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Vidoomy Review 2019: Legit or Scam

Vidoomy is an advertising company that specializes in digital video advertising. The site offers a great way for any publisher to monetize their website or blog by publishing the digital video advertisements on their site. The different campaigns you can choose from are all from well-known brands and agencies around the world. As a publisher, it is easy to start a new digital video campaign and have it seen around the globe. There are many publishers that work with this company and help to spread the word about the different products and services the advertisers have to offer. The company was established in 2017 and Marcos Cuesta Garcia is the company’s SEO. You can find the headquarters locked in Madrid. This is an advertising and marketing company that currently has 27 people working for them. If you are new to affiliate marketing, the company offers you all the help you need to get your campaigns off the ground and start earning money as a publisher.

How To Create An Account As A Publisher:

  1. If you’d like to join the company as a publisher the registration process is quite simple.
  2. The company requires you to supply them with your email address and create a password.
  3. They need to know about your business. This will require you to fill in your first and last name.
  4. The company requires you to give them your phone number and your Skype ID.
  5. Now you’ll tell them about your website. They require you to give them your website URL and tell them how many monthly visitors you have on your site.
  6. The registration process has been revised and now it is easy to register with this company using Slider.
  7. The Slider registration allows anyone to register with the company and obtain an automated verification code that is similar to what Google Adsense has been using for some time now.
  8. The Slider registration will require you to add ads.txt, a javascript code validation, and an email confirmation.
  9. Once your site has been registered the company will have one of their professional team members evaluate and approve your site.
  10. This normally takes around 24 hours to receive a response back from the company.

Who Can Join The Site?

  1. Your website must not contain any adult content, sites about hacking, any type of a false or fake site, any content that is related t alcohol, drugs or even tobacco, sites about weapons or any illegal topic.
  2. Your website must have a minimum of 3 million page views each month.
  3. Your website or blog should have at least 500 articles on the site that are high quality and original.
  4. You can only have a top domain and can’t have a subdomain.
  5. All website need to have a privacy policy on their site.

Advertising Formats:

  1. The site has several different advertising formats for you to choose from:
    1. Slider
    2. inText
    3. Interstitial
    4. inStream
  2. Each format has:
    1. Viewability + 80%
    2. High Engagement
    3. Fully customizable
    4. CPV and CPM
    5. Audio On/Off with mouse over
    6. Non-intrusive
    7. Y/N Skippable
  3. Furthermore, the ads are fraud-free, have high visibility, and are easy to monetize on any site.

How Are You Paid?

  1. The site won’t discuss any payment option with you unless you have been approved as a publisher on the site.
  2. You will need to speak with your account representative about how much you’ll earn for CPV or CPM.
  3. Your account representative will also let you know when you are paid, the payment method, and what type of a minimum balance you need in your account before you’re paid.


This is a nice advertising network to join and they are a legitimate company that will pay you to display video advertisements on your website or blog. Before joining the company they do have high standards and requirement. You’ll need at least 3 million visits on your site each month before you can join. The company wants to see at least 500 articles on your site that are high-quality articles that your site visitor reads and engages with. Furthermore, it isn’t possible to join the site if you run an adult website. The advertising company won’t accept any adult content, sites about drugs, weapons, violence, and illegal content. If you are approved to be a publisher for this company you’ll have plenty of opportunities to earn money displaying ads for top name brand companies on your website or blog.



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