Smashing Magazine Review 2019: Legit or Scam

Smashing Magazine is a magazine that encourages freelance writers to write about something they have learned. It can be a tip, tricks, ideas, or even a technique to help a person out. The magazine says they are there to help you improve and polish your articles. They are looking for people who have something valuable that they want to share with others. The goals of the magazine are to publish quality content for people to read. Furthermore, they are looking for unique life experiences, things that have worked, or even something that has failed. When your article is published, the company will pay you for the article and give you full credit for your work. It is a good idea to spend some time reading over the articles that have been published in the magazine to understand what they of articles they are looking for.

What Type Of Articles Does The Magazine Publish?

  1. The company publishes articles for people who work online.
  2. They are looking for different types of tutorials to help people understand new technology, detailed tutorials about building a project, or even how to build a website.
  3. You can write articles based on your opinion. If you have a strong opinion about something in the world, they’d like to hear about it.
  4. Reference articles that are longer or an ultimate guide a person can refer to time and time again.
  5. Case studies are an excellent article to write about. The magazine is interested in what you learned from a study you conducted.

Who Reads The Magazine?

  1. The people who read the magazine are professionals in their field. They can be web designers, website developers, other types of online developers and online businesses.
  2. The people who read the magazine are knowledgeable and not a beginner in their field.
  3. It is best to not write beginning articles about web technology. The people who read the magazine are well advanced in this topic.
  4. Writing practical advice about a real experience is a good article to write for the magazine.

Submitting A Proposal:

  1. It is necessary to submit a proposal before you start writing your article.
  2. Your article must be original and not something that you’ve published in another magazine before.
  3. When your article is approved, you’ll be working with an editor that is assigned to you.
  4. Make sure the article you want to publish isn’t out of date.
  5. When you write for the magazine you must abide by the publishing policy of the magazine.

What Can You Expect From The Magazine:

  1. You’ll be paid once your article has been published.
  2. The magazine has experienced editors that are knowledgeable in the subjects that you want to write about. They will help you polish your article to make sure it is a smash.
  3. When the article is published, you’ll have your photos published, a byline and a biography so that the readers of the magazine know who you are and where they can find you.
  4. The magazine will promote your articles on different social media channels.

How To Start:

  1. Read the editorial process guide to find out how to write your outline for the magazine.
  2. It is possible to submit a topic or idea to be considered. You’ll need to use the contact form in order to do this.
  3. You should submit some URLs to the site so they can see your writing style of work you’ve published online.
  4. The site is always looking for new ideas and topic to publish in their magazine

How Much Does The Magazine Pay?

  1. If your article has been approved and accepted the details of your payment will be discussed in private. They do not post any payments on the site.
  2. The site doesn’t indicate how they will pay you.
  3. You can discuss the payment once your article has been approved.


This is an excellent magazine to write for if you’re a technical writer. The company assigns you an editor to work with you to help improve your article. You will need to send a proposal to the company if you’d like to be considered. Once you’ve published an article in the magazine the company will send you your payment. The magazine will publish your photo, a byline and a biographic of your work. Furthermore, your article will be promoted on different social media sites. This is excellent publicity for you an will help you to obtain other freelance writing jobs.



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