in the past and it was discontinued. However, everyone was disappointed and the company brought it back. This is an excellent rewards program that will allow you to earn points toward purchasing other games, buying your stream keys, or even accessories for your desktop computers. If you are a gamer and love to play games this is a great site for you to join. All you need to do is create an account on the site and receive your ID. Now just download and install the program. Sign in with your ID and start playing the games you love. Earn Razer Silver points during the time you play the games and use these points for fantastic discounts or other rewards and prizes.




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