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Givling Reviews – Legit or Scam

Givling is a relatively new and innovating approach to help students pay off their student loans or people pay off their mortgages. The site has different level trivia games that each player can play to earn money toward paying off his student loan or mortgage. The company is based in California and the owner of the company experienced a tragic event in her life. She was forced to file bankruptcy in order to try and get back on her feet to take care of her young son. This is a slightly bizarre and also creative attempt to try and tackle the problem in the United States and the $1.2 trillion dollar student loan debt.

How Does It Work?

  1. This is a web-based site that houses a web-based trivia game. Each person who wants to join the game is required to pay a fee to play. However, when you log into the site daily the first two plays are free. After this. you must pay to play the game.
  2. The money that is paid to play the game is divided by the money that is used to pay the cash prizes on the site. The other half of the money that is paid to play the game is donated to people who are trying to pay off their student loans or mortgages.
  3. In order to play the game, you must create a Givling account.
  4. When you sign up to play the game each day, you’re grouped with three other players.
  5. When the game starts, you’ll have 10 seconds to answer the true/false question. Once you’ve answered 3 questions incorrectly, you’ll be eliminated from that round or game.
  6. At noon each day, the team with the highest score wins the cash reward or jackpot for that game.
  7. You’ll also have a chance to sign up in a queue for student’s who are waiting to pay off their debt or people trying to pay off their mortgage.
  8. When you create your account on the site this will create the original date and time stamp on your account. This is the order in which you’ll be notified in the queue.
  9. When the company estimates that you are one month away from being entered into the pool of students whose loan will be paid off, you’ll receive an email from the company.
  10. You must follow these instructions carefully in order to have your loan paid off by their fundraising system.

How Does the Company Help Pay off Your Student Loan or Mortgage?

  1. The company has a queue points system and it randomly chooses 50% of the players to jump the Queue Line. Once you’ve done this your loan goes into the Live Funding queue. Each queue point you’ve gathered is one entry in the random drawing.
  2. You can earn queue points by playing the daily Free Plays. You’ll earn 1 point for each time you play.
  3. If you invite a friend to the game and he stays and plays, you’ll earn 100 permanent points.
  4. You can also download the app for the game on the App Store or Google Play. When you use the app and engage with advertisers on the app you gain extra queue points.
  5. If your student loan or name was chosen during the Live Funding drawing the company gives you a check for $50,000 to pay off your student loan or $25,000 to help pay off your mortgage.

How the Company Pays You:

  1. The company raises funds for two loans at the same time. The loans are divided into two categories the Highest Funder and the Chronological loan.
  2. Once the company has crowdfunded $100,000, a drawing is held. All the entry queue points are entered in the drawing. The winner of the drawing receives a check to either pay off their student loan or their mortgage.
  3. Each day the daily cash winnings are divided by the top 3 teams. The first place team earns 50% of the jackpot, the second place winner receives 30% and the third place team receives 20%.


This is a legitimate crowdfunding company that helps students and people pay off their loans and mortgages. The company raises money through the trivia games they host on the site. Players are required to pay 50 cents a game and 30 cents for PayPal fees and handling charges.

The money raised during the games is divided between the daily winning and the grand jackpot drawing once the company has raised $100,000. Your name is entered into this drawing and you will receive multiple entries depending on how many queue points you have.

This is a very unique way to earn money to pay off your student loan or mortgage. The company is based in California and is a crowdfunding company. The only revenue the company earns is through hosting daily trivia games online.