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Digital Point Review – Legit or Scam

Digital Point is a marketplace where you can list any digital product for sale. Furthermore, people can go to the marketplace and buy your digital products. The company will allow you to sell websites, domain names, plug-ins, scripts, templates, designs, eBooks, and articles about business, gaming, lifestyle, and technology. You can also use the forum and other features of the site. The site offers you a premium membership where you can receive many items that are listed in the marketplace for free. This is an excellent way to sell any of your digital products online.

Selling Your Digital Products:

  1. It is forbidden to sell any type of warez on the site. This includes selling pirated or nulled software. Furthermore, you can sell software keys without the software or even serial numbers.
  2. The company forbids you to list and sell email listings, spam related products or services, automated posting service, and social exchanges or bookmarks.
  3. You can’t sell any type of accounts or currency exchange in the marketplace. That means you can’t offer or sell any virtual credit cards or any VCC related products. Furthermore, you can offer to sell or buy any type of cryptocurrency.
  4. If you have a product that needs to be shipped to the buyer, then it can’t be sold on this site. You are only allowed to sell digital products that a person can download or you can send to them via email.
  5. Don’t try to advertise or sell affiliate referrals or offer in the marketplace.
  6. Once one of your digital items has sold the listing will be closed. You can’t create a new listing for the same digital item. However, you can use the Bump or Relist option in the marketplace to relist your item.
  7. The marketplace was designed to use at your risk setup. The site won’t get involved in disputes with members or people who buy a digital product from the marketplace.
  8. It is recommended when selling and buying from the marketplace to use an escrow service. This protects both the buyer and the seller from being scammed online.
  9. When posting an article for sale in the marketplace the system has a “Quality Score” they assign to each article. A software program will read and evaluate your article. Afterward, they will place a quality score on each article. This isn’t an exact science because a machine is placing the scores on your articles. The site rates your articles from 0 to 100.
  10. The company checks for plagiarism and won’t post an article in the marketplace that isn’t checked first. All articles are scanned for plagiarism before being posted for sale. However, some articles will pass the plagiarism test and be posted on the site, if you find an article that is copied from another source; you’ll need to report this to the site.
  11. All articles or digital products that are sold in the marketplace will be listed for 6 months for a standard user and 12 months for a premium user.

How To Sell Digital Products:

  1. You’ll need to create an account with the site before you can list an item for sale in the marketplace.
  2. At this time you can choose a standard or premium account.
  3. If you’ve selected a premium account, the site will redirect you to the checkout where you can purchase your membership.
  4. To add a digital product to the marketplace, you’ll need to select the correct area to post in.
  5. If you’re selling a website or domain name, you’ll need to post your digital product on Sites and Domains.
  6. You can sell any plug-ins, scripts, templates, designs or eBooks in the Digital Goods section.
  7. If you’re a content writer, you’ll be able to sell your articles in the Articles marketplace. Select which category your article falls under and post your article on the site.
  8. When adding a digital item to the site, you’ll indicate the price, if you offer free or paid updates, and decide if you’ll offer this item at a discount or for free to premium members.

Selling Your Digital Products:

  1. Any member of the forum or company can visit the marketplace to purchase the items that you’ve listed for sale.
  2. Anyone purchasing an item in the marketplace must be registered on the site.
  3. The buyer will contact you and make arrangement to pay for your product.
  4. You’ll be responsible for collecting the money and delivering the digital item to the buyer.
  5. The website/forum doesn’t charge a fee to sell your digital items in the marketplace.
  6. If you’re selling websites, domain names, apps or even scripts it is wise to use an escrow account to sell your items. This will guarantee that you receive your payment and that the buyer is satisfied with his purchase.
  7. Many people have an issue when accepting PayPal as their primary payment method. You can select any form of payment method to be paid by the buyer. It is up to you to decide what payment method you’ll use.


This is a legitimate digital marketplace where you can list and sell any item on the forum. You can also offer advertising space on your own blog or website. Furthermore, you can find companies that are willing to pay you a daily or monthly fee for advertising on your blog or website. This is an excellent way to offer your digital items or services for sale. Many people visit the forum to learn about digital marketing and learn how to create and sell their own digital products. If you’re looking for a way to make money online this is a great opportunity for you. List your digital items for sale and work directly with the buyer. There is no middleman involved and you won’t pay any commission or fees to post your products and services on this site.




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