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Streetsportr App Review – Legit or Scam

Streetsportr app sends micro jobs to your smartphone. There are different types of jobs that you can perform daily. Some jobs include visiting a store, taking photos, or even seeing how many items are left on the display in the store. Once you’ve chosen a micro job, you’ll complete the job and upload the information to the app. The company verifies the information and then sends your payment to your PayPal account. The company and jobs are located in the UK, and anyone living in this area can download and use the app.

The app is available for Android and iOS devices. You can download the app on Google Play or the App Store from Apple.

What Are the Types of Micro Jobs?

  1. After you’ve downloaded the app and filled in your information, you’ll need to go to the welcome spot to find the current jobs available.
  2. The tasks you’ll complete are the same as for a mystery shopper.
  3. You will visit shops, markets, bars, and restaurants and complete the assigned task.
  4. You might need to answer just a question about how many products are on the shelf. Other times it could be taking a picture of a display or even a menu.

How are You Paid?

  1. After completing the micro job and uploading the information to the app, the company pays you for this job to your PayPal account. Each job is paid upon completion. The company pays you 30 days after completing the task.

What do People Say About this App:

  1. The app has some issues with the location of the jobs you’re asked to work.
  2. The job description isn’t always clear and it makes it difficult to complete the task.
  3. When you report a problem to the company about a store’s location, the company won’t update the app with the correct information.
  4. Not enough information is given to you on what they are looking for to complete the task.


This is a legitimate app and it will pay you to perform micro jobs for large companies. However, this app is difficult to use and doesn’t always give you the correct location of the store. Furthermore, the company is slow to update the app and enter the correct information that you need to locate a store or restaurant.





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