Casting Words Transcription Review – Legit or Scam

Casting Words Transcription Company hires freelancers to transcribe audio tapes to text files. As a transcriber, you’ll listen to audio tapes and actually transcribe the tape to a text file. The company pays each transcriber by the audio minutes of the job. The company transcribes medical audio tapes and general audio tapes, which could include meeting, recorded phone calls, or other types of recording. The tapes that you’ll transcribe can be as short as one minute or as long as an hour.

What You Need To Have To Work For The Company:

  1. Before applying to the company for work you’ll need:
    1. A computer with an internet connection. A high-speed connection is best for playing back the audio tapes.
    2. The company requires you to have your own transcription software. You are free to use Express Scribe Transcription Software. This has a free version you can start with and later upgrade to the Pro version.
    3. You’ll need to have excellent typing speeds and accuracy.
    4. To make the job easier, you’ll need a food pedal to start and stop the tapes.
    5. You’ll need excellent spelling and grammar skills to work successfully for this company.
    6. A quality set of headphone makes it easier to listen to the tapes and cut out the background noise around you.

How To Join:

  1. Anyone wishing to work for this company must be 18 years of age or older.
  2. The company does hire worldwide and has a list of counties on their website. You’ll need to check the listing before applying for the job.
  3. Make sure your country allows you to work as an Independent Contractor before applying for the job. You’ll be responsible to report the earning you’re paid to your government if necessary.
  4. You’ll need to make sure you can receive your earnings through PayPal before signing up to work at the company.
  5. Go to the website and enter your full name, email address, and password.
  6. Submit your application to the site.
  7. Currently, the site can’t hire anyone living in DC, IN, MA, NY, or WY.
  8. The company might ask for other types of documentation if you are living in a few other states. They don’t indicate what states are required to supply additional documentation before you’re hired.
  9. When you apply for a job at the company, you’re required to fill out your basic information and complete your bio.
  10. Before you’re approved to work on the site, you must complete a test. The test is a small audio file you must transcribe.
  11. After completing and submitting the test, the company will review the test. You’ll receive your test results by email. This can take a few hours or up to two weeks to hear back from the company.

How to Earn Money:

  1. Once you’re accepted to work on the site, you’ll find a list of jobs available.
  2. The job listing displays all available jobs the company has.
  3. You can filter the types of jobs you’re interested in. Just use the Category Drop Down Menu to select the type of job you’d like displayed.
  4. The job board won’t auto reload, so you’ll be required to refresh the job page from time to time.
  5. The jobs listed on the job board are bonus based. The pay you receive for each job will depend on the grade you receive.
  6. Furthermore, there are jobs listed on the board that pays a flat fee no matter how long the job is.
  7. If the job is a bonus based listing you’ll need to earn a grade of 7 to be paid the amount listed for the job. However, if you earn a grade of 5 or 6, your pay will be reduced. But if you earn a grade of 8 or 9, your pay will be increased.

How to Find Jobs:

  1. Jobs are listed on the job board by the different levels of the transcribers. You’ll have the opportunity to work jobs in your level only. As you increase in accuracy and skills, your job level will be upgraded to a higher level. This gives you more opportunities to work more jobs.
  2. On the Available Job listing, you’ll select a job you’re interested in working.
  3. Open the job in a separate window to preview the job.
  4. The job will open in another window. There you can preview the job and decide if you want to work for this job or not.
  5. To select and work on the job, click on the Work On Button under or beside the job.
  6. If for some reason you have a problem with this job and can’t work on it or finish it, you can return the job to the job board.
  7. Once you’ve accepted the job and the job has been assigned to you, the system will display a countdown clock. This is the allocated time frame for this job.
  8. If you can’t complete the job in the time frame allocated, you must return the job to the job board.
  9. As a beginner at the company, you’re not granted an extension to complete the jobs. However, as you become more skilled and complete more jobs, you’ll find a tab on your job called Request an Extension. You can use this for difficult jobs that you can’t finish within the time frame.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. The company pays every Friday through PayPal.
  2. The company will pay the PayPal transactions fees on all account balances.
  3. You can request payment as long as your account has a balance of $1 or more.
  4. To be paid by the company hit the Request Transfer button on your dashboard. You’ll need to request transfer of your funds before Thursday or each week.
  5. You can let your funds accumulate in your account.
  6. However, at the end of the year, all funds in your account must be paid. This is mandatory for the company.
  7. If you are a US resident or citizen the company must keep a W9 on file for you.


This is a legitimate company and they pay you to transcribe audio tapes. The company works with many countries around the world. If you’d like to see if you can join this company, you’ll need to visit the website and check the listing. This company has been in business for a number of years and uses a grading system to pay the transcribers. Each audio tape that’s transcribed is reviewed by the company. After, reviewing the tape and making the necessary corrections, the transcriber receives a grade. The pay rate per job is based on this grade. The people that work here have a few complaints about the grading system and the clock that is used to time each job. Other than this, they’re happy with the company and pay they receive.





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