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BoostContent: The Online Content Factory Review 2019: Legit or Scam

BoostContent is a content writing site where today, more than ever, content is king – but it matters what kind of content we are talking about. There are gazillions of websites publishing the same press releases and gazillions more that do the same with a text that’s altered just enough for it to pass the plagiarism filters. “Spinning” – rewriting articles using words of similar meaning but a different form and passing it on as unique content – is widespread, making it all the more necessary for publishers to have their content created by real-life, talented writers about topics ranging from healthy meals and investment tips to the house edge of online slots or even the hardships immigrants have to face in various countries. And this is where BoostContent comes in.

How does this work?

  1. You can register two types of accounts at BoostContent: as a contributor or a customer.
  2. As a customer, you will be able to place orders for articles or translations in various languages (there are currently more than 30 options ranging from Japanese to Arabic).
  3. There are three price tiers – the “Basic” tier costs 3 euros per 100 words, while the “Premium” tier costs 12 euros for the same length.
  4. The customers will select the language, the price tier, set the desired number of words the article should have, set a topic and provide a brief description of what the article should be about.
  5. Upon placing an order, the cost of the article is taken out of their balance (there is no post-pay) and “locked”.
  6. A writer will then take the order, complete it, and submit it for review.
  7. If the customer is satisfied with the product, money changes hands, and everyone is happy.
  8. As a contributor, you have to register an account, complete it with your personal details, including your tax number – the service is based in Sweden, and the rules there require it (unless, of course, contributors are contempt with payouts of up to 10 euros per year, the maximum amount they can pay without a tax number).
  9. You will need to complete a few short test assignments based on what languages and topics you selected as your area of expertise.
  10. According to the website, the writers are paid around 70% of the amount the customers pay – this, in the case of a “Basic” article of 300 words, will be 6.3 euros (1.7 goes to the service).

Experience as a customer

Stephen, content marketer As a customer, my experience with BoostContent was mixed to positive. I was in need of a few Swedish articles, and one of my partners recommended BoostContent as a solution they use in such a case. I submitted my first test assignment – a Basic-tier article in Swedish – and to my great surprise, it was ready within the hour – there was no flaw in the quality of the work. My next assignments were a bit more complex – articles about topics like business and entrepreneurship – so they took longer. Out of the two articles I ordered, one was ready in a week, the other is still waiting for a writer. I sent a message to the folks behind the service asking if everything is OK – they were super responsive, explaining that they have a backlog of articles in the Basic tier, so if it was urgent, it could be hiked to the next one – I did so, and the article was finished within 24 hours. Overall, I’m satisfied with the service – while it’s delivery times can be a bit long (for the Swedish language), it is easy to use, simple, and easy to understand.

Experience as a contributor

Istvan, a copywriter, I heard of BoostContent from a friend and I registered an account because “why not”. I write in English and Romanian – considering that the service is based in Sweden, I wasn’t expecting to be overloaded with work from it. And I was right. Registering an account and completing all the required information was simple and easy. Then, the test assignments followed – the service proposed texts of around 300 words on topics I have selected as a trial. I completed them quickly and easily (they were not hard at all) and submitted them for review. Considering that English is perhaps the market with the highest number of writers and Romanian is not very sought-after internationally, I didn’t expect to receive any assignments any time soon. For now, after around two weeks, there is none to speak of.


BoostContent is definitely a legitimate service. It can be a great way to make some extra money with your writing skills but don’t rely on it solely if you write in more “common” languages such as German or English (there are more than enough writers in these languages online today). Considering that the service is based in Sweden, it can be a great way for online marketers to procure articles in Swedish – the price is pretty decent, especially if you’re not in a hurry. It is simple, intuitive, and easy to use.


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