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QSI Specialists Mystery Shopping Nevada Review – Legit or Scam

QSI Specialist is a company out of Las Vegan Nevada that hires mystery shoppers to work for their company. The company has been in business for over 20 years and has an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. The company is a licensed private investigation firm that hires mystery shoppers that live in Nevada. In order to work in Nevada as a mystery shopper, you must first visit the PILB – Private Investigative Licensing Board to obtain a license to work with this company as a mystery shopper. You’ll need to be a licensed private investigator in order to be a mystery shopper in Nevada.

How To Obtain A License

  1. Visit the PILB in Las Vegas.
  2. A package will be sent to you.
  3. You’ll need to study for a test before you obtain your license. The package that you receive includes the study material, the test, and all the paperwork for applying for your license.
  4. Once you’ve passed the test, you’ll need to pay the fees to the agency to obtain your permit for a private investigator.
  5. The company will send you a provisionary card or temporary card in the mail.
  6. The fee for the card is $85, the fingerprints are $25, and there is an additional fee of $7 that you pay a company to take your fingerprints and photo for the card.
  7. The process takes around 3 weeks to complete.
  8. You can’t work for QSI Specialists or any other company as a mystery shopper in Nevada until you have your license.
  9. A background check is performed before they can issue you a card.
  10. The permit or work card is valid for 5 years.
  11. When you complete the paperwork, obtain your photo and fingerprints, you’ll need to return to the office to pay the $85 fee. Your test is graded immediately and they will review your paperwork.
  12. Once all this has been completed it will take 3 weeks for the office to send you your temporary permit so you can start to work.

How To Apply For Work at QSI:

  1. After you have your license, you’ll need to go online and apply for the job.
  2. They will require you to submit your I-9 form, a W-2 Form, your work history, and other information to apply for the job.
  3. Your application is reviewed and, if accepted, you’ll receive an acceptance letter from the company. They will hire you as an official employee.
  4. Once your temporary card arrives in the mail, you’ll be invited to the office.
  5. They will explain to you how to file your online reports and shops.
  6. You will need to treat this employment seriously. If you were ever mystery shopping in a store and witnessed the mishandling of cash, sales of alcohol to a minor, or any other violations, you’d be required to testify in court.
  7. The company will hire employees who live out of state, but the requirements are a bit more complicated and each application is handled differently.

How Are You Paid?

  1. QSI has more than one company you’ll be working for. If you work with Market Force, this company will pay you directly. This is normally for reimbursing you for the money that you were required to spend to do the work.
  2. The money that you earn for working for Market Force is paid to you by QSI.
  3. Most of the companies that you work for will pay QSI directly and they will pay you for your work. Market Force is the only company who will pay you directly for the money that you’ve spent.
  4. Keep in mind you are an employee of QSI so you will earn higher wages as a mystery shopper. Most shops that you work for or mystery shop in will earn you $10 to $12 a shop.
  5. You will be responsible for paying your taxes and declaring your money.
  6. As an employee, you are required to complete 8 assignments each month. However, you can complete as many as you want.
  7. You are paid a flat fee for each assignment and the company doesn’t reimburse your gas. You will be able to take your mileage off your taxes when they are filed.


This is an excellent company to work for and it is legitimate. The company has been in business for over 20 years and has an A+ rating with the BBB. This company only hires people who live in Nevada. As an employee of this company, you’ll be responsible to obtain your Private Investigator License and pay all the fees. Your license is good for 5 years and needs to be renewed. You will earn a higher wage as a mystery shopper working with QSI. This is a great benefit and you never have to be worried about being paid for the work you do. The laws in Nevada are different than other states and it is a bit more complicated to become a mystery shopper if you live there. Working as a mystery shopper in Nevada you don’t need to worry about people trying to scam you and send you bogus checks to cash. This company is the only one who will ever pay you for the work you do.




1 thought on “QSI Specialists Mystery Shopping Nevada Review – Legit or Scam”

  1. Mystery shopping sites have a bad reputation because of all the scams people try and pull. I think joining a company like this is the way to go. Too bad it isn’t worldwide. I’d love to work for a company that makes you get a license in order to do the work. This makes it legitimate and you can trust them.


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