WAH Video Reviews

I’ve always loved to watch video reviews on YouTube about WAH programs. What is unfortunate, is the fake reviews that try and get people to sign up to SCAM sites that don’t pay or steal your investment. Therefore, I think it’s important to include some videos on the site so you can see first hand who gives you an honest video review of WAH programs. Furthermore, I’ll identify videos that are SCAM that tries talking you into signing up for a program and investing your money. These get rich schemes never work and you only end up losing your money.

Content Mills

iWriter Review – Legit or Scam

IWriteiWriter is a content writing site for freelancers. You can join the site to write content for different clients. When you first join the site the company gives you a 30 day trial period where you can only write beginning articles. Everyone starts off on the site with a 4.0 rating. However, if you want to skip the 30 day trial period and be able to qualify for higher paying jobs, the site offers you a special deal. You may write 3 different articles based on keywords the company supplies. If you successfully pass this test, it can raise your overall rating on the site. This is an excellent opportunity for freelancers just starting out, however, is this company legit and do they pay? The answer is revealed in the video……….Watch Video..……..

Paid to Complete Tasks

CrowdFlower Review – Legit or Scam

CrowdFlowerCrowdFlower pays people to complete different tasks. You can select to answer questions, group deals, flag adult content, monitor websites, take surveys and much more. Each task earns a set amount of money. Furthermore, you can work as much or as little as you want each day. Unfortunately, many of the tasks are by geographic location, so this limits a few countries from receiving as many tasks as others. If you decide to work full time on the site there is an issue with you making errors. Once you are flagged with errors on your account, your tasks are limited. Is this a good site to earn money on and does the company pay you on time? You’ll find out in this video……….Watch Video.………

Paid to Post on Forums

Postloop Video Review – Legit or Scam

Post LoopPostloop is a company who hires freelancers worldwide to post on different forums. New forum owners need to get their forums populated with different posts and threads in order to attract visitors. Therefore, there is an easy way for forum owners to get started. They hire a company such as Postloop. The company offers the work to the writers on the site. For a freelance writer, this is a great opportunity to find work. But is this company legitimate? The answer is revealed in the video……….Watch Video.………

The Forum Wheel – Legit or Scam

the forum wheeThe Forum Wheel hires freelancers to join their site and write posts on different forums. New forum owners find this type of service beneficial in getting their forums started. Considering there are so many forums popping up online it is hard to attract visitors to a new forum. That is where The Forum Wheel come in to help. The writers on the site are paid to visit different forums and post new threads and comments. This helps the forum owner to attract visitors. As a freelancer is this a good site to join? The answer is revealed in the video………..Watch Video..……..

PTC  (Paid to Click)

Cash Travel PTC Review – Legit or Scam

caash travelCash Travel PTC is a paid to click site that offers you a chance to earn a passive income. Unfortunately, the money that you earn clicking on each ad is $0.0001 or $0.0002 per click. You must stay on the site 10 to 20 seconds to receive credit for each click. However, the company does have a referral program which can add to the income you earn daily. But, this isn’t all, you can invest in a program the company offers. When you invest in this program, it increases the revenue you earn clicking on ads and the revenue from your referrals. Now here is the catch, if you invest in this program, will you earn back your investment, plus make money from the site? The answer is revealed in the video……….Watch Video……….

SCAMS – Warning 

Pay-Wao Review – Legit or Scam

pay wao video 1Pay-Wao is a paid to click (PTC) website where you can earn money by clicking on ads and inviting your friends to join. Furthermore, the site has a platform for businesses to help place their ads on a website, video channels and social media account. The site was designed with a fantastic platform and referral network to help freelancers earn a monthly income on the 6×5 level referral program. When advertisers join the site, they’ll pay you $0.04 to watch their videos. You’ll also have an earning potential from advertisers paying you to advertise on your site. The earning potentials are endless on the site and you have a chance to make $300 or more each month. Now the real question, is this site real? Does the site really pay you that much money? ………..Watch Video.……However, when you’re done watching this video make sure you read the review on this site……….Read Review.……..

Email Processing 4 Cash Review – Legit or Scam

EPSEmail Processing 4 Cash (EPS) is a system that can earn you $25 for every email you process. This is a home-based business that anyone can start at home processing emails. The company will help you set up your own website, teach you how to advertise, and give you all the information you need to create your own online business. Who wouldn’t want to earn $25 to process a single email? This is a dream come true. However, how legitimate is this business. The answer is revealed in the video……….Watch Video…….Afterward, you’ll need to read the full review on this system before investing your money……….Read Review.………