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Coupon Cactus Review 2019: Legit or Scam

Coupon Cactus is a website that gives cash back to customers when they shop using their site. Coupon Cactus helps customers earn cash back on over 18,700 stores and over 4,000 merchants that offer cash back from different coupons. The website offers, coupons, promo codes as well as sales/clearance and exclusive coupons that anyone can use to save money.

There is no fee to sign up for Coupon Cactus. This website has international coupons available. The company is focused on customer service and helping customers save money. If a customer has questions or needs help, there is a live chat feed on the website or you will get a real person that replies to all messages. The company owners wanted to make sure that when a customer needs assistance they don’t just get a pre-recorded message or wait for a call back by providing the option to do a live chat with a representative. They strive for excellent customer service.

They offer a promising referral program where customers get cash back on their referrals purchases. Coupon Cactus makes everything paperless by providing rebates and discounts to free members without any strings attached.

How To Join:

  1. Sign up email your email address.
  2. There is no personal information that is required.
  3. Find the item you want to buy or search through the different categories and find the items you like.
  4. Click on coupon or shopping link.
  5. Shop your normal way.

How Does it Work?

  1. The website uses over 18,700 online stores which the company receives a commission from the merchants when customers make purchases.
  2. The company takes a percentage of that commission to pay the customer.
  3. When you first sign up and like the company’s Facebook page, they automatically give you $3 in your account.
  4. When you redeem coupons through the website, you gain cash back in your Coupon Cactus account.
  5. Once your account reaches a balance of $10 or more, you will be paid quarterly through PayPal or by a check. The site allows you to choose which mode of payment you prefer.
  6. Quarterly begins January 1- March 31 with pay sent May 15. The next quarter would be April 1- June 30 with pay sent August 15. The third quarter is July 1- September 30 with pay sent on November 15 and the last quarter begins October 1- December 31 with pay being sent on February 15.
  7. With this said, this is not a get your money promptly after your purchase style cash back.
  8. Basically, this website resembles a rebate type format just with the option of piling all the cash back you can until it’s quarterly disbursement time.
  9. Coupon Cactus offers embedded coupons that are redeemable for online stores, coupon codes, click certain item offers.
  10. Cashback amounts vary per each store that you shop.
  11. Coupon Cactus does not decide the cashback amount. The store or merchant has discretion on the dollar amount given for cash back on items in their own store.
  12. You can find the cashback rate on each individual store page.

Referral Program:

  1. The site has a referral program where you can send your referral link to your family or friends.
  2. When they join the site, you will receive a bonus in your account when they shop online or use the coupons the site has to offer.
  3. The site doesn’t indicate if this is for the lifetime of the person’s account or exactly how much they will add to your account for the purchases your friends make.

Pros and Cons:

  1. The website gives New and Expiring Coupons. This is good to see what is now available and what you need to act fast on to get your cash back on specific items.
  2. The website gives exclusive coupons only available through Coupon Cactus. The company has worked out with some merchants, including apps, offers for discounts and cash back.
  3. There are limited printable coupons on this website. If a coupon is printable, there will be instructions on how to print and redeem. Therefore, this is not a website for the weekly grocery store coupons. Though there are some grocery coupons and cash backs available, this website focuses more on the stores in its database and using the coupons and cash back with those merchants. This is not a website where you can print your coupon and take to your nearest grocery store and receive money off your purchase type of website.
  4. Cash backs are placed into the customers account within 3-7 days of the completed purchase. However, the cashback could take all the way to 90 days depending on when the merchant pays Coupon Cactus’ commission.
  5. There is no cash back on gift cards, catalog orders or pick up orders. So you cannot order an item and redeem cash back and then go to the physical store and pick up the item.
  6. Cash back can be paid out only if there is more than $10 in your account. If less than $10, your balance will roll over into the next quarter.
  7. Cashback payouts are made via PayPal or check.


This is a legitimate shopping site that anyone can join. The site has coupons you can use worldwide to earn cash back every time you shop through their website. You have a large variety of items and coupons to use when shopping through this site. When you refer a friend to the site and they sign up, you will earn extra cash back rewards in your account. Just keep in mind this site only pays on a quarterly basis and you’ll need to have earned more than $10 in your account before you are paid. If you are looking for another online shopping site to join, this is a good site to consider. Just keep in mind the site does not offer printable coupons that you can use in your local markets. All rebates are done through the site and it does take time to earn the credit in your account. Your payments are always based on when the merchant sites send rewards to the website. At this time they will distribute the funds to your account.



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