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Healthy Wage Review – Legit or Scam

Healthy Wage is a website or app that you can use to bet on yourself to lose weight. The company was founded in 2009 and they have been helping people meet their goals and lose weight. The company is based in New York and has found out that cash prizes help to motivate people to achieve their weight loss goals. Across the globe, people have become lazy, unhealthy, and eat poorly. This has contributed to the obesity epidemic worldwide.  Therefore, Healthy Wage is here to help motivate you and challenge you to lose weight. Healthy Wage has done extensive research and discovered people are more motivated when money is involved.

How To Join the Program:

  1. If you live in the United States, UK, Canada or Mexico you can join the site or download the app.
  2. Furthermore, the app allows people living in Latin America, Australia and most of Europe and Asia to join.
  3. However, if you live in North Korea, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Burma, Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan, and a few other countries it isn’t possible to join.
  4. If you work for Halliburton and your employer lives in one of these countries, you can join through them. In cases like this, it doesn’t matter where you live in the world.

How Does it Work?

  1. Either visit the website or download the app on your smartphone.
  2. Sign up with the company and pick your weight loss goal.
  3. Determine your wager. This will depend on how much you want to wager on yourself to receive the larger prize at the end of your challenge.
  4. Use the calculator on the app or on the website to calculate your winnings at the end of the challenge.
  5. You’ll need to enter your wager, how many months it will take you to lose the weight you want, and your stats. This is your current weight when you enter the challenge.
  6. The calculator will ask you what you want to wager on yourself each month, how much weight will you lose, and how long do you give yourself to lose this weight. Your initial bet, weight loss, and time frame are used to calculate your winnings at the end of the challenge.

How to Get Started:

  1. After signing up to the program, enter your weight, wager, and how long it will take, the company must verify your initial weight before you can start.
  2. There are two different types of challenges you can enter. You can do a group challenge or an individual challenge.
  3. Team challenges are limited to 5 members. At the end of the team challenge, the winning team is awarded the $10,000 first place prize. In the group challenges, the company awards a first, second, and third place prize. Group challenges are run differently than individual challenges.
  4. During your challenge, you can invite your friends to support you and join the app. This will help boost your prize earning at the end of the challenge. If you have 5 people sign up to lose weight and support you, the site will add an additional $80 to your prize-winning. However, the $80 isn’t for all 5 friends that sign up. The first person who signs up doesn’t earn you an extra $80 prize. The site will only add the money for the other 4 people who joined. These friends helped to increase your earning another $320.
  5. Once the company verifies your information and your starting weight the challenge begins.
  6. Each week you must do a weigh in to record your progress during the challenge.
  7. Your weigh-in can be done through a small video using your phone and filming yourself weighing in. It is best if you have a family member or friend take the video for you each week.
  8. Your second option of weighing in is on the app. You’ll need to download the app and follow the instruction to send the company your weight each week.

How Does the Company Pay You?

  1. During the challenge, a panel of referees will follow your progress to determine if you are not cheating and following the rules.
  2. When the challenge has been completed, you’ll send the company your final weigh in.
  3. The panel of referees will review your challenge and determine if you’ve met your goals and completed it successfully.
  4. Once your challenge has been verified by the panel, the company will pay you within 12 hours.
  5. You’ll be paid through PayPal or you can request a check for your earning.
  6. Your total earning will include the amount of money you wagered on yourself and the money the company gives you for losing the weight.


This is a legitimate company and they do pay you to lose weight. However, you must bet on yourself and give the company the money you’re willing to wager. The company collects your money, sets up your account and follows your challenge each week. You’re required to do a weekly weigh in and send the information to the company. The only way for you to win the prize money is by losing the amount of weight you indicated. If you fail to meet your own goals, the company won’t refund your initial wager on yourself. However, if you meet or exceed your goal, the company will pay your wager back and add to the amount of money you win.

This isn’t a shady company that collects your money and refuses to pay you in the end. The company has been around since 2009 and has appeared in the spotlight many times over. If you are serious about losing weight, then this is one way to do it. By betting on yourself, it gives you an incentive to lose the weight and gain a large prize in the end. Healthy Wage has found out that people need an incentive to challenge themselves to achieve their goals. Money is one of the largest incentives for people, and therefore, by betting on yourself gives you a higher incentive to lose the weight you want.





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