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Earn With RedMoney App Review – Legit or Scam

Earn with RedMoney is only available on the Google Play Store for Android devices. This is a Russian App maker who has created an app for you to earn money completing daily tasks on your mobile device. You’ll have different tasks you can do like watching video trailers, surveys, completing offers, and downloading and testing apps. It appears that anyone can use the app worldwide. However, I can’t find anywhere the app that you can use another language besides Russian. The app will pay in Russian Rubles or US Dollars.

How Does it Work?

  1. You’ll need to download and install this app on your Android device. The app is available on the Google Play Store and a few other download sites.
  2. Once it’s installed, you’ll need to create your account and register with the app.
  3. Go to the different offers walls on the app and select the type of offers you’d like to complete.
  4. You can watch video trailers or ads on your mobile device to earn money from your account.
  5. The app has different types of offers you can signup for and completes to earn money.
  6. Furthermore, there are hundreds of apps that you can easily download and test on your mobile device.
  7. You’ll have the option to take surveys and complete other simple tasks to earn money from the app.
  8. The app has a referral program. Each time you refer a friend you’ll earn money in your account. Furthermore, if your friend uses your referral code when they register the app adds a small bonus to their account.

How Does the App Pay?

  1. It is difficult to say if the app has a minimum payout or not. It isn’t possible to find any information on the app because it was made in Russia.
  2. However, the app does offer you two options for receiving your money.
  3. You can request your earnings deposited into any e-wallet or your PayPal account.

Before Installing the App:

  1. The only app reviews you can find on the app are written in Uzbek or Russian.
  2. The app language appears to be only in Russian and there are no options to use another language on the app.
  3. The app will credit your earnings to you in Rubles which can easily be converted to US dollars.
  4. All the app reviews on the Google Play Store are a 5-star rating.
  5. The comments or reviews people have given are all in Russian. They say the same exact thing: Use my promo code.
  6. One review I did find about the app said it was a joke. While another one was complaining about the PIN code you need to enter when first logging on to the app.
  7. When an app has only top reviews and people promoting promo codes, means that this app isn’t what people think it is.
  8. When downloading and testing the app it was difficult to get past the signup screen. I found nowhere on the app that I could select another language. However, the app says it is possible to use this in 9 different languages.
  9. I found one review hidden in the middle of the other reviews claiming that the app was a joke and that RedMoney means no money at all. The person claims the app didn’t pay him.


This is an app that is from Russia. It is difficult to say one way or the other if this app is actually legitimate or not. When you download and try to install the app there’s no language setting you can select. I’ve tried to find out more about this company and it tells me to visit their website. However, the information given for the website doesn’t bring up the site or help to find the site at all.

With this type of app, I’d recommend extreme caution if you’d like to download and install this on your device. There is no guarantee that you’ll be paid for your efforts. Furthermore, when an app has such high rating and the only comments you see is a promo code, I’d question how legitimate the app really is. It appears that only people in Russia have been promoting this app and sending out the promo codes.

I personally can’t recommend that you should download and try this app. I personally wouldn’t use this app or recommend anyone else trying it. This is my personal feeling about the app. Please use this app with extreme caution. It doesn’t look like a good way to make money online.



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