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Survey Monkey App Review – Legit or Scam

Survey Monkey is an app that was created by a company called SurveyMonkey Productivity. The company created a software package that was easy for businesses to use. A business can now download and install their app on any mobile device. The software supports all iOS and Android device. You can easily download the app at the Google Play Store or at the App Store. A company can now create surveys that will help them test products or customer’s opinions.

Furthermore, this isn’t only an app for creating surveys. As a consumer, you can download and install this app on either your iOS or Android device. There are plenty of surveys you can take using this app. However, instead of being paid to take surveys, you get to select what charity you’d like to donate your money too. Furthermore, you have a chance to win many different prizes and contests when you take a survey using this app.

How Does it Work?

  1. You’ll need to download and install the app on your mobile device. You can find the app on the App Store or the Google Play Store.
  2. As a business owner, you have several packages to choose from to create your surveys. The company offers 4 different business packages and prices for you to select from.
  3. As a consumer, the account is free and all you need to do is register with the app.
  4. You’ll receive survey offers through your email address. Furthermore, with this app, you can find the survey to take through various social media sites.
  5. Fill out and complete the survey.
  6. When you’re done they will ask you what charity you’d like to use to donate your earning to.
  7. Each survey you take, the earnings are donated to your favorite charity.
  8. Furthermore, there are a number of surveys on the app that offer you a chance to enter into one of the sweepstakes or drawing. There you can win cash or prizes depending on the company sending out the survey.
  9. Every survey you take on the app will donate money to the charity of your choice and enter you into drawings to win prizes.
  10. If you win a cash prize on the app, the money is automatically donated to the charity you’ve selected.

What Languages Does App Support?

  1. The app supports more than one language and it is easy to take a survey in your native language. Furthermore, it is easy for a company to create different surveys in different languages. The app currently supports the following languages:
    1. English
    2. Español
    3. Portuguese
    4. French
    5. Deutsch
    6. Nederlands
    7. Русский
    8. Italian
    9. English UK
    10. Dansk
    11. Svenska
    12. Türkçe
    13. Norsk
    14. Suomi

How Does it Pay?

  1. Many companies worldwide use SurveyMonkey to find out important questions about their products and service.
  2. When you choose to participate in one of these surveys or a poll the company conducting these surveys will ask you to choose a charity.
  3. Each survey you complete the company conducting the survey will send the charity of your choice $0.50.
  4. Otherwise, some companies choose to hold a drawing or sweepstakes for their surveys. When you complete the survey your name is automatically entered into the drawing or sweepstakes the company is holding.
  5. The company will notify you by email if you’ve won one of the prizes.

What Do People Like About This App?

  1. You can pick and choose from a variety of surveys in a variety of different language.
  2. The app works great if you don’t want to use your native language to complete the surveys.
  3. It is easy to create surveys in different languages so you can reach a larger audience.
  4. Many people love the idea of donating their earning to a charity or a rescue group for animals.
  5. You are never disqualified and the company performing the survey needs everyone feedback. This way you know you’re not wasting your time and your favorite charity is earning a small donation from you.


The app is legitimate and many companies download and use the app to create consumer surveys and polls. As a consumer, there are many different types of surveys you can take. When taking the survey it doesn’t waste your time and disqualifies you during the survey. It is easy to finish each survey or poll. In the end, you feel good because you are helping out others. Each survey you complete will give the charity of your choice $0.50. Furthermore, for each survey, you complete your name is automatically entered in the drawings and sweepstakes on the app.



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