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Amazon Vine Review 2019: Legit or Scam

Amazon Vine program was opened in 2007 to help companies receive an honest review of the items they sold on Amazon. Back in 2007 when the program first opened, Amazon hand-picked people who wrote reviews on different products they had purchased from Amazon. These people where Amazon’s top reviewers. They asked them to become a Vine Voice for Amazon and Amazon would send them different products to test for free. It would be their responsibility to test the products and write up a review on Amazon. When the program first opened, many of the items that were available were books. However, over the years the program has grown and people are now sent expensive items to test and write a review on Amazon. Today the program is still active and Amazon will handpick people to join the program. Amazon has strict guidelines the person must follow. When this person posts the review on Amazon the review is identified with a green stripe that clearly states this is a Customer review from a member of the Amazon Vine program.

Why Did Amazon Start This Program?

  1. Back in 2007 Amazon noticed that a few people wrote quality reviews that other customers reacted to and found helpful.
  2. Amazon decided to create the program to help everyone to find helpful feedback on the different products that were sold on Amazon.
  3. Amazon decided to select the most trusted reviewers to join the program at this time.

How Can You Join The Vine Program?

  1. The program is an invitation-only program and Amazon only picks people who write top quality reviews on Amazon.
  2. Amazon will select the Vine Voice members based on several criteria.
  3. Amazon is looking for people who write helpful reviews on Amazon.
  4. They will look at the review a person has written and seen how other people react to the review and judge the review.
  5. A person must have an interest in the different types of products that Amazon features in their program.
  6. Amazon looks for people who always write helpful reviews and have developed expertise in certain product categories will more than likely be asked to join this program.

How Does Amazon Choose People To Join the Vine Program?

  1. Amazon is always looking for new reviewers to become a Vine Voice reviewer for the site.
  2. They are only picking people based on the reviews they have already written as a customer and how other Amazon customers react to the reviews they’ve written.
  3. There are several factors that play an important role when a person is selected to join the program. People are ranked on the reviews they’ve written for the site. Furthermore, the ranking is determined by how other customers react to the reviews these people have written.
  4. You can become a Vine reviewer based on the value of your reviews and the trust you have gained through other customers on Amazon.
  5. A reviewer must have the ability to write helpful and insightful reviews for people to read.
  6. The Vine program has certain products that the reviewers, are sent to review. If you are eligible for this program, you must show an interest in these types of products and prove your worth to others when they read the reviews you’ve written about these products.
  7. People who are invited to this program have purchased different products from Amazon and given their feedback on the products they’ve purchased.
  8. If the feedback has helped other customers and other customers have reacted to the feedback, then more than likely this person can be chosen to join the program.

Do You Pay For the Products You Write Reviews For?

  1. The products that Amazon sends you to write reviews for are free of charge.
  2. You will not be paying the shipping or the cost of the item.
  3. However, Amazon does require you to give them your Tax ID number. You will receive a form from Amazon at the end of the year that indicates how much money the products cost that Amazon sends you to test and review. You will be responsible for filing taxes on the amount of money the products cost.

Can You Keep The Products?

  1. The products that are sent to Vine program members are free of charge and the member can keep the products they test.
  2. Amazon does ask that each member keeps the product for at least 6 months before they donate the item, give it as a gift, or they sell the item on their own.
  3. Many people will donate a lot of the items to a charity in order to offset the amount of taxes they need to pay for the items they’ve received.
  4. There are some members who will sell the item on Craigslist to help pay the taxes for the items they receive.
  5. While other members will give away some of the items to their friends and family as gifts.

How Are You Paid?

  1. Amazon does not pay people to join this program and write reviews.
  2. The items that are sent to you are free of charge and yours to keep.
  3. You can do as you wish with these items. You can sell them off to earn money or you can keep them for your personal use.


This is an excellent opportunity to become a product tester with Amazon and be sent all kinds of different items to test. You will be required as a product test to test the items and write up a review of each of the items that you’ve received. Amazon is always looking for new product testers and selects their testers by the types of review they have given on Amazon. There are several criteria to become a product tester with Amazon. Many people who have joined this program were hand picked by Amazon back in 2007 when the program was first launched. These people have received millions of different types of products to test through this program. You can receive cell phones, cameras, vacuum cleaners, blenders, mixers, food processors, hard drives, modems, routers, laptop computers and so much more. If you’d like to have an opportunity to join the Vine program, all you need to do is write reviews about the items that you purchase from Amazon If Amazon feels you are a good fit for this program they will contact you and ask you to join. This is a great way to earn extra money by selling the items you’ve received or to gain products that you’ve always wanted and did not have the money to pay for. So next time you shop on Amazon, why not write a product review for others to read. Who knows, maybe one day Amazon will invite you to join this program.


3 thoughts on “Amazon Vine Review 2019: Legit or Scam”

  1. It’s true that Viners aren’t required to write a review.

    Am I guaranteed a set number of reviews by enrolling in Amazon Vine™?
    No. By enrolling in Amazon Vine™, your ASINs are not guaranteed a specified number of
    reviews. Some reviewers may not select your product for review. Some important things to note
    about the Vine Voices reviewers:
     If they do write a review, they are not required to write only positive reviews. We welcome
    honest opinion about the product – positive or negative. Of course Vine reviews must
    conform to all our posting guidelines.
     Vine Voices are not paid to participate

    That’s what separates the Vine program from independent incentivised reviews.


  2. The see a running total of the Estimated tax value from day 1.

    Sent a 1099-Misc only when the tax value exceeds $599

    Some were picked at random. A Viner I know has less than 60 reviews over 15 years, and a low ranking but he is honest and has been with them for less than a week. He is baffled as to why he was picked but he is ready for this new challenge. And thankful.

    There is not a requirement to write a review. The vendors know this.

    Products from Amazon are theirs to keep immediately. 3rd party products need to be saved for 6 months.


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