Welocalize Review 2019: Legit or Scam

Welocalize is an online company that pays you to listen to music and transcribe the lyrics. This is an international company and anyone can join. If you are fluent in writing more than one language this is an excellent opportunity for you. The company is based in the United States and they provide a translation and localization service worldwide. You will earn money by listening to music and transcribing the lyrics. If this sounds like a fun job, it is, however, it will take time to transcribe the lyrics and you’ll need to have a Gmail and an Apple account in order to join the company.

How Does This Work?

  1. In order to register with the company, you will need a Gmail account.
  2. The company also need your Apple ID when registering with the site.
  3. If you speak more than one language, you’ll need to add this to the registration form.
  4. The company needs to know what country you live in.
  5. The last step in the registration process is selecting the types of music you prefer to listen to.
  6. Once the registration form has been completed, the company will review your application.
  7. You will receive an email from the company with your invitation code included in the email.

What Do You Need To Join the Company?

  1. First off you need a Gmail address in order to register.
  2. It is necessary that you have an iTunes account.
  3. The site requires that you have a Mac OS X in order to work on the platform.
  4. You will need to download and install the Snap app on your PC or laptop.

How To Earn Money:

  1. Once the registration process has been completed it is easy for you to start working.
  2. Your job will be to listen to the songs and transcribe the lyrics for each song you listen to.
  3. You have special rules to follow when transcribing the lyrics.
  4. All lyrics that you transcribe must follow all the conventional grammar rules.
  5. You will need to use the correct punctuation and spelling for each line you transcribe of the song.
  6. The lines of the song will begin and end with a stamp.
  7. The site will provide you the necessary tools to get started as a transcriber.
  8. You will need to read the guidelines and learn the basic formatting style the site uses to transcribe the lyrics.
  9. The site holds weekly webinars to help all new members learn the ropes and understand how to transcribe the lyrics for them. This is very helpful to attend a few of these webinars in order to understand how to transcribe the lyrics of the songs you listen to.

How Much Can You Earn?

  1. Each time you successfully transcribe a song, the site will add $4 to your account.
  2. The earning potential is endless and this will depend solely upon you and how many songs you want to transcribe in a week.
  3. If you successfully transcribe 5 songs in a week, you’ll earn $20.
  4. The more songs you transcribe the higher your earnings will be each week.
  5. Each song that you transcribe will be reviewed by the Welocalize teams to make sure the work has been completed correctly. You will receive a score based on your completed work.
  6. The site will always give more work to the top transcribers. So take your time when transcribing the lyrics of the song so you can receive more work from the company.
  7. As a new transcriber, you may need to edit your work. Just pay close attention to the work you do. Too many edits may result in the company not sending you more work.

How Are You Paid?

  1. The company pays all transcribers on a weekly basis.
  2. There isn’t a threshold to reach in order to be paid.
  3. There is no need to request your payment.
  4. Payments are sent out automatically each week.
  5. You will need to have a HyperWallet account in order to be paid.
  6. This is the only account the company uses for payment.
  7. Before you join the company and start working, sign up for your HyperWallet account. You will need this account and the information in order to be paid.

What Do People Like About This Company?

  1. This is a reputable company to work for.
  2. The site is free to join.
  3. People love the fact that the site accepts international worker.
  4. The site has an excellent earning potential depending on how much you want to work.
  5. You are paid on a weekly basis and there is no minimum amount you need in your account in order to be paid.
  6. Depending on the quality of your work, the site offers you plenty of opportunities to earn money.
  7. There is an excellent support team to help you get started and to answer all your questions.
  8. The site offers training for new transcribers.
  9. You will receive bonuses if you are one of the top transcribers.


This is a legitimate company to join and be paid for transcribing music lyrics. Furthermore, the work is easy to do once you get a handle on how to transcribe the lyrics for the company. There is always plenty of work and you can even earn bonuses from the company if you are a top transcriber. You are paid on a weekly basis. The only drawback is that you need a HyperWallet account in order to be paid. The site does not pay through PayPal or any other means. If you are looking to earn a little extra cash or a way to earn a potential income, this is an excellent company to check out. Just make sure you have a Gmail address and an Apple account before signing up with the company. Take your time to transcribe the lyrics and receive more work each day in your account. If you are new to transcribing, check out the free training the site has to offer.



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