Income Diary Review – Legit or Scam

Income Daily is a blog site that started in March of 2009. The site has grown because of freelance writers who publish articles of interest for the readers. The site is all about websites, driving traffic, making money online and social media.

How to Become a Freelance Writer for the Site:

  1. The site has many opportunities for freelance writer and will notify you by email. However, you’ll need to subscribe to the site to receive these notifications.

What Do They Pay?

  1. The site does pay professional writers; however, you must indicate that you’d like to be paid when submitting your article.
  2. You may earn up to $200 for your article published on the site. The article must be of the highest standards and worthy of the money they pay. Furthermore, they only pay for articles that will genuinely interest their readers.

What the Site Accepts and Pays For:

The content on the site that receives the most pages views are for:

  • How to create great content
  • Interviews with expert bloggers or content writers
  • How to buy and sell websites
  • How to drive traffic to your website or blog
  • How to optimize your site for search engines
  • How to create an outstanding website
  • How to improve blog design features and functionality
  • How to create information and digital products
  • How to make money from forums, blogs, and websites
  • Understanding affiliate marketing and how to sell through your website
  • All about social media and how to use this to increase your presence online

Before You Write For the Site

  1. If you want to write for Income Diary they have a step by step blueprint that you should follow. This ensures that you follow the standards of the site and that your article is written for this site.


This is a legitimate site for freelance writers. However, the site is very strict and has a very high standard to follow. Before writing for the site, it is best to read the articles on the site. Take time to study their step by step blueprint and write your article according to this guide. The site has plenty of topics that you can write on, so be creative, follow the blueprint, and write an engaging article that people will want to read.





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