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CPX24 Ads Network Review – Legit or Scam

CPX24 offers the blog or website owners a way to monetize their site through network advertising. You can sign up with this company and promote advertisers, content, and products on your site. The company has two types of advertising you can add to your site. They use Pop under or direct promotional link type ads. If you have just started a blog or website this is a great way to start monetizing your site. The company doesn’t have any traffic requirements to join the site. Furthermore, they have a low minimum payment required to cash out. They offer you to the choice to cash out using several different payment options. The company is easy to join and also offers a referral program.

How to Join:

  1. Visit the site and join as a publisher or an advertiser. If you want to earn money by displaying ads on your site, then click on the publisher’s tab at the top of the site.
  2. If you’ve registered with the company just type in your username and password. Otherwise, go to the bottom and click on new member registration.
  3. Fill in you’re your username, password, email address, your name, country of residence, and enter the verification code. Make sure you check the box indicating that you’ve read and agree to the terms and condition of the company before submitting your form.
  4. After registering with the company, you’ll receive a confirmation email to activate your account. Just click on the link and log into your account.
  5. After your registration is activated, you’ll need to add your website.
  6. The website is instantly approved and it is possible you can start placing ads on your site immediately.

What Is The CPM Rate?

  1. The company uses a dynamic rate to calculate the CPM.
  2. The calculations are based on the traffic quality, the visitor’s country, and the advertiser’s budgets.

Reporting System:

  1. The company doesn’t provide real-time statistics.
  2. When you check your statistics on the site, you’ll only see the number of visits in real time. The revenue stats are normally delayed up to 48 hours.
  3. The reporting system will display the number of valid hits, your referral hits and your earning.
  4. It is easy to filter your statistics so you can see the websites and dates that people clicked on your ads.
  5. You also have the possibility to view your statistic by country.

Who Can Join The Site?

  1. All website or blog owners can join the site as long as you don’t have any illegal content posted on your site.
  2. The site allows adult websites to join.

What Type Of Ads Do They Use?

  1. The company uses a Popunder based network. Therefore, the ads displayed on your site will be Pop Ads.
  2. You have the choice to use direct promotion links on your site. This is normally for website or blog owners who need a custom implementation of ads on your site.

Referral Program:

  1. The company offers a referral program for the advertisers and the publishers.
  2. You’ll earn a 10% commission on your referrals earnings.
  3. You will continue to earn your referral commission for the lifetime of the account.

How Does The Company Pay?

  1. In order to request payment from the company, you’ll need a minimum balance of $0.50 in your account.
  2. The payment process takes 3-days to send you your payment.
  3. You have the option of choosing to be paid by:
    1. PayPal
    2. Payza
    3. Webmoney
    4. Skrill
    5. Paxum


This is a legitimate company and does pay people to add their advertisements to their website or blog. This is an excellent opportunity for a new website or blog owners to monetize their site and start earning money. However, when your site starts to have increased visits each month it is recommended that you look for a different way to earn money on your site. Unfortunately, some Pop Ads can contain viruses or other malware that can infect your website. This is one of the major drawbacks of adding these types of ads to your website. Any reputable website that has a decent amount of traffic wouldn’t sign up with this company. Use this company as a starting stone to earn money on your site. Afterward, look for a new company to sign up with.





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