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Paidera Review 2019: Legit or Scam

Paidera is a rather new get paid to (GPT) website that is opened worldwide and anyone can join the site and start earning a passive income. The site has several earning potentials. Like all GPT websites, you can take surveys, perform simple tasks, create a video for the site, or even write a blog post about the site and earn money for your efforts. Just keep in mind like all GPT sites you will need to keep track of the offers you sign up for. There are many offers that will ask for your credit card information. Before the free trial has expired, you’ll need to cancel this offer. Otherwise, the website will charge your credit card.

How Does It Work?

  1. The site is opened worldwide and anyone can join the site.
  2. You’ll need to create your account on the site and fill in the necessary information.
  3. Just click on the Create an Account button.
  4. Here you will be asked to fill in your first name, last name, email address and to create a password.
  5. If you are using an ad blocker this must be disabled in order to register and use the site.

How To Earn Money:


  1. Like all GPT sites, they have plenty of surveys for you to complete.
  2. The surveys are small and it is easy to qualify for one of the surveys.
  3. The site has an extremely large amount of surveys you can take to earn money.
  4. The surveys normally pay $0.10 to $0.15 for each one that you complete.
  5. The site will check each of the answers that you enter. This takes quite a bit of time before the next question will be displayed,
  6. During the waiting period, you will be shown tons of ads on your screen.
  7. It normally takes 10 to 20 seconds to display the next question for you to answer.
  8. This increases the time to take a survey and the amount of money earned for the time you spend is rather low.
  9. When the site is ready to display the next question, you will be required to click a button that is embedded between 2 ads in order to continue on.
  10. You are required to do this for each question you answer.
  11. This increases the time it takes to complete each survey.

Micro Tasks

  1. The site offers many tasks that you can perform.
  2. However, the tasks are similar to paid offers and not actually a task to perform.
  3. The site offers you $0.10 for each task that you complete.
  4. Normally you can earn a substantial amount of money completing tasks.
  5. There are no limits to the number of tasks you complete each day.

Create Videos

  1. In this section, you have the option to create a video.
  2. You will be using YouTube to create and promote videos for the website only.
  3. You will need to create your own videos about the website to upload to your YouTube channel.
  4. The site will pay you $0.15 for each video you create and upload to your YouTube channel.
  5. This is a lot of work to create a video and the site does not offer decent pay for the work you have done.

Write Articles

  1. You have the opportunity to write articles for the site.
  2. You will need to post these articles in a well-known forum or on a well-known website.
  3. The articles must be about the website and promoting the site.
  4. You will earn $0.20 for each article that you write.

Download Apps

  1. Like all GPT sites, there is an option for you to download and install apps on your mobile device.
  2. The amount of money is very limited and the site doesn’t way well for the work. You will earn $0.10 to $0.15 for each download you make.

How Does The Site Pay?

  1. The website pays through PayPal.
  2. The threshold to cash out if you don’t have any referrals who have signed up for the site is $50.
  3. You will need 150 referrals and $20 in your account in order to cash out.
  4. If you have 100+ referrals in your account, you’ll need $30 in order to cash out.
  5. This is extremely high for a GPT site and there are no legitimate payment proof online or even on the website.

What Do I think About This Site?

  1. This is a very low paying GPT site and does not offer you a decent pa to take surveys.
  2. The surveys re flooded with ads and you are forced to review the ads and press a button in order to answer the next question.
  3. There are many people who advertise this site on Facebook and other social media sites in hopes to get 150+ people to sign up for this site.
  4. The threshold to cash out is extremely high and it is almost impossible to reach this threshold working on the site.
  5. The amount of work the site has to offer makes it impossible for you to earn this type of money to request a payout from the company.
  6. The site doesn’t pay well for you to create and upload a video to YouTube.
  7. The amount of money the site offers for you to write a blog post or share the site on a forum is nothing compared to other sites.


I do not recommend this website as a potential earning site. There are several people who have reported this site as a scam site and you need to be cautious about joining this site and spreading the world. It isn’t a trusted site and the threshold to cash out is higher than any other GPT site. It is almost impossible to receive 150 referrals that are willing to join this site and promote the site in order to lower the threshold for payment. There are so many GPT sites online these days there is no need to join a site like this. The potential for earning money is non-existent and it will take you years to earn $50 from the site in order to cash out. If you know anything about scam sites, then you’ll know they make it almost impossible to cash out on the site and they6 require that you have a lot of referrals in order to cash out. Legitimate sites don’t do this and there are many great GPT sites online these days that you can cash out after you’ve earned $1 or even$2 in your account.



11 thoughts on “Paidera Review 2019: Legit or Scam”

  1. i am using and to be honest it is legit paying website. the new rules have been improved and the it is easy now to to earn money. dont believe what others say do try this website paidera


    1. Thanks for your sincere speech about paidera. I think it is best to look out for another better site to earn.


  2. Thanks for giving an honest review on paidera. I also describe a total process and some tricks, how to earn more money from paidera on my blog. I invite you all to see the blog. On my website, you learn some brilliant ideas for many outsourcing websites.


  3. Hello Anne. I have been on alot of Sites like this. Nothing good comes out of them.As I am a Newbie and have for awhile, you name it, been there & back and done it again. Hate Surveys, I avoid anything that has them, well the GPT websites.

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