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SQM – Sensors Quality Management Inc. Review 2019: Legit or Scam

SQM is a worldwide company that provides unbiased evaluation about how a company operates. The people who work with the company will visit the place of business and file a report about the company’s operations, the type of service they offer their clients, the cleanliness, and the value their employees offer a customer. The company was founded in 1993 and has designed many flexible solutions that help business owners to improve the quality of their business and the service their customers receive. The company works closely with the business owner to supply them all the information they need to improve their business efficiency and profitability. If you are interested in working for a company like this it is very easy to join. You will be working as a field agent or mystery shopper as some people call them today.

How Does This Work?

  1. If you are interested in joining the team at SQM they ask you to send them a resume to a given email address.
  2. The company is always on the lookout for new members to join the team to help them complete different assignments worldwide.
  3. Some of the assignments will include inspections of a business. Some people refer to this as a Mystery Shopper, a Field Merchandising Agent, or even a Market Researcher.
  4. The company first has you fill out a form. They require you to supply them with the following information:
    1. First name
    2. Last Name
    3. Country
    4. Province/State
    5. City
    6. Home Phone
    7. Street Address
    8. Mobile Phone
    9. Postal Code
    10. Email Address
    11. Your gender
    12. Date of birth
    13. A recent photo uploaded to the site
    14. You will need to write a brief paragraph that describes your best and your worst shopping experiences.
    15. They are interested to know how you learned about this company.
    16. They will ask you if a person gave you a referral or not.
    17. They also ask you if you’ve worked for any other Mystery Shopping Company now or in the past.
  5. Submit the application form to the company.
  6. The company will contact you once a job is available in your area. If you live in a larger city you have a better chance of finding work through this company.
  7. The company will hold onto the application for 18 months. If you do not hear back from them in this time frame it is possible to apply again.

What Do You Do?

  1. You will be given an assignment to visit a retail business, restaurant, or other types of service-based companies to evaluate the business.
  2. You will be required to shop in a store or even dine in a restaurant like a normal customer.
  3. Afterward, you are required to fill out a customized report and answer all the questions about your experience in the store or restaurant.
  4. You will be working as a part-time employee or as an independent contractor.
  5. An independent contractor is given assignments on an as-need basis.
  6. To do this type of work you will need to be a reliable, mature, and detailed oriented person who has some experience in customer service.
  7. This position is perfect for people who have worked in a restaurant or even in retail before.
  8. You will need to be 18 years of age or older and have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  9. If you have any secondary education this is a bonus.
  10. Once you’ve been approved as a Mystery Shopper for the company it is possible that you can request assignments.
  11. It is necessary to request the assignments in your area. The company won’t just assign you a shop unless you request the assignment.
  12. The assignments are posted in the online system and it is up to you to check the system on a daily basis if you are looking for work.
  13. If you want to be assigned more work it is necessary that you read all the instructions and complete the assignment as described.
  14. You must fill out your form and submit this back to the company once the assignment has been completed.
  15. The more details that you provide will give you a better chance to receive future work with the company.
  16. Make sure when you are filling out your reports that you use proper grammar and spelling.
  17. If you are asked to follow up on a completed assignment, it will be necessary to do this quickly and return the assignment back to the company.
  18. The company has a step program and it is necessary that you complete all the steps in each level to advance to the next level.

How Much Can You Earn?

  1. The pay rate is based on the assignment that you are given.
  2. The company has 4 different types of assignments.
    1. An evaluation with a shopper fee – you are paid to perform the assignment.
    2. An evaluation with a shopper fee and a reimbursement, fee – you are paid to perform the assignment and to purchase an item. This can be a full or partial reimbursement if you need to purchase an item.
    3. An evaluation only with a reimbursement fee.
    4. An evaluation that pays only part of the fee for 50% off a vacation, travel or even transportation.
  3. The company pays $5 to $100 for each assignment depending on the type of assignment.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. Once you become a Mystery Shopper with the company you will be able to invoice the company using their online invoicing system.
  2. The payments are sent to you shortly after the invoice has been submitted.
  3. The site will tell you how you will be paid once you’ve become a Mystery Shopper.


This is a legitimate company to work for and they pay a decent rate for the work that has been completed. You will be paid for your assignments and reimbursed for the money that is spent during the assignment. This is all detailed in the assignments before you accept the assignment. This is a worldwide company and is looking for Mystery Shoppers around the globe. Just keep in mind there might not be as many assignments in some locations and more in others. This all depends on where you live. If you like Mystery Shopping and want to join a great company as a Mystery Shopper check out this company and apply for a position.

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