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GrabPoints Review – Legit or Scam

GrabPoints is a GPT (get paid to) website that offers you points towards gift cards for watching TV, answering surveys, completing different offers, playing games and downloading apps.  Furthermore, if you follow GrapPoints on Twitter you can earn promo points the site posts on their account. The site will post promo codes on Twitter that you can redeem to help your earnings grow. Furthermore, if you follow GrabPoints on Facebook you can also find some promo code that you can redeem. The company normally offers you 7 to 10 promo code points with their special offers or announcements. The promo codes are easy to redeem and it helps add to your earnings. Several years back the parent company Grab Rewards Ltd inquired Zoombucks. After making many improvements and updates to the old site, the new site was born and the name changed to GrabPoints.

How Does it Work?

  1. You’ll need to visit the Google Play Store or the website to sign up.
  2. The app is only available on the Google Play Store for Android devices.
  3. You can also use GrabPoints on your laptop or desktop computer.
  4. When you sign up with the site or app, you’ll need to confirm your email address.
  5. At this time the site will send you an invite code so you can earn some points instantly.
  6. After signing up and verifying your email address, the site allows you to upload an avatar.
  7. To sign up for GrabPoint is free, and the site is opened worldwide.
  8. You need to be 13-years of age or older to join the site.
  9. If you join the site using an invite code from a friend, you’ll earn 500 points instantly. Just enter the invite code on the sign-up page to redeem your points.

How To Earn?

  1. Follow the company on Twitter and Facebook. From time to time the company will offer you 7 to 10 promo points that you can redeem when you log into the app or sign into the website.
  2. You’ll find between 10 to 25 different surveys on the app or website each day. The surveys will earn you between 500 to 2500 points for completing the survey. However, each survey has a set of questions that you must answer to make sure you qualify for the survey. When answering the qualifying question this helps the company to select surveys for you that you are qualified to take. Many of the surveys belong to third-party sites which are safe for you to visit and complete the survey.
  3. The company has a referral program. When you invite a friend, you’ll earn 1 point. However, after the person you referred has earned their first 1000 points, you’ll be rewarded extra points. The number of points that you earn will depend on the country the person lives in. The company pays up to 500 points to your account after the person you referred earns their first 1000 points.
  4. You will have a promo code that you can send out to your friends or family members inviting them to the site. When they sign up to the site all they need to do is enter your promo code. This indicates that you referred the person to the site.
  5. The offer wall helps you earn points on the site. You can sign up for free offers or even paid offers. The paid offers are normally for discounted items that you’d like to purchase. Many of the free offers are for a trial period or to test a new website. Just pay attention to the offers and if they require you to sign up using your credit card, make sure you cancel this offer when the free trial period is over. Otherwise, they will charge your credit card.
  6. Visit the Video wall and choose to watch a number of 2-minute videos to earn points. The videos pay an average of 10 points per video.
  7. Download different apps and earn 30 to 500 points. Each app has a requirement to earn the points. Make sure you read the requirements before downloading and installing the app.
  8. You can earn 18,000 points and receive a free 1-month subscription to Minecraft Realms or receive 25,000 points for a free subscription to Xbox Live. Just pay attention to the requirement and make sure to cancel the subscription when your free trial period ends.
  9. You can also promote the site on social media, blogs, or forums. Just follow the rules of promoting to earn the rewards.

How Are You Paid?

  1. You will need to earn 3,000 points on the site in order to receive your payment through PayPal. The 3,000 points will earn you $3 in your PayPal account.
  2. You can also redeem 3,000 points for different gift cards like Amazon, Target, Walmart and more.
  3. Some rewards on the site will require you to earn 10,000 points in order to redeem a $10 gift card.

What People Are Saying About GrabPoints:

  1. Like any site, people have their likes and dislikes. One problem that people complain about is how slow it is to earn points and cash out. This is normal for all GPT sites. This like like all other GPT sites is a passive income site and won’t earn you a full-time income each month.
  2. A second complaint that people didn’t like about the site was the rule about deleting your points if your account is inactive for over 30 days. The company clearly states in their FAQ section that if your account remains inactive for over 30-days they will delete the points you’ve earned. So if you are busy and don’t have much time to invest in the site, at least go to the site and watch one or two short videos each month so your points won’t get deleted.
  3. Some people have complained about not receiving their points for downloading apps. This is understandable if you don’t follow the instructions when the app is downloaded and installed. There are some apps that only require you to use the app for 3 to 5 minutes to receive your points, and other apps require you to do much more. Just make sure you read the instructions on the app before you download and install it on your mobile device.


This is a legitimate company to sign up for and earn points towards gift cards or a cash payment through PayPal. The company is international and anyone who is 13 years of age or older can join the site. Just keep in mind this is not a full-time income and it is only a way to earn a few dollars each month. If your account shows no activity for 30 days or longer, the company will delete your points. Make sure you sign into the website or app at least once a month and complete a few tasks. The easiest tasks to complete to keep your account active is to watch a few short 2-minute videos. What is nice about this app is the low cash out threshold. Many survey sites have a high earning cash out they require you to make before you can redeem the money you’ve earned. This site only requires you to earn 3,000 points so that you can redeem $3 to your PayPal account.




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