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PayPerPost Reviews – Legit or Scam

PayPerPost is a company who signs up advertisers looking for sponsored reviews on blog sites around the internet. The company hires bloggers to write these reviews and post them on their blog sites. The bloggers are paid for the sponsored reviews that appear on their blogs.

Advertisers are willing to pay bloggers to write sponsored reviews on their blog site. All bloggers need to do is search the website for a company they love and want to write about. Write the blog post and have your content approved. The advertiser then pays you for the review you’ve written.

How the Site Works:

  1. You’ll need to register with the company. After registration, you’re allowed to enter one of your blogs to the site.
  2. You are required to write a sponsored post and post them on your own blog site.
  3. After you’ve completed 10 successfully approved sponsored posts on your site, you can now register another blog site on PayPerPost.
  4. The site has a large variety of opportunities to choose from.
  5. When writing the post there are rules to follow. One of the rules states that in your title it must state that the blog post is a sponsored post.
  6. You’ll need to write and post the article on your blog site. Afterward, you visit the website and submit the article’s URL to the site. This holds the opportunity for you.
  7. Your blog site needs to be approved in order to be paid by the company. In most cases, this can be in a day or two or even up to a month.

About the Site:

  1. The site has a new holding company IZEA and the CEO of the company is Ted Murphy.
  2. The company opened on January 1, 2005, but is affiliated with another company called BlogStar.

How Are You Paid?

  1. The money you earn writing reviews is held in your account. Once your account reaches $50 you can request to be paid by PayPal.

Problems With the Site:

  1. In 2008, Google wasn’t happy with the site PayPerPost and the bloggers using the site. Therefore, Google started punishing blogger’s that wrote for this site by removing their page ranking from Google.
  2. The site doesn’t stipulate that you must use or own the product you’re reviewing. Therefore, you can’t write an honest review of the product and it is easy to abuse the system. This allows people to write dodgy and shallow reviews and be paid.
  3. The website doesn’t make bloggers write a disclaimer on their sponsored review. Companies who pay bloggers to write a sponsored review need to have bloggers write a disclaimer on the review. This lets the readers know they were paid to write the review.
  4. The site has no quality control over the articles that bloggers post on their blog sites. The only requirement is to write the blog, post it, and submit the URL. The company will check to see if it fits their advertiser’s requirements.

Blogger’s Complaints About the Site:

  1. It takes time to write a decent sponsored post and put it up on your blog site. Once you submit the URL to PayPerPost, that’s when you’ll find out that there are no more paid opportunities left.
  2. The company’s review process is slow. It normally takes 15 days for them to review a blog post on your site. Afterward, the sponsored review is rejected and the client received 15 days of free advertising from your blog site.
  3. The site takes forever to approve your blog. Furthermore, they claim they will pay you $20 for signing up with the company. Afterward, you can take on a few writing assignments and post them on your blog, but you won’t be paid until your blog is approved.
  4. If you write reviews for this company, your page ranks are dinged by Google and they will no longer rank your pages.

Advertiser Complaints About the Site:

  1. Most of the blog posts that the bloggers write are full of spam.
  2. The requested PR in the written post is missing. Even when an advertiser pays for PR 3+ the post was written and accepted by the company are PR 0’s.
  3. If you complain about the quality of blog posts you’ve paid for they are removed from the site. Afterward, the company keeps your money and won’t refund it.
  4. The company doesn’t have a customer service number to call about your problems with the posts written about your products.

The Company Changed:

When the company first opened up in 2005, it didn’t have a good reputation. Many complaints were filed against the company by the advertisers. In 2008 Google didn’t like the way the company operated and any blogger writing a sponsored review for this company lost their page ranks.

The company was bought by IZEA who turned the company around. Today, many advertisers join this company to help promote their products, blogs, and websites. Bloggers are no longer having a problem with Google and losing their page ranks when they write a review for this company.


This is actually a legitimate website that pays bloggers to post sponsored reviews on their blog site. Back in 2008, the site had many problems with Google and the bloggers lost their page ranks when working for this company. A new owner bought the company and restructured the way the company did business. Each blogger has a strict set of rules to follow to post the reviews on their blog site.

This company went from a very disrespectful company to a highly respectful company in a matter of a few years. Now that the company has polished its reputation this is an excellent way for you to make money writing sponsored reviews.




4 thoughts on “PayPerPost Reviews – Legit or Scam”

  1. Hi Ann,

    I signed up to this PayPerPost nonsense years ago. It annoys me that I can’t find the deactivate options.. I read somewhere else how to do this but those otpions are not there. Its like they just removed those options from their.

    There is no support. When you enter in your query by deactivation or deleting our account – it gives you all about setting up your account.

    Useless platform. Please, could you kindly tell me how the heck to delete my account.

    Thanks Ann and hope to hear back from you.

    Happy New Year as well 🙂 .


    1. I had a person test this site, they told me that they can’t find a contact or even a way to delete your account. I fear the only way possible is to report this to the BBB or another company to force this company to comply with the new rules and regulations online.


  2. This is one of the perfect ways of making money through blogging. The only problem is that you don’t write according to your research, but you write according to the advertiser’s terms and conditions which is a bad lead to the blog’s viewers. But after all, you make money!!! #Nice_company


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